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NetrunnerQuest - Study Group - Forking Hard or Hardly Forking?

So I wanted to start a group where the listeners can get involved and give us feedback on our homework / their own progress.

@CodeMarvelous: My homework for the first podcast was to test the Ice Feast Whizzard instead of my usual Noise and run him in this month’s tournament.

not surprisingly, its doing quite well. The deck is 11-2 in casual play with two losses one to 24/7 meat damage and the other to Industrial genomics.

In a tournament over this past weekend it went 5-0 securing me a winter tournament kit play mat.

What is most surprising about the deck is how quickly it builds a high level of threat, despite having the same elements as many other anarch builds. The whizzard power is so valuable in the current meta where most high value upgrades and assets have between 1-5 trash cost. It enables you to hammer a remote until you get that caprice and that ash.

I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on the deck.


I’ve only played with this deck a little bit, but I’ve played with a variant of the NEH FA deck you made with @Calimsha quite a bit. At recent SCs, I’ve faced off against numerous anarchs, and while I did lose the SC to the Ice Feast Whizzard, I think the MaxX and Noise decks are far more difficult and disruptive to play against.

MaxX is the most likely to land Siphons and/or break a rush server turn 1, and Apocalypse is very damaging whenever it lands. Noise’s mills introduce an uncontrollable variance that can disrupt any angle of the game, in a way that is impossible to predict or prepare for; there isn’t any way to play around Noise’s ability in FA. Whizzard I can predict and (try to) play around.

When I see Whizzard, I know I should forget about SSCG and focus on Astro-Train and Biotic for FA. Turntable will try to turn off the Astro train, so ending the chain on a Beale is fine, since it’s still points. I can assume he will get in anywhere by turn 5, so I need to build my FA plan and get 2 agendas scored by then.

I don’t think Whizzard is easier to beat than MaxX or Noise, I just think he is more predicatable and controlable. With good play and a little luck I can beat him. MaxX and Noise both bring in a lot of variance, a hot start from either of them can end the game by turn 3, while a cold start (more of a problem for Noise than MaxX) will let me score out before they start rolling. Whizzard is more of a known quantity, one that I can beat with good play and a little luck. All bets are off when Whizzard is piloted by @bakashinobi though.


I took a deck similar to the whizzard Ice feast to my last 2 tournaments and won the overwhelming majority of my games. The losses I had we to both foodcoats decks, one where I got careless early and took 2 brain damage that limited my breaking power with Faust and a second where I went through over half my deck and didn’t see Faust. The other 12 games I played I managed to to win, though only a few against NEH stand out.

Against NEHFA, I could easily trash anything they installed and kill sansans without serious trouble. D4v1d got me through big ICE and faust got me through saml stuff. Parasite let me kill annoyances like popup windows and rototurret. Turntable let me take a lucky steal from HQ and switch it for an astro with a token, effectively killing the astrochain.

Against a butchershop NEH who quickly scored 2 breaking news, I did medium digs on R&D trashing anything that could be trashed letting me see 6-7 diffrerent cards on my first run and just steal points. I had to make a gut call when he put a guttenberg in front of it to just go tag me and dig as hard as I could. 10 cards later (thanks to whizzard trashing credits extending my meager credit pool), I had won.

The rest of the games area blur mostly coming down to faust and destroying annoying ICE.

Playing the deck has made me appreciate how powerful trashing assets is. It’s always good, and whenever I play whizzard it’s always useful, but whenever I build decks I never swing for scrubber. It’s something I should consider including more often.

Als, Faust is naturally good as well, but I don’t have much to add. The versatility Faust provides to just toss cards to get early game accesses is so strong and forcing the corp to invest so much so quickly in ICE really slows them down and let’s you pick your accesses.

All in all, I kinda want to move away from the deck now that I’ve won a store championship because first I feel like the deck is doing most of the work for me wins and secondly I expect the meta to shift hard to counter it and I want to not be left wondering what to do next when Faust is being teched against.hard. That and I need more practice making/playing runner decks.


Ice been playing Gagarin, and it surprisingly has a really good Ice Feast matchup. They just can’t keep up economically to trash all your assets, and when they trash your ice, you can just shuffle it back with Museum.


Thats how I feel about my asset spam NEH

what it really comes down to is the deck has a Andysucker level of consistency and consistency is winmaking.

Just to help the discussion, we are discussing this list, and derivatives based on it. I don’t know if the community is just bored of talking about this deck, having beat it to death in the MWL, Faust, and Dumblefork threads, or if some people are uncertain which list(s) we are referring to.

