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Netrunner Storage

What do others use for storing their cards? Currently I am just using cardboard deck boxes, but it makes deck building tedious. I want to switch to binder(s). I know many out there use binders. What binder would you recommend? I am looking at the Ultra Pro Pro-Binder currently. My main concern is the cards staying snug in the binder without being in Ultra Pro sleeves. Does anyone use this or any other binder? Any recommendations? Thanks.

That binder looks … slight.

I recently upgraded to one of these: http://www.amazon.com/Case--XLarge-Capacity-4-Inch-D-186-BLU/dp/B001GIP208/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1409537616&sr=8-9&keywords=zipper+binder

Been very happy with it so far. It is listed as a 4 inch binder but it is really more like a 5 inch binder. I have every Netrunner Datapack and the collection outgrew the 4 inch binder I had been using previously, in part because of a reorganization by faction and card type.

This new binder holds everything and offers a little more protection to my cards since the place I most often play is also an eating and drinking establishment.

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I don’t know if it’s because I put together and take apart decks so much or because most of the tweaking I do online, but it seems to be that anything besides simple faction-sorting in a box is going to take a lot more time to organize than you will save by being able to find things easily.

If you just want your shits to look pretty, I don’t have any advice.


I started off by doing faction sorting in a box, but started to find pulling the full card stacks or flipping through a card at a time tedious. Sorting cards into the binder by faction and card type was very time consuming to do the first time, but since then it has made deck building much easier for me - it isn’t about making things look pretty at all.

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I am currently using this method, Faction > Card Type > Cost (Descending), in a box. For me, I think a binder would be much faster to find cards, than rifling through horizontal cards in a box, even when I know where the cards are. Also, the cards are much safer and would receive less wear from removal and replacement in a binder, IMO.

@striatic My idea was to get several of the Ultra Pro binders, maybe 1 Runner and 1 Corp. Your option is more economical, but in my experience, the larger the binder, the more susceptible the pages are to damage, especially when the binder is very full and flopping around. Does the binder you linked have hard or soft covers?

Besides the reasons stated above, I am leaning towards a binder because

A) Netrunner has killer artwork – the best around, IMO.
B) A binder would be more accommodating and more appealing to show to new players
C) Easier to rediscover cards you’d forgotten about when flipping through. Inspiration!

My binder’s covers are stiff. I use ultra-pro pocket page protectors and I’ve found they use a stiff enough plastic that the cards are well protected even if I am flipping pages fairly aggressively.

If you switch to a binder, you won’t want to sort by cost because it will mean a lot of re-organizing every time a new Datapack comes out. If you sort by Faction > Card Type > ID number then adding cards is a snap since they will always be on the last page of each section.

I prefer a single binder mostly because I want to have everything in one place when deck building. Ultimately I’ll be having a Corp Binder and a Runner Binder but for now one binder is good enough for everything.

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Yeaaah. We use dividers for each faction, with runner stuff in one core set box and corp another (both labeled). Then we break everything down into type, so you get all the agendas for each faction together, then the assets, and so on. Theoretically those are further sorted by set number, but in practice that falls apart a bit. Overall, easy to sort through. We don’t rifle through them in the box, just pull out the faction, go to the appropriate section, and work from there. A bit obnoxious for splashes, but useful for most in-faction stuff.

And the second one for corp.


I cut up the cardboard thing that comes in the core set and used it to create rows for the cards to go in. Runner/corp cards go in separate rows, and are sorted (separated by folded business cards) by faction and card type. There are some cards in the middle (neutral corp cards + corp identities) because there were too many corp cards for one row.

The box on the right is for my decks. It’s hard to see because of how shitty my laptop’s camera is, but it’s two decks in sleeves with two plastic bags (one with dice, one with tokens) in the middle.


I’m weird. I have a three ring binder with ultra pro sleeve pages. But the weird thing is I only keep one copy of each card in the binder. They’re all organized by faction and card type. Other copies of each card go in a box only sorted by faction.

I find it convenient to flip through and look for cards that I haven’t considered I a while, yet it’s so much less of a hassle than carrying all the cards in binders.

That sounds like a huge hassle. If I want to flip through cards like that I just use http://onosendaicorp.com/cards/corp

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I too went with GO7Gaming

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im using ultra pro binders. cards ordered by sets and numbers printed on them. when u use online deckbuilders its very easy to look up a number and find proper cards. also adding new packs to collection is very easy, just add to the end of current binder.

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I use the GO7Gaming inserts, too.

I also use the ultra pro binders and I like them because I like to organize them by general card type and it gives me an easy to see view of what’s currently available i.e. if I’m looking for NBN ice, its all in a single section for me to look at within a page or two of each other and makes comparison easier. Most of the time when making deck editing decisions, I have an idea on what type of card that card slot should be, its a matter of which one to use i.e. certain event cards etc. For me it makes card comparison a little easier. I might recommend that organizing by set and number might be also a good way to organize because me organizing by card type then faction has made it rather difficult to keep it organized but comparison wise, its been the best way to get a general view of cards available to me in a certain deck.

No matter how you choose to organize it, I think if you are interested in card comparisons and ease of comparing cards across types or other groupings, I would recommend using the binders. The only other reason I can think of is for general card collection (i.e.by set like prozz mentioned), but those are the only two reasons to get it IMO.

holy this site is beautiful, thanks

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Binders. 2" or higher, nothing special, just bargain bin Avery binders from Staples. Ultra Pro pages. Right now I’m at two binders (first one is Core through C&C, second is the Spin Cycle, H&P, and Lunar Cycle).

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I accidentally won an eBay collection a while ago and ended up with 2x of most expansions, which I have then continued as packs have been released.

I store a full playlet in binders. I have 2, one for corp and one for runner. When I play outside the house I bring the binders for speedy deck building. They are organized by faction, then type then card number. As others have said, it’s nice to be able to browse in this manner, and the final sort by card number ensures that nothing needs to shift when a new pack is released.

The balance (excess data packs, cores, and draft remnants, are stored in a giant 3200 card box. They are sorted faction, type, And then alphabetically, which makes deck building slightly easier when working off a list that I probably built on meteor.

anyone know an easy way to determine how many unique cards there are in ANR currently? trying to figure out how many pages I should buy for a binder