New Spoilers! The Spaces Between Data Pack

New Spoilers from the Lunar Cycle!

I like these. Nothing blatantly overpowering, all decent to strong in the right circumstances.

I really dig will-o-wisp. That is one less SMC/Special Order/Test Run.

From a league-mate of mine: “If you play Cerebral Static against The Professor, thus causing his deck to become illegal, is the player DQ’d from the tournament ;)?”

Will-o-wisp is some strong criminal hate. I think it will replace Bernice in my NBN deck, backed up with Ash.

Alright! Another way to piss in Noise’s eye!

The question now is, should we use up deckspace on currents in tournament-worthy decks? Their ability is too inconsistent to be relied upon since they’re easily trashed, so really it’s a convenience/aggression tool. OTOH, they’re not insignificant effects and your current trashes theirs, so really incorporating a current pulls double duty.

TL;DR: Damn it I have no deckspace for all this awesome stuff!

In addition to being awesome, Will 'o the Wisp is a wonderful card for letting you play around account siphon.


This is very relevant!!

Will of the Wisp on HQ. Siphon me? Lose a breaker and dont get as much money, haha!

Even better: Multiple Will o the Wisp on HQ!! Yes you can do that! Siphon me? Lose your rig bitch!!

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As Corp, just score an agenda to get rid of a nasty Current! In case you needed an excuse to play 3x Breaking News in TWIY*. :wink:

Somehow I missed the “until an agenda is scored/stolen”. Probably won’t play them now, deckspace is far too valuable.

The Weyland one has the potential to create really important scoring windows against fixed-strength breaker decks. It is the one that interests me the most.

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No, if the runner has a current, then the corp scoring an agenda wont kill it. Scoring an agenda removes the corp’s current. Stealing an agenda removes the runners.

If you really wanted to kill the runner’s current you could feed them an agenda. (Or better, you could play your own current).

Nooooo! I missed that Corp and Runner ones were worded differently.

You have that exactly backwards. Look at the runner current:

" … or until an agenda is scored." The corp scoring an agenda kills runner currents. The runner stealing an agenda kills corp currents. More reasons to play Breaking News in NBN and Hostile Takeover in Weyland, as if I needed more.

In non-current-related news, I’m loving Will-o-the-Wisp. I’m gonna have to find room for a couple of those. Maybe Eden Fragment, too - I’ve got a single 5/3 in my deck right now that honestly isn’t all that useful. It looks like it says to ignore the install cost of the first piece of ice installed each turn. I’d take that over the single extra meat damage from The Cleaners.

For a second I wondered if I knew you, because that was my first thought too. :smiley:

And there was much rejoicing on the moon! Probably somewhere in the vicinity of the giant letter N!

Red cards being both runner and corp is so confusing! :stuck_out_tongue: Also, the runner taking an agenda not being ‘scored’ is very confusing.

So, all currents that you play stick around until your opponent gets an agenda? So you can try to just lock them out totally with one?

Yes. Which is why corps actually are a little better at working around Currents if they are playing the 2/1s.

Right. Playing 2/1s helps you counter runner currents.

However, it also makes your currents worse, since you have more agendas.

So maybe an agenda heavy deck would avoid currents, and kill the runner’s currents with 2/1. A deck with 5/3 could play currents themself, have them last longer, and kill runner currents by playing them.

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cache is insane for noise.

cerebral static is interesting. if one particular runner power ie noise gets out of control we can never really say there is nothing we can do lol.