Netrunner Theory: First Turn Win

Hi All,

Just a hypothetical scenario to tickle the brain-stem…

We all know that it is possible to win on the first turn as the runner, An unfortunate stack of Agendas on top of an undefended R & D can give a win even without an installed Medium or R&D Interface.

My Question: Given a PERFECT set of circumstances, is it possible to win as the Corp on the first turn (before the runner even gets a turn.) If not, how much damage / agenda points can you get to in the first turn?

3 net damage (Subliminal, 3 Neural EMP)

You can’t play neural before the runner plays as they need to run as well as have less than 3 cards in their hand for that to work.

I think the elimination rounds score hostile takeover or biotic a 2 pointer, end the match right there, is the only way I know of.

I lost to a turn 1 hostile in eliminations in the draft in Seattle the other day, very crushing.

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Maybe something like this…

Starting Hand:
Accel Diagnostics

Click 1:
Accel Diagnostics -> Shipment from Mirrormorph (Install Ronin) -> Shipment from Kayuga (Advance Ronins) -> Accel Diagnostics.
Second Accel Diagnostics into -> Shipment from Kayuga (Advance Ronins) -> Shipment from Kayuga (Advance Ronins) -> Accel Diagnostics
Third Accel Diagnostics into -> Beanstalk -> Biotic -> Archived memories (grab Shipment from Kayuga).

Click 2:
Shipment from Kayuga (Advance Ronins)

Click 3:
Trigger Ronin

Click 4:
Trigger Ronin


Ø1: Breaking News
Ø2: Diagnostics -> Shipment from SanSan, 2x Subliminal Messaging

  • score BN
    Ø3: Scorched Earth
    Ø4: Scorched Earth

4 actions on corp turn?

Subliminal Messaging



You could also sub a Sweeps Week for one of the Subliminals…


or Beanstalk, or Hedge Fund, or Green/Blue Level Clearance, or Celebrity Gift.

Right… but Sweeps Week is in-faction for NBN. If you’ve built an NBN deck with 3 Scorched Earth and 3 Accelerated Diagnostics, that’s all your influence…

But the Hedge Fund is a good call…

I really like this one. I was thinking it would probably be easier to Flat-line than to to score 7 points in one turn. Nice to know that its possible (although VERY unlikely…I wonder what the odds are on this draw)

It’s a bit too easy with Accelerated Diagnostic.

Does the following scenario work ?
5 cards in hand + the mandatory draw. 3 of them are AD, there’s a Project Beale and an Astroscript in there as well. Doesn’t matter what the last two cards are.

First click : Accelerated Diagnostic (1c) -> Shipment from Mirrormorph(1c)/Shipment from Sansan/Shipment from Sansan
Install the two agendas with Mirrormorph then each one gets a Shipment from Sansan.
Second click : Accelerated Diagnostic(1c) -> Shipment from Kaguya / SfK / SfSS (on Beale)
We have a click left and 2c, Beale has 6 advancement tokens on it. Astro has 4.
Third click : AD(1c) -> SfK / Trick of light (1c) / anything (Subliminal messaging to gain a click)
Trick of light moves two advancement tokens from Astro on Beale so Astro has 3 token and can be scored and Beale has 9 tokens that makes it a 5 pointer.

It’s not even necessary to have an astroscript (but I thought so). Any 3/2 would do.

It seems to work. But I would not call that “A bit too easy” You still have to get really REALLY lucky.

Hi folks, after two year, I feel it’s time to revive this turn-1 problem.
I added the following difficulty: A turn-1 win for the corp (on the corp turn that is) but without having to rely on chance when drawing with Accelerated Diagonstic (i.e. controlling the draws with jackson + power shutdown).
Now of course, power shutdown requires that the runner made a run during his last turn. Let’s leave this aside for now (Maybe Lucas will rule that if it is the Corp’s first turn then the runner’s last turn refers to the one in his previous game, hehe)
This is the solution I found:

Identity GRNDL : 10 cr

cards in hand:
jackson, jackson, posted bounty, mirrormorph, accelerated diagnostic and power shutdown from mandatory draw

first click:

mirromorph → jackson, posted_bounty, jackson -1 cr

second click:

powershutdown → all deck in archive -1 cr

third click:

trigger jackson + acc. diagnostics (-1cr ) into

interns to install jackson #3
reclamation order (-1cr) to get 3 accelerated diagnostics
biorotic labor -4 cr (+2 click)

fourth click
gain 1 credit ( + 1cr)

fifth click:
trigger second jackson + acc. diagnostics (-1cr ) into
> subliminal messaging (+1 cr, +1 click)
> shipment from san san on posted bounty
> shipment from san san on posted bounty

score posted bounty and forfeit it to tag the runner

sixth click:
trigger third jackson + acc. diagnostics (-1cr ) into
> sweeps week (+4 cr)
> scorched earth
> scorched earth

So, does anyone see a way around the power shutdown loophole?

