NISEI Selection Committee Rezzes The Board

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Committee looks great; netrunner couldn’t be in better hands. Looking forward to this.


Looking forward to hearing more details about “stuff that will need doing” now that we know who’s going to oversee it happening :slight_smile:


Fantastic! I look forward to seeing how this develops!


Meanwhile, in Europe,

…we have the Diversity Coordinator and Community Manager hailing from our continent. Isn’t that lovely?


UK decided to not be europeans.

I’d rather have people represent east or south europe aswell. Germans.
Or people from Africa, South America or Asia, should I care.
This is an native en-en-en board, seeing the world with a native en-en-en culture.

If you can’t see a biais coming in, I see one.

I see people talking about inclusivity, it will be inclusivity seen by an en culture. Different cultures have different inclusion models.

New cycle will be in UK I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

(I did not apply for any place in the board if ppl asks themselves the question).

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Do you know who did apply from the locations that you mention?

No, but did we had a list to vote from or it was all an internal and secret process ?

There was no public vote to prevent the process from becoming a popularity contest. The selection committee was formed based on their experience and standing within the community.


Sure it was not transparent. So why do you ask the question : do you have a list to prove your point ?
Then post it somewhere now the contest is over.

Transparency promotes transparency.

Providing a list of applicants would be unethical and a usage of personal data that was not agreed upon by the applicants.


What is unethical in northern europe is non-transparent processes.
See, we have different moral models.

You call it different moral models, I call it respecting European law on usage of personal data.


Why does it have to be personnal data. This is hiding yourself behind that argument.
You tell you have a list of countries so we all have to beleive NISEI couldn’t do otherwise than picking from en culture. I don’t really see what’s unethical about showing that.

male/female balance is 75/25, which is mkay, non en speaker / en speakers is 0 / 100. Sorry to be bothered about that, it is my point of view and a concern that I’m sharing.

Also, next vote, remove the names, tada, no more popularity contest.

While I can’t speak for the rest of the board, my application involved a lot of personally identifiable information that I would not have been happy to be posted publicly, and could be used to identify me making anonymisation of poll options pointless. Removing that information would have made my application become pretty much empty of verifiable claims.

There’s at least two other members of the board who would be easily identified from their achievements.


I think that this is a legitimate concern that was voiced in #future a couple of times, and from what I saw of the application forms and the process of posting every NISEI announcement in every local FB group, it was one that the selection committee recognized. I think there are skills, insights and experiences that people from different geographical/cultural backgrounds can bring to the table, and I’m sure those skills will be added to the team later on, just not in leadership positions (right now).

However, we have to recognize that the vast majority of players are from what you call “en culture” countries (US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia*), and thus it’s very much expected that most applicants and thus most or all members of the Board are from those countries. I will add to this that I tried to get lots of people in Germany to apply for leadership positions (or at least look at the role descriptions and application forms), and as far as I can tell nobody I know did. The selection committee picked the best people for the job, and while you dislike the perceived homogeneity of the Board, I think to a certain extent this is statistically inevitable given the pool of applicants and your very arbitrary definition of what makes for diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds.

I fully expect that any needs of, say, the German or French communities will be handled by translation work (which already has lots of great volunteers, for French too!) and OP efforts by local TOs (the list of lovely people you can find here: NISEI Role List - Google Sheets). This can be done regardless of the cultural/geographical background of the leadership positions.

*which I will note here are culturally and geographically diverse in themselves, but I don’t think this matters for the argument at hand


Did nobody good from non-anglo countries apply? Because, well, it is true that it is kind of dissapointing how, after all the diversity talk, every single person on the list is anglo. And you are all great people, mind, I think Holly, Jacob and everyone else are great and will do a great job.

And look, I don’t think many from Spain applied. I didn’t, I don’t have the time to be truly involved. So I know you probably had an overwhelmingly anglospeaking pool, and asked in overwhelmingly anglospeaking communities (like this one). But it is dissapointing and I think it’s fair to recognize that.


If the board is 25% female (which is NOT a problem for me), it is not a very good reason.