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Next Data Pack: Up and Over



Loving me some Reversed Accounts.

Also, looking for that Feedback Filter tutor? You got it.

I love that little console :). I spy a criminal stealth killer peeking out in the fan, too. That’ll be interesting to see.

Looks like Reversed Accounts is “the runner loses 4c per advancement token”? If so: ouch, NBN, ouch :).

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So Blue Sun.

  • Works with Eve Campaign and Adonis Campaign very well.
  • Allows you to grab your Mining Corp or other asset back to your hand to clear up space for the agenda.
  • Works well with cost reduction effects. Akitaro and Amazon Industrial Zone let’s you gain up to 5. :laughing:
  • Allows for resetting Curtain Wall.
  • Returning Enigmas to your hand after the opponent plays Yog.0 to get your investment back.
  • Any other uses?

Hey look, its the shaper console! Finally!

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  • Rez a trap, back to hand, reset for another time.
  • Knight / Parasite counter

This makes me incredibly happy.

Edit for more Blue Sun uses:

  • Oversight AI + Curtain Wall = $$$$
  • Bounce Hive after it loses value.
  • Elizabeth Mills bouncing for free allows you to remove all of your bad pub.

I think Big Ice-shuffling in general without Tenma line is pretty handy, especially with cost-reduction things.

It lets you pull upgrades from a scoring server they can get into (it’s code-gate protected and they’ve got Yogasaurus, say) and put them into one they can’t, if they couldn’t trash them first.

I think the Curtain Wall and Eve/Adonis things are the big ones. Could also work nicely with Oversight AI, but then you lose that in exchange for money. Eliza’s seems too slow – gaining X credits every other turn seems a touch on the slow side… but if you were rezzing Janus or Wotan or Curtain/Hadrian’s I could see it maybe being worth it, so long as Emergency Shutdown is out of the question.

Also, it means that you can put out big Ice and not worry about rezzing them in the wrong spot. Protect your centrals until you’re ready to score, then pull the best bits elsewhere. Aside from Emergency Shutdown or same-turn worries, you pretty much can’t rez Ice and regret it. Heck, rez something to protect an installed agenda, then take the money back for advancement and scoring. Boom, no more remote, and most of your money back.


Honestly, I’m excited to Mushin no Shin Docklands. Keeping it alive a turn to take effect might be hard, but once you do… Well, that Yog costs 8, now. Good luck with that, when everything else also costs 3 more. So much for that Resource Economy.

I mean, the card’s by far the least exciting of the fully revealed ones (Anarchs need MUs too much for a non-virus handsize increaser to make me too excited, the advance trap is an advance trap and I’m not sure taking their cash is as useful as giving them tonnes of tags). It’s still interesting.

Also, that Stealth Killer looks like a Stealth-only, pumpable Morningstar, for Sentries (which by far have the most subroutines to break). So long, Komainu. :stuck_out_tongue:


Blue Sun seems really good for a big ICE deck. Not only can you bounce that big ICE for an emergency money infusion to Scorch people out, you can easily counter Parasite, Knight, and Femme Fatale-- currently serious weaknesses of most big ICE decks. You can also use Oversight AI as a money generator, chain Elizabeth Mills (without having to play Isabel McGuire), and have near-constant Adonis and Eve Campaign.


Did they even playtest Blue Sun?

Curtain Wall. Oversight, get $14. Archive Oversight, get $14.
What the heck.


This is honestly huge. Countering Femme is a really big deal for big ice decks. I think this ID will be a blast to play, looking forward to it!

It’s been looking like the runner will have more ways of dealing with that, though. Anarchs are getting what looks like a forced-rez or no-rez run event, Emergency Shutdown makes a comeback as an all-time great (with Feint for support if BS takes off in a big way), the new Shaper identity all but WANTS you to be rezzing big Ice each turn (admittedly the Oversight AI throws a kink in that, but there’re ways around that), and you have to spend at least one click each time.

Sure, the monetary gain is huge, but if they can make you pay more to rez the ice, or do something to prevent it popping back to hand so easily… well, the gain you mention is massive, but to do it reliably you need to get your Oversights, your Archiveds, and probably a Reclamation Order or two. That’s all useful stuff, but it costs you time and cardslots. While it’s less massive, I think the benefit with Adonis and Eve is probably better, much of the time (especially with how irritating Eve is for most runners to trash).

Mushin and Docklands doesn’t work: Power counters != Advancement counters

…welp, so much for my reading comprehension. Thanks, yeah. Something seemed off, but I assumed it was the inability to rez it. Oh well.

Astrolabe is disappointing. Against a lot of decks, it will be a memchip unless you get it out on turn 1 or 2. And even then, it’s a memchip which draws you a card…

Is there any way to create synergy? There’s nothing you can do (at least in the current card pool) which incentivises the corp to create more servers…

@SneakySly and @Alexfrog you can’t take the OAI back to hand with Blue Sun, because the OAI isn’t an installed card anymore :). It becomes a condition counter.

This is going to be a great, fun, ID. I can’t believe I overlooked it in the article! Cool interactions for sure.

Crazy pack. Blue Sun is a game changer. Trade-In looks great for Shapers, though not sure what kind of hardware density out well require.

Docklands is interesting, but how many credits do you think you’ll get off it? Two clicks plus the card and install click is a lot. Astrolabe is fine; 1 mu for 1 credit and something. Whizzard might like it, since he can trash remotes cheaply. Origami seems meh. The new Criminal Killer will probably be strong with Stealth synergy.

we’re long overdue for a little powercreep, if you can even call it that.

Yes, the interaction with that and Adonis/Eve is also amazing.

Adonis becomes:

Turn 1: Lose 1 (9 left)
Turn 2: Gain 3 (6 left)
Turn 3: Gain 3 then Gain 4

Net +$9 in only 3 turns!

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