Netrunning music thread

Didn’t see an existing thread for this, but wanted to share an album I’ve been listening to that screams Netrunner to me:

Really great stuff. Also interested in suggestions for music that evokes the Android universe, if you have any!


What Would Maxx Do

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Anything Kavinsky or Lazerhawk.


Good song for anyone in love w/ Maxx

This one always reminded me of a Runner that got trapped in the net, possibly Apex?


That Hotline Miami music totally screams ONR to me!

ANR gives me more of a RZA Bobby Digital vibe, though.

Also, any time Canibus goes off about crazy-ass Illuminati science stuff I have to look up on Wikipedia.

These two one are usually what I use for OCTGN OST :stuck_out_tongue:


My favorites are the Frozen Synapse OSTs:


My Spotify list:

Mostly ambient/atmospheric music as to not disturb me or whoever I’m playing against.

What kind of music would they listen to at Wyldside? Jank Juke Jazz…


Usually just good techno music does the trick, but this has been great background music for me as well:

Essential listening for Maxx lovers otoh (which I’ve been digging lately):
Wipers - Is This Real?
Husker Du - Zen Arcade
Jawbreaker - Unfun


There doesn’t appear to be a source on youtube but If I had to pick a song I own I’d first go with “Punta de Choros” by Deadbeat.

Some of Steevio’s mindtours albums would probably work good too ( 02, 03, that ilk). He likes a faster pace though so you’d have to be ok with that.

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We have a Netrunner music thread without Access to Arasaka? Not only he got his name from a card of the original Netrunner (Now Access to Globalsec), he’s a very talented musician and his music fits the game like a glove:

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Progressive psytrance

Steve Moore’s (one of the members of Zombi) solo stuff is really good too if you like spacy synth jamz.

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paging @drawkward

This one!

I like any kind of dance music, Above and Beyond: Group Therapy Episodes are great, but I also often listen to ambience. And this game soundtrack. It’s very chill background music. Also shout out to Undertale, since Undertale music is something I listened to a lot recently whilst playing, after finishing what is an excellent game


Sneaker pimps, all of Becoming X. Duh.

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Apex probably calculates infinity with Dillinger Escape Plan. Or Meshuggah. It has no time for any of your weakling techno robot music, that’s for sure!

Also, The Professor totally looks like he used to be one of those guys who followed Phish around in a van.