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New Spoilers! The Source


Ixodidae is fun, but I doubt its very good. It’s really just a combo piece, needing Lamprey to make it work, and then the corp just needs to purge virus tokens to get rid of both. Incubator, on the other hand, I like. It’s a bit costly to use with most viruses, although there might be times you want to use it on a parasite or datasucker for when you get locked out of centrals in the mid game, but the main use I see is paired with medium and nerve agent to force the corp to either keep purging (at no cost to the runner except the 1 mu invested), or get a huge number of accesses at some point. There is potential there, for sure.

Well, it also combos very well with Siphon or Vamp. (especially Vamp)

*Edit: Just noticed you only gain 1 cred, regardless of how much you vamp for. Ixodidae definitely seems like a Win More card in the worst kind of way.

wow… I can’t believe they are printing three 1 cost viruses this cycle

Props to FFG for the Yeats reference in Incubator’s flavor text.

And, re the one cost viruses… When FFG wants to adjust a faction’s power level, they ain’t shy about it, are they?

Not really, it will only gets you one credit extra when you siphon or vamp. Notice the wording is “whenever the corp loses at least one credit”- so you just get one credit no matter how many credits the corp loses.

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My HOT TAKE is that Incubator is gonna be real good.

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Mass Install + recycling… the Noise Industrial-Scale Paper Shredder!

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Just dicked around in photoshop a bit, based on the spoiler, given the size of the text, I have determined that the text on Industrial Genomics is:

"The cost to trash each card is increased by
1c for each face-down card in archives. "


Interesting if that’s the case, especially with the early promise of Snare being able to trigger from archives. Might not be quite so effective as RP, because it’s not costing clicks, but making Sundews all but untrashable on pain of Snare/Shi.Kyu/Shock accesses miiight be enough to push a different sort of taxing Jinteki deck.

W/ regards to the other cards: Ixodidae might be worth it for a Noise Siphon/Vamp/Lamprey deck, or if more “corp loses money” cards happen.

But, as others have said, Incubator’s the real prize. The best part is that you don’t need a threat on the table. If I could run R&D on my turn and Incubator’s sitting at 4-5 counters, it’s probably worth wiping counters… which means that’s going to happen a few times in a longer game. Paired with Medium and Demo Run, you’ve got a real serious way to ruin the day of a good many Corps, buying yourself time to work with the threat of massive pain on success.

It’s the best Anarch card we’ve seen so far this cycle, barring possibly Inject, I think.

[quote=“hypomodern, post:8, topic:1485”]
Mass Install + recycling… the Noise Industrial-Scale Paper Shredder!
[/quote]Yuuup. Hell, with Cache and Grimoire, you’re making back most of your costs, too! Pop out one of each for a total of one credit (which, to be fair, is 4 cards including the Mass Install), hit their HQ a time or two to get more money, and be ready to recur next turn while they wipe so you can do it all again.


so earthrise hotel looks like daily casts for cards from the wording. that’s going to help anarch a lot


I’m really excited for Ixodidae. Sure, it kind of needs Lamprey to really shine, and sure, you will need to search out new copies of both whenever the Corp purges virus counters, but Anarchs already have Djinn and Deja Vu to make setting it back up again really easy. With Nerve Agent, Lamprey, Ixodidae and/or Imp, all of which can be tutored, recurred and Noised, this looks like it could make Anarch econ denial more interesting than “recur Siphon”.

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Just dicked around in photoshop a bit, based on the spoiler, given the size of the text, I have determined that the text on Industrial Genomics is:

"The cost to trash each card is increased by
1c for each face-down card in archives. "

Screw you, Whizzard!

Replicating Perfection.

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ixodidae is either being released ahead of the other cards that pair with it or its anarchs ‘motivation’.

will be interesteing to see.

incubator looks cool but off the top of my head i’m wondering where’s the deckspace.

Oh and it seems cool with medium and such…but crypsis is where it’s probably the hottest.

Out of curiosity, what would you be looking for in a “pairing” with Ixodidae? It seems to fit in with the theme of cheap virus/econ harassment as-is—it already pairs with siphon/vamp/that little bastard from upstalk, for instance.

Incubator has two strengths: 1) it ticks up for free each turn, and 2) optionality: you can move those counters to wherever you need threat the most.

