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My Thoughts On Cube Design: Designing, Updating and Maintaining a Cube

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/my-thoughts-on-cube-design-designing-updating-and-maintaining-a-cube/

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Great article! I definitely followed a lot of the same principles as you did when building my own cubes! I managed to sneak by with all singletons because my cube uses both A:NR and Original Netrunner cards. Here are the links if anyone is interested.
Corp Runner


Good article, I like your cube design as well, especially some of the Jenteki tweaks, also in the old cube there were some completely unusable cards still hanging around you seemed to have cleaned those up. what are your thought on more then 3 cards of a given type included for example something like 5 snare?

Medium is totally busted in draft haha. First turn run 3 times. See 1/10 of the deck. Having 15 more cards makes s huge difference in density. Good article, I want to explore making specific themed cubes. If anyone wants to help me tweak my Honor vs Profit (Jinteki and Criminal) cube, let me know.

I like the Cube a lot. It’s got good variety and forces a lot of hard decisions with many of the cards’ value being hard to gauge in isolation. Kudos!

To kibitz - is Lotus Field really a hate card in the same way Wraparound is? It’s always just struck me as a very good piece of ICE and, without it, there’s no ETR that can’t be Parasited into nothingness.

It’s cutting the line a bit too close. It’s not as bad as Wraparound but one runner theme in my cube is distinctly virus heavy.

It’s not the most awful card in the world for cube, but I don’t think it adds anything, either. It’s a boring ETR. There’s very little upside to adding it, but at least some downside.

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I ran a 5-person round robin tournament using these lists on the weekend and had a blast. Thanks for sharing them!

Picking up 2 snares and 3-for-2s made my corp game very strong, but having Morningstar as my only fracter made my Runner deck very sad. Never again will I sniff at Snowball when it comes around to me!

@xenasis: would you be happy to share the changes you’ve made since this article was written? There a few updates I could see myself making but I figure that better minds than mine are also working on the problem.

Quorum update:

Sorry for the delay, I’ve had a lot of work recently, and saving for the end of the cycle seemed prudent anyway.



Inspired by Ben Ni’s recent video, I’ve attempted to update Xenasis’s Birmhingham Cube for the new environment.

Corp: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/46117/tap-rotation-cube-0-1-corp-
Runner: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/46118/tap-rotation-cube-0-1-runner-

As yet untested; we’ll be drafting it at our local pub next weekend.

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