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Next Deluxe Expansion? *Speculation Thread *

So recently FFG announced that they are changing how they release their Deluxe Expansions. Instead of releasing them at the end of a cycle, they will be released mid cycle. They also spoiled the upcoming AGoT Deluxe but have yet to spoil the 5th and 6th Chapter packs. That got me thinking about Netrunner, are we going to see another Deluxe or was D&D the last. If so what would you want the next Deluxe to contain?


4 Deluxes is enough un-rotated stuff for new players to have to buy.


I doubt there will be another Netrunner deluxe.

Why is that?

All the factions have been covered, and the outline of rotation shown with the announcement suggest a stable number of cards that would come from a core set and four deluxe boxes.


I think they are trying to expand the cardpool for Thrones 2.0 pretty quickly–1.0 vets sometimes whine about the tiny card pool. Plus it’s probably easier to design and print cards for Thrones, since they’ve got thousands of cards from 1.0 to possibly reprint. It’s likely the policy won’t carry over into other games, I’m thinking.


I would say no more Deluxes, just mainly because the core/deluxe experience is pretty fleshed out as is… and the only other game to get to this point, and still do datapacks after, stopped at 1 per faction.

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I am hoping for a “themed” deluxe.

Perhaps focusing on one specific location like mars or Chilo, or something focused on specific key words such as sysops and characters.


I could see them doing one more, wouldn’t they have announced that D&D was the last if it was. FFG are usually good about making those kinds of announcements.

I think you read a bit to much into the announcement. It was just an example, it didn’t show how netrunner was going to be.

I don’t think they would bother with a thematic box in the flavor sense. Or at least not go out of their way to do it. The cycles we’re getting after the first two are doing that already.

I also don’t think they’d do one with a certain mechanical theme. It’s not enough cards to really push the theme through without overdoing it. They would have to release a low power-level product to make it so players didn’t feel as though they had to build a sysop deck or what have you. It seems like either a bad design idea or one laden with so many challenges as to make it not worth the effort. Again, we get mechanical theme in cycles.

I would like to see more big boxes since they are exciting and splashy and they can give a single faction enough cards to push in a new direction. These are the two limitations of datapacks. Regardless of what they’ve said or how they’ve done it with other games, if there’s the demand, I think they’ll try to make it work. They could do a box of two mini-factions for each the corp and runner. They could add a new full-fledged faction. They could introduce a sort of longer-term box rotation.

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Weyland “Because We Messed Up” Double Deluxe Box

I’d never considered before that there would be no more deluxe expansions, but it makes (sad) sense that there might not be.


If we are getting another deluxe expansion, it should be announced soon.

I’ll be pretty disappointed if there are no more large box expansions, gotta say.

I get that Thrones had one per faction, but each faction also got their own box—netrunner factions have to share, so in that sense we’ve really only seen half a deluxe per faction. CoC got one per faction plus theme deluxes.

The really nice thing that deluxes give the designers (and players!) is the ability to really push a new line of play into a faction—theoretically, with enough support to make it competitive; or, like Order and Chaos, they can extend already existing themes (Viruses and Sabotage; Advanceable ICE) enough to (try to) keep them relevant.

I’m not sure it’s worth thinking about rotation (since the announced rotation plan doesn’t help anyone), but that’s another topic.

They’re announced in the order they’re released, so we’ll get an announcement after the 6th Mumbad pack is announced… if we’re getting one. I think it’s normally after the first 2 or so packs of the cycle have come out?

I tend to think we’ll get another few deluxes, I seem to remember the sample card pool size they showed in the rotation announcement lined up roughly with that?

I think we get info about the last 2 packs in mumbad soon. But I might be a bit optimistic and/or don’t think 2 months is that long time. :wink:

According to their numbers in the presentation, we will get about 9,94545454545 deluxe expansions before the rotation hits. And never ever any more.

Yeah, just example charts, not applicable to netrunner. They will probably have different numbers of deluxes for everyone of their lcgs.

I did a graph long ago that shows how the card pool looks like after rotation. This is actually if they continue with cycle+deluxe indefinitely.

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We’re just waiting on the last one.

Hopefully some horizontal expansion like a 3 or 4 player variant. I dout they’d do it after Mumbad, but I do hope to see a core 2.0 somewhen down the line.

If they did a theme box, I’d like to see an intro to mars, maybe leading into a cycle. They could always do more boxes but have them rotate out with the rest of the cycles, but it seems unlikely.

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The only deluxe expansion I could think of is something like a “Best of the Genesis Cycle.” This would contain reprints of cards from the Genesis Cycle, so players that already are caught up don’t need to buy it, but by being a deluxe expansion it means those cards will never rotate. The Genesis Cycle was designed before rotation was planned and it feels like there are a lot of staples that would be nice to keep in the pool long term. This way those cards stick around and new players can just buy that one deluxe.

Or maybe that ruins the fun of seeing everyone panic when it rotates out. :smile:

I chatted with Lukas on this subject at Worlds and he said to me that they were planning on doing more deluxe boxes and that he’d put a suggestion forward to Damon on what the subject / theme of the next one / next series is. He said it’s up to Damon as new Lead if he takes it forward.