  1. Got money but no breakers? Crypsis/Darwin.
  2. Got R&D Access for cheap? Medium
  3. Got HQ Access for cheap? Nerve Agent
  4. Got breakers but need that money back? Gorman Drip
  5. Need to stall FA? Chakana out of nowhere!

… etc etc as new viruses come out.


I think that’s where it ought to be, Siphon/Vamp/Lamprey boosting. A DLR-esque thing might be nice, but also has waaay too much potential to ruin balance, all in all. Perhaps an Agenda with a “lose a credit when stolen” drawback that’d be worth otherwise playing?

I agree almost entirely. This is entirely why Incubator looks so powerful, to me. Other uses:
-Super-expensive non-recursion to get Imp going again. (Click saving, at least, if you know you’ll need it.)
-Powering up a datasucker to just plow through a defensive server at little to no additional expense.

I think Cache’ll be replacing Gorman Drip as Virus economy. Maybe the two together, even?

[quote=“ericbtool, post:14, topic:1485”]
incubator looks cool but off the top of my head i’m wondering where’s the deckspace.
[/quote]I think it’s a viable one-of. I know people don’t like them because of the decreased chance of drawing, but even as a two-of, I can see it working. We’re at a point where things much be cut, and I’d lose a Medium proper (with Djinn tutoring) to get an Incubator into play.

I disagree. Cyberfeeder’s one way of cheating the cost down, but I think that its long-run value is still high enough to be worthwhile. Not needing to make all the runs to get Medium up, especially the usual “drop Medium, pound R&D 2-3 times in one turn” plan is going to save players a bunch of money, to say nothing of the advantages of giving the corp another reason to wipe viruses regularly… especially when there’s nothing you need to do after installing it other than keep it alive.

Aaand if you’re running the non-counter viruses, Incubator can prompt a virus wipe, which can be followed up with Lamprey installs, potentially prompting another wipe. Not something that can’t be done already anyway, but it’s certainly something.

Incubator is nuts.

Anarch’s biggest strength at the moment is that they can obliterate you out of nowhere if you ignore them too long. I’ve won and lost lots of games to a 5-point medium or nerve agent turn, and won and lost many more due to the tempo hit of trying to defend against that. Incubator will turn that threat up to 11.

I would go for D4v1d because it addresses Anarch’s weakness to large destroyers. Then Inject because I think it’s needed more, then this. All three are amazing though and the difference between them really marginal.

Yeah, I think the only way Ioxidade is going to see play is in a Noise, large number of cheap viruses recursion deck. I’ve played against a guy on OCTGN a few times now who has a decent build, and that’s even before Cache comes out and supercharges its economy.

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Incubator is no doubt strong, but doesn’t address the Anarchs’ current problem of “being too slow for NBN”. Its lategame strength isn’t as great either, as it’ll get wiped with all your other stuff. It does make Djinn a hell of a lot better, though - suddenly, “tutor Medium or Nerve Agent, play, move tokens, run” starts looking decent, as far as mid- and late-game turns go.


I think IG increases trash costs of things based on something in Archives? Maybe based on the cards of the same name in archives? I dunno. Hard to tell.

Earthrise is almost certainly better than Wyldside, what with the probably lack of losing clicks to it, even if it won’t last as long. No doubt something Noise’ll be wanting.

Code Siphon looks amazing. If you can break the Ice for cheap, you save a bunch of money. But either way, it’s a more compressed Test Run, which means you’ve got 6-9 tutors in-faction now, and this one doesn’t require a follow-up card or draw/install. It does require you to be able to get into HQ, but for decks that only ran Scavenge to help Test Run, this might be super nice. I know I like the look of it. I know people keep mentioning “Oh, the Prof’ll love that” and then going “Shame no one plays him” but I’m wondering if this cycle might finally see him start putting up actual results.

Those Viruses, though. Incubator means that virus wiping will become a regular necessity even if I’m not doing much just because the risk from Medium just skyrockets when it’s had the time to sit out. Darwin and Crypsis become more playable, I suppose, also. Imp can be rejuvenated without the trash-recur pattern. Can function like Datasucker counters for a Parasite on something without you running on it. Seems pretty solid.

Ixodidae combos rather obviously with Lamprey/Vamp. Wouldn’t run it without one or both of those, but seems like it could be pretty interesting, especially if there were more ways to trigger it. Seems like there’s a good way for Noise to get in on the Siphon/Vamp fun now, with Lamprey and Ixodidae boosting not just those effects, but also trashing cards.