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Next Data Pack: Up and Over


Who cares? Many Shaper decks play Memchip, so “better Memchip” is quite good.


Nope. We didn’t playtest it at all.


Note that many people are claiming to have found a combo where you use Blue Sun to return Oversight AI/Bioroid Efficiency Research to hand after rezzing big ICE. This doesn’t work-- Oversight AI/Bioroid Efficiency Research are no longer cards once played, but rather counters.


I think people are saying:

  1. Oversight AI a huge piece of ice.
  2. Use Blue Sun to return the ice to hand.
  3. Gain [huge rez cost] credits.
  4. Discard Oversight AI.


Well, the release page mentions corps with fluctuating numbers of servers, and I believe there’s been express intent to change up present archetypes. So I imagine there’ll be something to help with that, at least a little.

Also, there were enough jokes about Memchip being the best shaper console that I’m glad to have it as one officially, with a little boost, even.

@Alexfrog Net of $9 there, I think, unless my math is off. Ignoring rez/blue sun gains, it triggers only three times. It’s still great, especially since you can recur it for no extra drain (of cards, etc). No longer can a runner wait for the campaign to end, safe in the knowledge that the money will eventually run dry. Now they have to trash each Adonis and Eve they see, lest your money become effectively infinite. 'S pretty sweet deal.

@Kingsley Yeah, what @peterbb said. That’s why Alexfrog specified using Archived Memories, to bring the Oversight back for use, and why I mentioned Reclamation order (to bring back your Archived Memories, or all the Oversights, as the case may be).


ah, in that case, sure. It’s a neat econ trick.



Origami didn’t work, so I doubt it


I didn’t claim that they’d all work, only that you might be able to find some cards pre-emptively stuck in the ffg directory for the cycle by using the same location syntax format as the url of the other listed cards. That would be exactly how I found the Blue Sun card. In any case, thought I’d post it here since it wasn’t linked to directly in the ffg article.


Exactly. That is a ton of credits for just one card (you keep the ice) and two actions. As they print more expensive ice, this interaction only gets stronger.


I can only imagine if there was a runner equivalent, it would be absurd:

Aesop [Anarch ID] 45/10
When your turn begins, you may return an installed card to your grip and gain credits equal to its rez cost.



Here’s a hypothetical question: You use Trade In on a Prepaid VoicePAD. Is it discounted?

Not that that is advisable, but an interesting scenario. Sahasrara explicitly states that replacing it doesn’t discount the new program but there is no such clause here.


Well, Runners just install and use. Not as easy on the Corp side. (although, the ICE repositioning thing sounds like fun.)

I think Nasir is meant to be a pseudo-compliment to this. Obviously, not as good.


I would say, ‘Yes.’, as you use it’s cred to pay for the cost of the card.


I’d agree with that. Paying for the card happens before the text on the card fires.


Wow thats nice. Kate plays Voicepad for 1. Kat uses Voicepad to play the hardware tinker card for free. Gets that $1 back from the Voicepad! Result was a 0 cost tinker for hardware!


Trashing the hardware is an additional cost though. Wouldn’t the credit cost and the trashing occur simultaneously?


How about “your turn, so you decide the order of stuff that happens simultaneously”, then?


It works, since Prepaid VoicePAD doesn’t have the explicit “you can’t use this to install over it” clause that Sahasrara does.