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New high score? (Dominion)

I guess playing 8 Goons a turn is pretty strong… who knew?


I’ve gone infinite in that game before.


I love Dominion! Haven’t really played online since they took away the free version of it, can’t bring myself to buy the game online when I have the cards already IRL. Also, Goons is ridiculous confirmed :smiley:

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Download the free updated program and you can mooch off my cards. Just let me know if you want to play!

I’m a fan of King’s Court + Bridge, buying all green cards in a single turn. If you put goons on top of that you should be able to get higher than that…

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Oh that works? I though I had to have all the cards to even join a game w/ someone who had them. Want to play now? You’re talking about playing on playdominon.com right? Or is there something new I haven’t heard about.

Edit: Ah cool, I’m downloading it now

They created a downloadable client. The .com will be sunsetted at some point.

Ya, but if you haven’t used it in awhile they updated it. Matchmaking is much improved and the single player presents some fun and challenging scenarios (even the Base mission was fun).

I have an appointment coming up, otherwise I’d be down. Perhaps later tonight? Handle is “Nord” should be easy to find.

I’m up for a game some time tonight. I’ll have to mooch off of other peoples’ cards though.

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Nice, I think my best was around 210 with goons and plat. I had something similar to the golden deck with bishop, only with colony and plat or something.

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One game I managed to set up Kings Court - Kings Court - Goons - Monument - masquerade. That was fun.

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I love dominon. Gets a lot of heat for being non-interactive. But i strongly disagree with those claims, the higher levels of play require knowing a lot about the implications of opponents purchases etc. My first true card game addiction.


Play a game with torturer and like…fishing village or something. Tell me then it’s non-interactive.

Also sabateur can eat a bag of dicks.

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I talked with one guy who said he preferred playing dominion 4-player because “the attacks are less overpowering”. I’m pretty sure he never played Torturer 4-player.

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I 100% agree with this, and Adventures rekindled my interest! People go through 4 stages in Dominion

  1. This game is great! Buy all the cards (buys 10 copies of Village…)
  2. OMGWTF Chapel is so good, how did I not know this?
  3. This game is dumb! Just buy money and you win all the time. Wake up, sheeple!
  4. Wow, this game is super clever and strategic from stem to stern, no wonder it’s sold a bajillion copies!

There are definitely some really unfun cards, though.

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What’s good in Adventures? I had basically quit until Dark Ages which got me hooked all over again, but I haven’t played (aside from Androminion) in a long time.

LOL! Dude that’s perfect. Can’t wait to play Adventures!

Dude, adventures is insane, the events are fantastic. The new cards that go to the mat are also great. Wine Merchant FTW.

playing now if anyone wants to play!

Glad to hear it. Sounds like it’s time to jump back down that rabbit hole.