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New Jinteki Spoilers from Honor and Profit

All 3 IDs spoiled, and there are just insane amounts of net damage inbound. Yikes!


Can’t say those other ID’s are particularly exciting, but I’m finally loving me some Jinteki agendas. Also some pretty solid ops and ice.

I don’t know if there’s a way to reflow the images better or not; let me know?

Nisei Division will entirely depend on how many of the Psi effects you can cram in there, and even then it tips your gameplan like whoa.

The agendas are crazy good, and Guard might even have been worth it without the “cannot be bypassed” line. Bottom line is that there are about to be a lot more sources of net damage out there.

Oh, the Future Perfect’s Psi doesn’t work if installed. Well, OK. It’s randomly harder to steal from HQ/RnD, so that’s good. Give it to Caprice to monitor, I guess.

Thanks for posting this! Images flow fine.

My initial thoughts:

Wow! Finally some very cool Jinteki stuff. The new cards that just straight up get rid of the hand are pretty crazy. Full card evaluations later, but I am impressed by the raw card quality shown here.


Tennin Institute can advance anything. You can put counters on Edge of Worlds for Trick of Light later. Obvious synergy with Ice Wall, Shadow, etc. (And interestingly can advance stuff like Woodcutter even while hidden). I really like this ID.

Tennin is also great for never-advance- it lets you score installed nesei’s and other 4/2’s in one turn if the runner hasn’t made a run. This ups the stakes on the shell-game archetype, and makes non-advancable traps much more deadly. Is that an edge of world or a Nesei sitting behind 3 ice? How long can I keep making runs on archives and getting hit by shocks just to make sure the corp can’t score it if it is a nesei? I love it.


Hey NBN gurus, what do you think of Psychic Field? I feel as though it’s a great threat since it’s indistinguishable from Astroscript.

I don’t typically run Never Advance (not since… the first two regionals events of last year, wow), but it’s cheaper and probably better than Edge of World for that archetype, right?

I’m thinking turn one or two, notsomuch past early game. This turn is the deciding factor in many NBN games. If NBN scores that first Astroscript, the game gets much easier, as they can be chained. This card counteracts the meta, in which runners run early and often, especially if they suspect an Astroscript.

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Wow, I just realized Psychic Field triggers when exposed as well, not just accessed. That’s a first!

Also, can a House of Knives counter be used after crashing into a psychic field for insta-death?


RE: House of Knives, I foresee its timing being debated heavily on BGG, but according to the timing structure of a run, the last opportunity the corp has a chance to react is BEFORE the runner decides to access or jack out.

So no, you can’t pull off a kill combo with HoK and PF. You can however use a HoK counter right before the runner accesses an agenda in the hopes of scaring him into jacking out. MIND GAMES!!

As @Lysander says, it looks like 4.3 is the last paid ability window, and it is before the access occurs. Which is good, because otherwise too much death, probably :).

Psychic Field working on expose is amazeballs. Silhouette what?

I think Nisei is the better ID. An income effect that can occur multiple times is good, and I think a lot of psi cards are playable with it.

All the agendas look decent. House of Knives is particularly insane. Consider just how scary it will be to score multiples. To me its in the same vein as Astroscript, a card that you see unadvanced behind two ice and you feel you can’t risk it getting scored.

Psychic Field is crazy and only one influence. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this splashed in a lot of decks.

Cerebral Cast and Diversified Portfolio seem kinda niche.

Guard seems like a really solid end the run ice for no influence. Komainu is interesting, not sure if I like it more than Neural Katana since that can kill.

Solid set of cards.

Seeing the power levels of these cards just makes me afraid of what’s coming in the blue part of the box :stuck_out_tongue:

Although, maybe it’s a balancing act of sorts - HB was super-strong before C&C, so they got a mediocre box while Shaper got super cool toys. Now perhaps Jinteki gets some insanely tasty stuff (God knows they need the help) while Crim just gets broader?

Looks amazing, both rules and artwise. I’m really liking the direction the game is taking.


Psychic Field working on expose seems like a natural early response to a probable surge in expose effects if lots of folks start playing Jinteki. Everyone wants expose, so suddenly here’s a thing that hits you during an expose. No objections here.

I’m fond of Nisei Division, though I think time is going to tell whether it’s actually good or just aggravating. Then again, between now and then, we’ll be picking up one of (in my opinion) the better psi cards, Caprice Nisei - I think that’s definitely going to help.

I’m wondering if this changes people’s perception on Snowflake.

You have a 66% chance of ending the run and a 33% chance of gaining net one credit over the runner. I don’t know if it would be successful, but I do think that it’s actually worth trying out now.

Also, does Chum + Komainu kill?

Yes. :grinning:


People who were trashing Snowflake were underestimating it. Think about it this way: once the runner has a fracter, it’s pretty much a Wall of Static that costs 2 less to rez. Runners won’t risk bouncing off of it when they have the means of breaking through. You can get through naked, yes - but it won’t be for free and it’s not guaranteed.

So, for 2 less credits, it’s a bit more porous than Wall of Static while keeping the same taxing functionality midgame and onwards. I for one have played a fair share of Snowflake in my Jinteki decks (mostly instead of Walls of Static, rather than in addition) and it’s always performed admirably.

Yeah, Snowflake is already good. This identity will make it great.

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