New England and New York Store Champs 2016-2017

I’ve made a google map of all the store champs in my area. I’ve added dates for stores that have announced them, and will keep it updated as I find out more info. If anyone wants to help out with that part let me know and I’ll add you as an editor to the map.


Glad there’s another one of these up!

Any Boston-area players looking at going to the Crossroad Games store championship? I’m planning on driving up there and could give anyone in the Cambridge/Somerville zone a ride.

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Shameless bump.

I’m trying to free up time to go myself tomorrow. I’ve heard from a couple other people that they are going. I want to get up to an early SC to start warming up for the season.

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Shameless bump because I’m going. Hope you can make it @BubbaTheGoat.

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If you need a lift feel free to message me on here @BubbaTheGoat

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Crossroad Games yesterday was fun and they were awesome hosts. Left a thank you on their facebook.

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Thanks for the ride!

Crossroads were great hosts with a very friendly, well organized and well run event.

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Thanks for coming out, you guys really saved the event. We were expecting more locals, but they didn’t show for various reasons.

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Sad I didn’t see the Crossroad Games announcement until too late. What’s the best way to find out about these tournament dates other than checking the all of the game store’s websites every few days and keeping up with this map? This will be my first tournament season I’ll be participating in.

Unfortunately that’s kind of what you have to do. :frowning: I don’t mind doing the checking, so if you’re looking for SCs in the area I cover I should be able to keep this relatively up to date.

Anyone else on here planning on being at BMG in Rutland this Saturday (the 19th)? I should be there - though my practice time has been terrible as of late, looking to have a good time and tweak some decks!

Myself and @bdisraeli have plans to go, as of now.

Here’s the FB event page → Redirecting...

Looks like pandemonium has a date.

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Awesome, see you guys there - the Lebanon BMG is my LGS so I like to support his Rutland location when I can too!

Shameless bump to promote the Store Championship at the Relentless Dragon in Nashua, NH this Saturday, 12/3!

Registration begins at 11am, with the event starting at noon.

I believe this is the first SC within an hour of Boston this year, so I think we should see a decent turnout.

Thanks to @bdisraeli for making the sweet map and keeping it up to date!

Apparently, Round Table Games in Duxbury is also hosting an SC this weekend, but I’m not exactly sure when, since they are advertising ‘Saturday 12/4/16’. For now I’m assuming Sunday. Not sure if 12pm is start or registration.

I called and it is indeed Sunday 12/4.

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A warning about the store Toys N Things. Two years ago I went to the store champ for that store, and it was the worst netrunner tournament experience I’ve ever had. The start time was unclear, the person running the tournament was unatentive and uninterested, and it was crowded and loud (and all this despite it being a ~10 person tournament). Last year I didn’t go but other people who went reported a similar experience (I heard the first round took an hour and a half because the person running the tournament wasn’t paying attention to the clock, and so a player took over running the tournament for the second round).


I do not like to speak ill of any venue that hosts a Netrunenr event, but I feel compelled to say that everyone should avoid Toys N Things in Danvers MA.

What @Crunchums said is completely true. The tournament organizer is uninterested in netrunner, and does not put any effort into hosting the event.

I attended last year, and the tournament ran from 2pm until midnight. I was in the final with my brother, and we were not even allowed to take prizes home to figure out on our own, even though it was after 11pm.

I only lost in the final round of swiss, but the TO told me I was out of the cut. I challenged him to review my record and he had not counted all of my rounds. I was the top seed in the cut.

We didn’t know if the cut should be top 4 or top 8 because we did not know how many people were in the event. The TO had no idea either. We wound up cutting to a top 8, which we had to organize and run ourselves.

Swiss rounds only happened because a player who runs tournaments at another local store came, and after round 1, ran the tournament himself. The TO did not time round 1, so it went for more than 90 minutes. That player did not make the cut, so the top 8 were on their own.

Again, I hate to speak ill of any location that is hosting a netrunner event. I love this game and I really like our local community. Toys N Things is the closest SC to my house, but I will not attend it. It is only because I really like our community that I warn you, do not attend a netrunner event at Toys N Things. The organizer does not know about, or care for the game, and it shows in his management of his events.


Another shameless bump!

This Saturday, December 17, Pandemonium is hosting it’s Store Championship Tournament.|netrunner-store-championship|13815

The event begins at 10am, registration opens at 9am. If you’re coming in from out of town, you’ll want to get an early start. For anyone coming to Pandemonium, I recommend parking at the all day lot on Green St past the public lots nearest to Pandemonium. It costs $9 for the full day, which will save you from feeding the meter all day. Just make sure you leave a space for me.

go to the little green tree on this map, you drive past Public Lot 9, which has a 2 hr limit, and just past the post office’s lot which will be full of mail delivery trucks

I’ll also add that Tabletop Games in Newington CT has set a date for their tournament, January 7, 2017.
Android: Netrunner Store Championship (note, not Battlegrounds)

Battlegrounds’ eventhasn’t actually been announced yet.Oops. But I’ll leave my love letter to Battlegrounds here if anyone wants to hear what I think about them. Last year Balltegrounds was the biggest SC in New England, with more than 40 players (I want to say 46, but I don’t know the exact count). Battlegrounds offers a large, comfortable venue with good food available nearby. Also, with a large field last year had really strong prize support. If you only make it to one SC, I recommend that you make it Battlegrounds.