NetrunnAAR - New Videos Posted 1/28/15!

Alright, so I tried streaming my OCTGN games for a bit, rather unsuccessfully. I discovered I do not have all that many interesting things to say while I’m actually playing a game, and the streams were filled with uncomfortable periods of silence. =) So, instead, I began recording all my games locally, and I have now gone back and begun recording commentary for those games after the fact. I went back to my military days, stole an acronym from the Army, and now I have a video series of Netrunner After Action Reviews on YouTube (link below)!

This was mostly done for my local group of players, as we had a stream of new players who were trying to figure out what Supermodernism is, and how do Criminals play aggressively, and how does a tag-me playstyle work, etc. So a couple of these first videos are more to demonstrate specific playstyles and archetypes rather than provide an entertaining game, so… I apologize for the blowouts, but there will be more competitive games coming. I made the cut for the OCTGN 3 tournament (playing 9 different decks over the course of 6 Swiss rounds) and will be posting all of my recorded matches upon the tournament’s conclusion. But, anyway, I know I am always looking for folks who upload their Netrunner games (live and OCTGN) to YouTube, so I figured a few of y’all would appreciate the link here as well.

I’m always looking for feedback, so please comment with any thoughts, requests, critiques, compliments, complaints, etc. Otherwise, enjoy!

YouTube Playlist: NetrunnAAR

NetrunnAAR 1: Replicating Perfection vs. Iain Stirling
My variant of db0’s Untrashable build goes a humorous 91 seconds before a fatal Legwork run.

NetrunnAAR 2: Building a Better World vs. Express
My variant of hoobajoo’s Supermodernism build rushes a few agendas early to prompt a desperate run.

NetrunnAAR 3: Andromeda vs. Making News
Andy Suckers attempts to drain NBN’s coffers after they open the game with 21 credits on turn one.


NetrunnAAR 4: Personal Evolution vs. Noise
My Jinteki Scorched Earth build with 19 agendas and no ice attempts to fend off Noise.

NetrunnAAR 5: Whizzard vs. Personal Evolution
Logos Whizzard ignites a Siphon Vamp Cyber War against Jinteki.

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Really nice videos! kutgw :wink:


I figured the best way to do this was to post occasional updates (say every 5 videos?), so y’all can see some of the latest games I’ve uploaded without me spamming the forum for every single video I post individually. Would love feedback on the last two videos (9 and 10), as I’m testing out a few intros, promotional screens, transitions, music, credits, etc. Enjoy!

NetrunnAAR 6: Chaos Theory vs. NEXT Design
Chaos Theory takes on a NEXT Design player that goes full-blown tilt.

NetrunnAAR 7: Personal Evolution vs. Silhouette
No Ice Scorched Earth against Jin-“Snare! is garbage 90% of the time”-saku.

NetrunnAAR 8: Gabriel Santiago vs. Harmony MedTech
Silencer/Dagger variant of Scumbag Gabe brings the fight to brand new HarMed.

NetrunnAAR 9: Making News vs. Silhouette
NBN threatens Criminals with some out-of-faction tag punishment.

NetrunnAAR 10: Noise vs. Making News
Noise retaliates against the Scorched Earth-wielding corporate offices of NBN.

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Awesome, thank you! Do you want your videos also linked on the main page of StimHack under the video section?

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Sure, that’d be fantastic. =)

game 10: not afraid of closed accounts on corp’s 2 turn?

(nice series btw ;))


Worried a bit, sure, but not enough to warrant not using Siphon, bankrupting the Corp, and getting a free access on R&D. The only thing I might consider changing in hindsight is installing the Plascrete instead of trashing Marked Accounts, but that leaves me even more vulnerable to Closed Accounts than what I did. I suppose the alternative you’re suggesting is Siphoning and dropping tags? This is typically a full-blown tag-me deck that wasn’t fully realized this game due to the scored PSF. :smile:

my first instinct is to siphon, drop tags, then trash marked accounts. surely going tagme is ok for some decks, but here it would be massive tempo hit for you if he ‘credit, closed accounts’ next turn. dropping tags is like game start with u having 6 credits and him 3, but he cannot mulligan for economy he just lost due to you trashing it and u got a first turn.

im defo subscribing. more games pls :wink:

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Given the game state with no ice on HQ, if the corp follows up with Closed Accounts they are leaving themselves defenceless to a follow up Siphon with an undefended HQ.

