New player, deck creation advise

Hey all,

So after much deliberation, I have put together a deck, and was wondering if you could give me any tips in order to streamline it? The deck is as follows:

Identity card: Tenin Institute x 1

Private security force x 3
Philotic Entanglement x 1
Nisei MK II x 2
House of Knives x 3
Medical Breakthrough x 3

Chairman Hiro x 2
Plan B x 2
Psychic Field x 2
Project Junebug x 2
Snare! x 2
Zaibatsu Loyalty x 1
Melange Mining Corp x 2

Mushin No Shin x 2
Hedge Fund x 2

Neotokyo Grid x 2

Wall of Thorns x 3
Cell Portal x 2
Archer x 2
Komainu x 3
Hunter x 2
Matrix Analyser x 3
Ice wall x 3

I have gone for a deck based around causing damage problems for the runner, with some ambush cards (i thought they would combo well with the identity card as it seems to be able to place counters on cards like ‘snare!’)…but i also wanted a to use a few bits of ice that would combo well with my identity, thus ice wall to cause just a little bit more of a taxing problem on the runner and matrix analyser to keep the advancement process going. I sadly only have the core set and deluxe ‘honor and profit’ expansion to play with at the moment, but would welcome any input from the community to help me make it better? Although I only have cards from the two aforementioned sets, I would be open to people advising on cards from sets I dont have as well as from the ones I do!

thank you all in advance again!

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