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New FAQ and Tournament Rules

Type of card is irrelevant. As per the FAQ, installed cards are the only cards affected by card abilities, unless the ability in question specifies the state of affected cards.

(“each card” doesn’t define the state of a target card, “program” doesn’t define the state of a target card)

Respectfully disagree Popeye, it refers to the state, (golden rule) ‘Unless otherwise noted’. It’s bad english, but I’m sure some sort of developer clarity will be made known on this is the next few days. If indeed these cards just got ube-mega-nerfbatted so be it.

EDIT: As if on demand.

Lukas Litzsinger ‏@RukasuFox 29m29 minutes ago
@IirionClaus It still works on uninstalled cards. It affects the trash cost of each card, not just a single card.

In reference to Genomics.

Asked about Imp.

Lukas Litzsinger ‏@RukasuFox 25s26 seconds ago
@Badeesh @IirionClaus Yes. It really shouldn’t change the way most cards function, just stuff like NRE.

One could make the argument that since he is no longer the lead designer, Lukas’ opinion on how these cards function is simply that - his opinion.

That’s sort of what it has always been, no? It’s not official-official until it’s in a faq.

However, it seems very plausible that Lukas has quite a good understanding of what’s intended by the faq, doesn’t it? I don’t think this needs to be made complicated.


This entire thread is evidence that the FAQ is poorly written - this is the sort of discussion you have about a new card which needs to cram all the rules into a few sentences, not the multipage document that is supposed to clear up the rules.


Yes, but the entire point of the ANCUR was to gather all these “semi-official” Twitter rulings in one place for people because they wanted clarification on issues the official documents haven’t gotten to answering yet, and as the lead designer, Lukas’ opinion was considered to have the most weight in lieu of an official ruling.

Having a “good idea” of how these cards are supposed to work is all well and good, but that still doesn’t make it even a semi-ofiicial ruling.

I’m simply pointing out that he’s not the lead designer anymore, so there’s no point in asking him.

Hmmm, yes I see what you mean.

Does that mean that the whole sentence is pointless though?

“Unless noted otherwise,”

if we take this first bit to mean that things like Whizzard not mentioning installed cards as “otherwise noting” that the ability applies to all cards, then isn’t this second bit:

“all card abilities that do not specify the state of a card can only affect installed cards”

entirely redundant? If we can take the failure to mention a state as “otherwise noting” that all states are okay, when would this part ever apply?

And did people serious start naming uninstalled icebreakers for Net-Ready Eyes? Is that what it’s all about? If so, doesn’t the principle that a card is a new instance of that card when installed sort that out? Or has Net-Ready Eyes been deemed to apply to all icebreakers with the chosen name, rather than one chosen icebreaker?

I’m guessing the issue they’re trying to get at is corps trashing programs on Personal Workshop with Destroyers?


This got brought up on his twitter feed actually. Here’s his response. “@ANR_RulesWiki Feel free. ; ) But I’m still handling the rules for now; until Data and Destiny and maybe through Mumbad.”

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I stand corrected, then.

Okay, so sky semi-officially not falling for now… :stuck_out_tongue:

This is still Games Wrokshop-levels of FAQ badness…

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I’m not seeing the doom and gloom, all I see are some needed rule clarifications and consolidation of Lukas’ twitter rulings.

Also, I’m sad to see that 10 mins late gets you disqualified from the whole tournament. I was 10 mins late for my regional because of parking issues in downtown boston and, even though my round 1 opponent was a no-show, I forfeited the first match. I think that was a fair ruling, but I would have been heartbroken to have to turn around and drive back for another 2 hours.


Did I miss the floor rules section?


I know it’s off topic, but Games Workshop is a modeling company, not a game designer. At least that’s what they say every time they put out a shitty ruling or FAQ.

No excuses for FFG though.


In my book, this argument has about as much legitimacy as Robin Hood’s Merry Band claiming they were “a transport and logistics outfit”… I mean yes, technically they do that, but that’s sort of ignoring the other half of what their core business is about :smiley:


It seems to me that this should have been placed under NRE’s section (and whatever else they intended to be affected by this) and not in the form of a blanket statement for the game.

Until remedied, I’ll just ignore it and continue playing per usual. :wink:

Well you are most welcome to nerf your Imps. I’ll keep mine the same.

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It is pretty redundant. Though it does effect NRE. It doesn’t specify the state of the icebreaker, so the clarification is that it must be installed. I don’t think it’s such a big deal tbh.

So where Whizzard specifies trashing “cards”, the lack of specification of state of the cards is implicitly “otherwise noting” that all states are allowable? Yet when Net-Ready Eyes specifies an “icebreaker”, the lack of specification of a state of the icebreaker is not implicitly “otherwise noting” that all states are okay, and therefore only installed icebreakers are allowed?

I’m sorry, but that doesn’t seem very watertight to me! I agree with your idea of how each card is “supposed to work”, but I think you’re relying on that supposition to determine whether you consider a card to “otherwise note” something, rather than the wording. In other words the FAQ is shoddy and only works if you fudge the “otherwise noting” bit to mean “if I think it’s obviously supposed to work otherwise, regardless of whether it actually says it”!

Individually specifying a stateless ‘card’ (in NRE case, ‘icebreaker’) means installed.

‘Cards’, plural, indicates all states (so Whizzard works as intended).

Accessed is a state (so Imp works as intended).

What a mess!


It also means Wendigo is now useless against people with Clone Chip out (I think? Stupid confusing rules. Seems to follow the same templating as NRE tho)

Because Weyland ice really needed a kicking, right?