If the Corp has an undefended HQ, you shouldn’t fear Closed Accounts in a tag-me deck. If the Worst Case Scenario is both you and the corp at 0 credits, but where the Corp has an undefended Central, you’re winning - tempo hit be damned.

i cant disagree more. single pop up and your tempo is gone.

actually, i think i can make a strong argument that if the corp was to have Closed Accounts on turn 2, it would have been a misplay by the corp even if they had the card in hand.

A single pop-up just means you need a credit to get through and Siphon them again, and isn’t a credible HQ defence. Even the click to install the pop-up is really hurting the Corp when they are down around 1/2 credits. The Runner can go elsewhere to generate counter play.

You don’t clear the tags because it isn’t with the time and the money when you know your deck is built to live with the tags and because you know if the corp wants to roll around in the muck with you in the 1 to 5 credit range, you will win.

If the corp hits Closed accounts at that point, they are spending a click to gain a credit and a click to use it. this does not represent a rebound from the Account Siphon in any universe, and unless that third click is a Sweeps Week [it won’t be, they would have used it 1st turn] or a Beanstalk [low percentage play] then they aren’t ending their turn with more than a credit banked. The Runner absolutely does not mind rolling around in the muck with the Corp at that stage of the game.

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Seen them all, very nice, kutgw

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If anyone has requests for specific archetypes or match-ups they would like to see, just let me know. While Cerebral Imaging and Gabe are my favorites, I’m attempting to keep the videos diverse and present several different styles of decks throughout. A backlog of 43 videos and recording new games every week means I have plenty of options if anyone’s looking for something specific they would like to watch. As soon as the OCTGN 3 tournament wraps up, I will be posting my games from it, but in the meantime, I’m open to suggestions.

List of decks that I have gameplay videos from the past two-three months for:

  • HB Cerebral Imaging 7-Point Turn (Original SfMM, SfK, ToL, NO ACCELERATED DIAGNOSTICS Flavor)
  • HB Cerebral Imaging Fast Advance (EC, SfSS)
  • HB Cerebral Imaging Neural Shutdown (6 x Neural EMP Turn)
  • HB Cerebral Imaging Psycho Ares
  • HB Cerebral Imaging Scorched
  • HB Engineering the Future Fast Advance
  • HB NEXT Rush
  • Jinteki Personal Evolution Power Shutdown
  • Jinteki Replicating Perfection Untrashable
  • Jinteki Tennin Never Advance
  • NBN Making News Scorched
  • NBN Near-Earth Hub AstroBiotics
  • NBN World AstroBiotics
  • Weyland BABW Supermodernism
  • Weyland GRNDL Supermodernism
  • Anarch Noise Siphon Recursion
  • Anarch Reina Siphon Recursion
  • Anarch Whizzard Donut
  • Criminal Andy Suckers
  • Criminal Gabe Knight
  • Criminal Gabe Scumbag
  • Criminal Iain Mill (Josh B/DLR Suite)
  • Criminal Silhouette Quest Completed
  • Shaper Chaos Oracle May
  • Shaper Chaos PPVP Parasite Recursion
  • Shaper Kate PPVP Parasite Recursion
  • Shaper Kit Yogsaurus Suckers
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Silhouette Quest Complete

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I’m curious how you play Tennin and Oracle May. I have done some testing on both and would love your view on both decks. Sharing those videos would be awesome

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Definitely, I’ll work on adding commentary for some of those and the Silhouette deck as well. I played both Tennin and Oracle May in the OCTGN 3 tourney, so they’ll show up there as well. I’m quite happy with the Tennin deck, actually won my last tournament with it and Logos Whizzard, but it was a small (8-player) double-elimination pre-regionals affair so I never published the deck like I usually do with my tournament winners. But, if you’re familiar with the original Snare/Edge of World NBN Never Advance, I basically took that shell and made a Tennin Never Advance deck. As for Oracle May, I went Chaos Theory deck with 33 events, 3 Oracle Mays, and 4 breakers. It’s silly fun and the economy is absolutely ridiculous… Corps simply cannot keep up with it. That said, setting up your suite is unpredictable and inconsistent, so I don’t think it’s truly a competitive build with its current design.

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Uploading an Oracle May play as we speak. I don’t have any saved Silhouette games, apparently they were lengthy and/or uninteresting blowouts, so I deleted them previously. But, I’ll work on getting some new ones recorded to post.

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Thanks, I’ll look out for them. Do you also have a Tennin video? :smiley:

BTW, I tried to follow your videos on Youtube, but got an error every time I tried. Don’t know if you hear that more often…