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Your asset spam NEH is pretty good, but I don’t know how effective it would be against this deck. Whizzard’s ability to trash assets and burst econ with liberated could put a real strain on your ability to keep spamming assets. The pressure is even more severe when Whizzard starts trashing ICE on centrals and abusing you there as well.

As I recall, your deck is dependent on Astro tokens and SSCG for FA, both of which Whizzard counters well with his ability and Turntable. Unfortunately, I’ve never tried it, but I’d love to see a video of the matchup :smiley:

This is why I like Gagarin over NEH. Sure, you lose the ability to fast advance, but you gain the ability to

A: Have a rediculous amount of money (you may think the NEH one is rich, it pales in comparison to Gagarin)
B: Save 5 influance by cutting the Encryption Protocals, and all but one Hostie Infrastructure
C: Have better central ice (maybe even better ice in general, but tollbooth on remote is real nice)
D: Have “must trash” high impact assets will with cheap rez costs such as Public Support and Corp Town
E: Speaking of Corp Town, this card is absurd. Verses most runners in the meta right now, it can singlehandedly create scoring Windows vs Anarch, and a Shaper getting ProCo trashed can be a huge tempo hit.
F: Easier to sneak out a 3/2. The runner is motivated to leave unrezzed remotes, and there is no threat of a naked Astro, so it becomes comical to bluff out an Atlas.
G (is for Gagarin): Lower agenda density = Less losing on R&D
H: Resiliance to Shaper Clot lock.

The NEH version has teeth, that’s for sure, but Gagarin can dominate the board state like no deck I’ve ever seen in Netrunner, an I’ve been playing since Genasis. I’m not saying the NEH one is bad, I even thought that there was no way that the Gagarin one could be anywhere near the NEH deck, but @CJFM convinced me to take it for a whirl, and it has been preforming excellent since then.


I’m right there with you. I took CJFM’s build, played it for a bit, then took what I liked about it and jammed it into what I was doing with mine a while ago. I really, really like it right now. Kind of whatever the runner wants to do, I’m more or less okay with it. Don’t trash my assets? Cool, I have a LOT of ridiculous shit that I’ll get/do every turn. Trash em? Neat, scoring windows.

I kept Ash in mine, and so far I think I like it, because it can open more scoring windows vs Faust than I’d get without it, since even the Whizz Kid is pretty poor vs this deck, and you usually can’t get through a 2-ICE remote twice with Faust.

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Looks like the discussion is better over here.
Copying my HW from reddit.

Homework update: 10 games in of my 40… Not going to make 40 at this rate…

2 Games with Perfumeshop Gabe. Both were absolutely miserable. Shelved the deck.

3 Games with Val, based of off d1en’s worlds list. I’m enjoying it. Working at not waiting to get setup. http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/32310/good-stuff-val

3 Games with Replicating Perfection with Turtlebacks and Scorch. Currently trying it with the Museum/Temple hotness. but no Jackson??? I’m probably crazy. http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/32311/turtlescorch Anyway.

2 games with Quetzal (home brew). Still tinkering with this one. Went against a Spark deck that kept me very broke. Did a medium deep dig, 5 counters on 2 mediums… Saw 2 NAPDs with 0 credits. He ended up getting a tollbooth on R&D and won out from there. Fun times.

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Got 1 more game in. Val again. Finding I really struggle if I don’t find the pancakes.

I’m happy that Gagarin, one of the IDs I’ve had my eye on for a long while, is actually coming through in a big way.

I’ve been mopping up all the Gagarin JNetters with Apoc Kate :wink:


The Weyland problem. Shaper jank comes out of no where and makes lives miserable.

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When Shaper doing Anarch things,things just gonna explode itself.

This is why crisium grid goes into all my blue sun decks. That’s right blue sun, cause gagarin is GARBAGE. OK, I’m just upset at the days proceedings is all. :smiley:

By the way, looking for a smiley face key is frustrating when frustrated, fun fact!

2 with a Reina deck. Keyhole is fun until its not. Played an IG deck where I didnt run archives until I had 14 points in there (2 Future Perfect) Then played a Cybernetics Division where I didnt see a single agenda. I did see 2 Cerebral Overwriters at a time at least 4 keyhole runs. Corp got a mushined mandatory upgrades out and then fired 3 successful ABTs off of it to win.

1 With a SYNC deck called CTZ Undefeated (http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/32166/ctz-undefeated) I liked it, but played it very wrong. Lost to a leela with a 7 counter nerve agent and sneak door beta. shoulda purged but never had a opprotunity once it got out of hand.

14/40 games in.

I think that a serious case can be made for IG and Gagarin right now.


I’m not sure about gagarin, cause I haven’t been playing it, but I’ll second IG