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Netrunner Community in Milwaukee

I’m thirsty for a bye.

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Might be able to convince the girlfriend tolet me steal away for the day.

Any estimate on the number of people? 4 rounds with cut to top eight could still allow me to meet my evening obligations.

How long will the rounds be? 75 minutes is pretty standard in Colorado, how about with you all?

I wouldn’t expect more than 16-20. 4 60-65 min. rounds, with perhaps a top 4 would be my guess.

I live and work in the city; I’d be interested in getting into a larger meta. I started playing about six months ago, but it’s mostly been limited to my immediate cohort. I need, frankly, to get my ass kicked by some people with unfamiliar decks if I want to get better at this point. I’ll likely be at the Franklin event as well.

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Damn, won’t be able to play. Going to the Winter Festival to avoid having deal with the girlfriend’s extended family in the evening

Of all the days to live in Madison and be forced to be at work at 6 AM the next day…

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Terrible excuse.

Y’all scared. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m coming for sure. (2 hour bike ride notwithstanding)

We’ll see. If it only runs four rounds I am more inclined to drive out. It’s not like I’m going to make the cut with you, Paranoid, and Andries likely in attendance :smiley:

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It’s about getting some good games in and having fun.

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It is?

I’ve been doing it wrong.


Sorry I couldn’t make it. How did the tourny go?

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It was a fun first tourney. Looking forward to more games soon :slight_smile:


Thanks for the games everybody - good to get some face time with the other MKE crew(s).


Indeed. Let’s use this thread as the meet-up thread. Now that the SCs are done, I’m going to chill for a bit. However, let’s look at a March meet-up.


Sounds great. Have it bookmarked.

Hey folk. I just got a new job. Prior to this I was totally unable to have any chance at attending a regular meetup (as my schedule changed from week to week and I only worked 3PM-11:30PM). The unnecessarily long preamble is simple to state that I’m looking for a group.

I’ve heard whispers of a weekly meetup at Boardgame Barrister at Bayshore Mondays at 6 which I’ll be giving a shot tomorrow. Just in case that doesn’t pan out however, I thought I’d leave my bases covered and post here. I don’t have a ton of exposure to the greater net runner community but have heard good things. I really hope it lives up to the hype.

I talked to the Boardgame Barrister employees about 4 or 5 weeks ago when I was out to visit and they said someone was starting a group up on Mondays.

Still not in Milwaukee yet, I’m having a hard time finding a job. Anyone need an Aerospace/Systems Engineer for something? Have tried Astronautics Corp, Johnson Controls, GE, DRS, Derco, and others. Still no cigar.

I tried out that meetup at Boardgame Barrister this past Monday. The people were nice enough, but unfortunately the level of competition wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I’m not trying to build myself up as some great player, it’s just that the vast majority of that meta seemed very new to the game. From the above conversation I know Spags is in the area, and I know Joe is from around here as well. Any local meetups at all? I’m itching to get some testing in before the Madison regional.

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