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NetrunnerDB is dead :(

See: http://netrunnerdb.com

Trash 1 fan site.
End of story.
Site closed by order of Fantasy Flight Games.
FFG recommend you use CardGameDB.com.
FFG welcome suggestions on how to improve it.

Don’t forget to leave FFG with some suggestions on how to improve customer service, everyone! Thanks!
Customer feedback portal: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_atencion.asp

Wow, that’s super sad.

why other cardgamedb alternatives are not yet c&d then?

so evil.

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Don’t give them any more ideas.

Also for those with coding experience:


Clone these before the corp drones C&D them.


Extremely disappointing. I won’t ever use CardGameDB.

Definitely cancelling my world’s trip this year, too.

What I will miss most:
The creative write-ups about some decks and all the great discussion that followed. It felt like such a community, one which doesn’t exist at any of the alternatives.


I’ll miss the granularity of the card search.


Will someone please clone that site already? I want, like, 4 clone sites up by tonight, goddamnit.

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definitely forked these; I wonder what caused @Alsciende 's conversation with them to fail? Obviously it was something fundamental, or they would have resolved it, I guess.

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I am not saying anyone should do this, but it would be amusingly apropos to have to log in to TOR to access a deckbuilder on the deep web.


So, anyone going to worlds should get this image as a playmat in protest:


Looks like FFG’s Trace succeeded…

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Now that Netrunner DB is officially closed and without being able to reach a compromise with @Alsciende (based on the twitter [updates][1]), is it time to organize a boycott? Maybe a dip in the sales of their biggest player base could send a signal.
[1]: https://twitter.com/alsciende

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The arrows are trademarks, you cannot use them :wink:

I’m curious if you ever will respond to my mail or to the public questions

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I can’t help but feel there is more to this story than we are hearing about. It doesn’t make sense for them to target a single site and not the whole raft of them unless either:

  • The site was doing something else that the others weren’t
  • FFG were interested in acquiring the site to replace or integrate with CardgameDB
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its funny. jinteki.net is still up.

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By funny you clearly mean crock of horsesh*t. This is not okay.


I, for one, am pissed. I also am all for circumventing any ability for FFG to stop a clone of NRDB from being maintained. This is how you begin to kill a community of people who love, play, and purchase your game.

Totally out of touch. Will not be buying datapacks or anything FFG henceforth until we either hear some reasoning from them or they reverse their stance.

Yeah @Alsciende didn’t have to take the whole site down. I’m a bit confused, really. I see three likely reasons:

  1. Alsciende is legitimately scared of being sued
  2. There’s a lot more going on that neither FFG or Alsciende is telling the public
  3. Alsciende is acting brashly by yanking the site down when a compromise with a little work could be achieved

If it were my site with the C&D order, I would’ve:

  1. Removed the API
  2. Stopped using high-rez images
  3. Linking back to FFG or cardgamedb.com whenever appropriate or helpful

Instead, we get a quick and dirty C&D from FFG and a non-responsive NetrunnerDB that just shuts it down prematurely.

I hope someone will clone the site soon with the changes above.

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