Until FFG releases another cheap card to move all HQ into archive (please don’t), I don’t think there is anything closer to a ‘clean’ turn-1 win (i.e. minimizing RNG [it feels weird to use this term for a physical card game :smile: ], basically having a sure win with only the six cards in the corp’s starting hand).

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@Valentin_Hirschi, I’m sorry, but I believe your deck in this example is illegal because of influence. Even with the power shutdown stipulation, you’re still short, I’m afraid.

3 for Jackson Howard (1 each)
3 for Accelerated Diagnostics (1 each)
2 for a single copy of Shipment from Mirrormorph
2 for a single copy of Sweeps Week
2 for a single copy of Reclamation Order

12 influence; GRNDL only give you 10.

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Additionally, it’s been clarified that you cannot play Power Shutdown against a runner who cannot trash any programs or hardware, so for turn one I don’t think Power Shutdown will cut it.

@TheRedArmy You are right! I forgot GRNDL only had 10 influences. I can improve it like this:

Edit: Let me emphasize here once again from the get-go that this puzzle is whether or not it is possible to find a ‘sure-win’ turn-1 for the corp, provided one relaxes the ‘last turn run’ requirement of power shutdown. What is meant by ‘sure-win’ here is that given the starting hand of the Corp, it can win on its first turn without relying on chance for any further draw, runner’s decision or any other random event.

Identity GRNDL : 10 cr / 10 influence points (14 used below unfortunately)

cards in hand:

accelerated diagnostic
power shutdown from mandatory draw

first click:

mirromorph → jackson, jackson, jackson (-1 cr) (5 influence pts)

second click: (assuming power shutdown is playable, otherwise this whole puzzle is not even considerable, see comment below)

power shutdown → all deck in archive (-1 cr)

third click:

trigger jackson #1 + acc. diagnostics (-1cr ) into (1 influence pt)

hedge fund (+4 cr)
reclamation order (-1cr) to get 3 accelerated diagnostics (2 would be enough though) (2 influence pts)
biorotic labor -4 cr (+2 click) (4 influence pts)

fourth click

gain 1 credit ( + 1cr)

fifth click:

trigger jackson #2 + acc. diagnostics (-1cr ) into (1 influence pt)

subliminal messaging (+1 cr, +1 click)
interns to install posted bounty
shipment from san san on posted bounty (1 influence pt)

sixth click:

trigger jackson #3 + acc. diagnostics (-1cr ) into

shipment from kayuga on posted bounty
→ score posted bounty and forfeit it to tag the runner
scorched earth (-3 cr)
scorched earth (-3 cr)

That is still 14 influences (TheRedArmy had omitted the heavy-influence biorotic in his count unfortunately), so 4 too many.
Does anyone see how to get around this, by either saving 4 influence somewhere else (but where??) or use another identity and squeeze in something to generate the additional 5 credits (I feel that the one-click for one credit step could be improved upon)?
I find it interesting that a ‘win-in-hand’ Corp turn-1 might exist, provided one goes around the “power shutdown loophole”. (I guess we can pretty much establish with certainty that without accelerated diagnostic, a win turn-1 for the Corp is impossible, and that power shutdown + jackson is the only way to control the Accelerated Diagnostics draws, right?)
Does any of you see a more economical/different way of achieving a win-in-hand turn-1 corp win, hence solving the influence issue?

Oh by the way, if anyone feels the need of precising that this is not a ‘sure-win’ scenario because the runner might hold on to “I’ve had worse”, then please append to your post a ‘win-in-hand’ solution that wins by scoring 7+ agenda points.
I couldn’t find one, but I have a feeling that it is possible.

how about runner run for shutdown?

Playing GRNDL
Hedge Fund
Install Cortex Lock on HQ
Offer You Can’t Refuse HQ, Runner takes bait (for some reason), hits Cortex Lock, hits Snare.

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