New FAQ and Tournament Rules

Official article here.

Tournament Rules 2.1.1 here.

FAQ 2.1 here.

Not a whole lot of new stuff, mostly just getting stuff in print that we already knew about.

Biggest change of note may be that player side is now determined randomly in championship play (double-elimination) when two players have the same differential. Prior to this update, the decision was left up to a player and the player who got to choose was determined randomly.


Bad change IMO. Previously to land in the worse matchup I needed to both lose the coin toss and then have my opponent choose wisely. Now losing the coin toss is enough. Of course the possibility that I win the coin toss and then screw up my choice is removed as well so I’m still equally likely to end up in the worse matchup, but importance of the coin toss increased and player skill of choosing the side is completetly eliminated. I don’t like this.


Also, being 5 minutes late to a tournament match is an automatic loss, and being 10 minutes late will get you dropped from the tournament.


Yeah, that seems rough. If it were me, I’d say match loss, and if you’re not at the tournament by the end of the round, you’re out. But ultimately, just show up on time.


Or preferably, show up early. Honestly, whenever I try to show up “on time”…I actually show up on time because I know what I’m doing. But most people show up about 5-10 minutes late, so aim to be there early, and all your problems go away. :smile:

They changed the infinite loop rules…there is now a difference between mandatory and optional loops. And I believe that under the new rules the corp can swap Toshiyuki Sakais indefinitely and force the runner to jack out, which seems…interesting? Which brings up the new question of what card remains installed in the server after the runner jacks out…a Sakai, or a potentially different card.

I like the section on Non-Resolvable Abilities. Now I can just point to it instead of having to walk people through how Femme + Nasir is analogous to Femme + Tollbooth. Also gives Film Critic firm ground to stand on instead of “it skips on-access triggers because we said so”.

I wonder whether the change to destruction of ice affects the answer to the question @Xenasis asked here

It’s good they added that “Approaching Ice” clarification. The exceptions to the previous explanation kept getting larger and larger (Cell Portal, Minelayer, Architect, Crick…). Though it is baffling to me that they do not have an entry regarding midrun ice installs that trash ice in the server (if that’s not a “frequently asked question” then I don’t know what is).

Someone on reddit pointed out that this part

Unless otherwise noted, all card abilities that do not specify the state of a card can only affect installed cards.

means that Whizzard, Scrubber, and Industrial Genomics (and possibly others?) now only apply to installed cards. This has to be an oversight, right?

Also, in the article Damon signed off as lead developer. I guess that answers the question of who’s taking over for Lukas.


I don’t think the scrubber/whizzard cases work like that - the ability just specifies how you can use the recurring credits.

IG, though, does actually affect cards…

Yeah, I just saw some of the more recent discussion and that seems to be the consensus on those two, but it does change IG and maybe a few others until clarified. The change itself is good, but it seems poorly thought out.

What a horribly written FAQ. Did they really not consider Scrubber, Imp etc. when they wrote that part about installed cards?


Between this and the Eater ruling, it looks like somebody really has it out for IG.

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And no clarification yet on Street Peddler.
Disappointing FAQ

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“Destruction of servers” section:

“If a server ceases
to exist during a run, then the run ends after any currently
open paid ability windows close.”

(Newly added bit in italics)

This seems to change the previous ruling on Self-Destruct (which was that the run was already over when the trace happened since everything had been trashed, so for instance the RSVP effect would have expired).

Does this turn on more Marcus Batty kills? On approach to a damaging ICE, rez MB and use him to fire RSVP, Runner spending no credits takes the damage from the encountered ICE, then for the coup de grace you blow up the server to kill them with a trace that they can’t pay into!

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[quote=“popeye09, post:14, topic:4474, full:true”]Does this turn on more Marcus Batty kills? On approach to a damaging ICE, rez MB and use him to fire RSVP, Runner spending no credits takes the damage from the encountered ICE, then for the coup de grace you blow up the server to kill them with a trace that they can’t pay into!

I think the runner gets an opportunity to to jack out between resolving subroutines and the next paid ability window?

No, it means they’ve finally nerfed Account Siphon!

The effect is instead of accessing cards, which, as it’s non-specific now means only installed cards. So you need to be able to forgo accessing an installed card to trigger Account Siphon’s replacement effect. Which means that you can only siphon someone if they have an HQ upgrade.

People of the world: put away your Crisium Grids, and rejoice!

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2.3: Rez and use Marcus Batty, naming RSVP. Rez Self-Destruct.
3.1: Runner can’t pay so fails to break e.g. Neural Katana
3.2: Runner gets damaged by ICE
2.1(or 4.1 if last ICE): Use Self-Destruct. Runner can’t spend. Kill Runner.


Huh, Jack out is actually after 2.1/4.1. The more you know.

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Dear Netrunner Players,

Damon Stone
Lead Developer, Android: Netrunner


All of those examples specifically target types of cards. This instance is only for cards where the type of card’s aren’t specified. Am I missing the drama?

‘each card’ for eg on Genomics. ‘a card you access at no cost (even if it cannot normally be trashed)’ for Imp. Seems legit to me.