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New Data Pack First Contact

Sorry, I had to. :slight_smile: Here’s the cards.

Some interesting stuff here.

Mod edit for link: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4732


What the what is the “theme justification” for Port Anson Grid? That’s pretty punishing! And Duggar’s? Madness.

Rachel is awesome, at an awesome price; Eliza’s seems like one of those “must trash” assets. WHIZZARD YOUR TIME HAS COME ;).

Fuuuuu more neutrals with influence costs, though :(.

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Holy shit, power creep much?

Also, Rachel isn’t “must trash” since she trashes herself upon being tagged :wink:

Powercreep? It just looks like Melange Mine clones to me. What are you willing to give up a whole turn for?

anson i feel is pretty well costed, all you have to do is continue the run, or hit ETR ice. at 5 this might not be worth trashing on every access.

I am hoping that midway station grid (the nbn upgrade that adds an extra credit to use icebreakers) is costed pretty similarly (except i expect 0 rez cost)

they said from the beginning that a theme of this cycle for the corp was more reason to make multiple servers, and assets like eliza’s toybox certainly works for that.

grail ice seems really wonky to build a deck around, and for influence, we might have seen the best case for custom biotics yet!

If the rest of the grail ICE works like lancelot, cerebral imaging grail seems a lot less wonky than a lot of things to me. Barrier-destroyers? 4-cost 3-sub ICE? I’m in.


Both Rachel and the Grail Ice are going to make my fun “Neutral Cards Only” decks much better.

Rachel because that extra click will help Crypsis immensely and after Lucky Find and The Source there’s still enough influence for 3 of her, and Grail Ice because they look strong and currently my All Neutral Corp deck has 15 Influence to play with.

Flavor text says it was first built as a “remote location to unload and offload dangerous felons” (So basically, Australia). I’m guessing this means it’s currently not a friendly place. I’m also guessing this means that much of its infrastructure (in the real world and on the net) was built around bringing people in, but keeping people (and information) from getting out. Easy to enter. Tough to leave - at least not without paying a price. Maybe?

It doesn’t - See Excalibur. I think the consensus is that subroutine probably says “The runner can’t make another run this turn.”

Some Grail ICE might synergize with each other, but I think as a whole they will end up simply being neutral ICE with unique effects, whether they be on-encounter or subroutines.

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I’m loving these spoilers. This cycle looks like it’s going to bring a lot of interesting stuff into the game.

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Duggar’s is very interesting. I feel like there must be a good way to use it, but I’m not sure what that will be. Duggar’s+Theophilus is a possibility, but probably way too slow- you need to draw and instal theo, then build your money up, then you can draw a ton of cards. Other options- just use it looking for the 1 or 2 cards you actually need and ditch the rest. I’ve spent whole turns drawing with anarchs before- why not see an extra 6 cards while I’m at it?

I feel as though FFG has a huge problem with giving Anarch card draw, seeing as it’s either one extreme or another.

I like Port Anson Grid quite a lot. Slots nicely into a true Stabteki deck with House of Knives, Komainu, maybe Hokusai Grid. I really want to build that deck.

How to use duggar’s:
Timmy option: put monolith into personal workshop, use duggar, install monolith from PW and programs from hand that you need.

Johny way: Red freelance contracts deck. Use joshua B. - use duggar trash 5 programs. Next turn install them with retrival run. Some fall guys to make corp spend MORE credits.

Spike way: wait until Johny option wins a pair of tournaments.

Duggar’s is just hilarious :smiley:
I don’t even care that anarch card draw isn’t as good as Shaper, this card makes me laugh :smiley:

Duggar… interesting. I’ll definitely try it out. I think it shows a lot of promise though and could be just what the Anarchs need. I like that at 4 influence of its good, it won’t be splashed.

Eliza… I like this card, but I probably overrate it a little as I just enjoy big Ice. Might make stronger together playable, but I think is quite strong as a Oversight AI replacement/complement.

Port Anson… Good, but I don’t think as good as it initially appears, since you need to create that fear to make them jack out and it doesn’t do that by itself. Could either be synergistic or redundant.

Rachel… ehhh. that’s so expensive and a random tag isn’t that hard to get hit by.

Lancelot… seems pretty crazy, but I like it. It’s nothing new (barring other grail effects), it just opens up deck variations, which I think is good for the game.

Manhunt… nbn has so many ways to tag already, I don’t see why you’d run this over it. Tag and Bag might, but strictly speaking there are probably four or five other cards I’d run for tags instead.

Is it possible that Eliza’s Toybox could actually make “Advance only while Rezzed” Ice like Woodcutter and Tyrant playable? Ive always wanted to use Tyrant but the Only while Rezzed makes it useless for the first run…which is when you need it.

Doubt it. You already had Oversight and Amazon (Industrial Zone or something like that) to rez them. Maybe this moves it past a threshold, but the ability already existed.

The big problem with the advance only while rezzed ice isn’t their namesake disadvantage- its that the upside of getting them to work isn’t even that big. Even if you can use toybox to rez tyrant and then advance it 3 or 4 times, your still behind where you would have been if you had just rezzed a hardrian’s wall-which you then could have advanced if you needed to or left unadvanced, and which you can hard rez much more profitably if you don’t draw the toybox. Tyrant just isn’t good enough to be worth comboing with things, IMHO.


I think the best one would be Woodcutter since it can actually kill and is reasonably expensive to break. Inazuma or Whirlpool into it. But that’s a lot of work for little pay out.