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New Jinteki Spoilers from Honor and Profit


^ This. How good it is remains to be seen (and will heavily depend on how strong the Psi theme is) but it’s definitely better than the other two. Tennin might as well be blank and I’ve yet to see anything that convinces me that Jinteki can beat the runner to 6 APs.

The agendas are sick though, and the artwork is amazing too! But all in all the new suite supports direct kill themes, not winning the agenda race or playing guessing games.

Guard is really playable as well.


Snowflake has always been decent when there was another ice outside of it. By itself, the runner could just repeatedly slam into it and then always pay 0, and the corp would have to pay 1 to stop you.

With the new ID, its pretty strong, it makes it a lot more like Popup Window!


I don’t think this is strictly true now is it…
Its rez cost is certainly 2 less than Wall of Static, but you have to factor in the additional cost of paying the Psi fee as well. I think with the new Nisei identity it’s fair enough to view the Psi fee as cost-neutral, but without it I think you probably pay about the same (if not more) for Snowflake, for less reliability.

Edit: Ninjaed by @Alexfrog - he’s basically said the same as me, but less explicitly.


Scored House of Knives + Komainu that you cant break = Kill.
House of Knives is amazing.

Komainu is INSANE against facechecking. Lose your entire hand. And then you better jack out, because any Shock is death! Or any Agenda, if you are Jinteki PE! Or Hokusai Grid. And then you better draw, because any Neural EMP is death!

(Of course, it also gets crushed by Parasite).

Komainu is WAY better than Neural Katana, in pretty much all situations except for being Parasited.

Think about this:

Scored House of Knives + Komainu + Troubleshooter.
HOLY CRAP. You better have a Faerie!! (Yeah, how good is Faerie!)


Yeah, House of Knives is immense - if not for its ability but for the artwork!
Komainu is good for sure - maybe we’ll start seeing prophylactic Net Shields? The good thing about him is actually that his subroutines are all distinct, which means a Deus X will only prevent one point rather than the whole lot.


Turns out Komainu is an AP Ice


When H&P comes out, for a while I will play nothing but Kate decks with mutliple Deus X and Recursion and Feedback Filters AND a Keyhole to tutor for.

Just absolutely hate the hell out of everyone, because we will all be playing Jinteki. :smile:


Or you could play the Professor with access to an Keyhole, Faerie, Parasite, Grappling Hook. Just saying :stuck_out_tongue:


Or I could be Kate and sitll have the cards I want in my deck and also play them for $1 less.


Of course, duh…

Well, if you get thrown into it a second time by a Cell Portal you probably won’t have the 30 credits necessary to save yourself with your Feedback Filter :stuck_out_tongue:


i think tennin is the most interesting.harmony medtech could be good but we are still dealing with jinteki agendas that are mostly blank when scored. hard to convince me this will be better than NBN or HB for FA

the psi stuff doesnt really do it for me. the psi game itself is so grounded in econ all the usual runner tricks of siphoning you low to check for traps still apply.

i was hoping for some way to convert net damage into credits, tutoring or extra actions.


I don’t think tutors or extra actions would be in-faction for Jinteki - that’s more Weyland and HB. They could make more of the pre-cognition though. Maybe looking at and/or manipulating R&D a bit more (although maybe they’ve avoided this deliberately, it is a very good way to break a game unexpectedly).
I think you’ve hit the nail on the head though. The Psi theme is very economic, and Jinteki drew the short straw with the net damage theme - it’s much easier to play around and usually occurs on the runner’s turn, so much easier to recover from.


House of Knives is the scariest damn agenda Jinteki could possibly want :D.


I LOLed IRL, Mr. Professor :).


The Professor - trolling the meta since 2014


Well, yes - but then we’re talking about a “[during the early game] corp pays 1 credit to make the runner lose 1 click”. Especially in Jinteki, with its net damage, that’s not necessarily a bad trade, provided you actually have a decent econ. Up until OM/ST, **that ** has always been my problem with Jinteki, not the porosity of its ice.

But yes, I’ve scored a lot of Niseis behind Chum + Snowflake, I’ll give you that :stuck_out_tongue:

What I love about it the most is just how hard it enables the Jinteki version of Chronos Protocol. Snoop might as well be a red card at that point.

God I hope the red CP wins the vote!

It’s always a bitch to break, too (because of the multiple subs). Everything but the one-shots will cost you 3-4 credits in most situations. Emptying your hand before running is a hilarious way to push through an indexing really cheap, though.


More Spoilers!

Pup is good!


I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS PASSPORT. Also it’s weird to have a straight-up handgun as a piece of hardware ;).

Fast Track seems legit for rush/FA decks, right?

Pup is adorable. And super nice as ICE goes.


pup up window.

fast track…a hard tutor…if we look at levy university the price for corporate hard tutoring is prohibitive…id be shocked if this cost less than 5 credits.


Tutoring an agenda is inherently riskier business than tutoring a piece of ICE, though. Also, there’s the (albeit unrealistic at the moment, nominally still scary) concept of “you can’t get to an ICE tutoring asset, so as time goes by, the problem only keeps getting worse by the corp tutoring for exactly the pieces needed” to keep in mind.

For that reason, I’m going to guess that Levy will seem brutally overcosted when compared to Fast Track - I’d guess Fast Track costs 2, maybe 3 to play, at most. I could even see it at zero, if it were to cost influence (but it doesn’t, if I see it right).