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Now, which is the weakest ID of runners/corps in your perspective?

Any idea is welcome. You don’t need to give your reason. Better give ID in both sides.

custom biotics is the weakest corp because the ID doesnt actually do anything but change your deckbuilding. Im gonna be controversial and mix up what you’re asking and say Val is the weakest runner ID design (even if she’s very powerful) because just a flat bad publicity is so incredibly boring

I mean… There’s definitely one ID that reaches the Apex of this discussion…

I think Engineering the Future is the weakest design, because “Gain a credit every turn” is even more boring than “Gain a credit every run”.


Runner - Khan: Savvy Skiptracer
Corp - Weyland Consortium: Because We Built It

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Weakest (and least played):
Runner: Nasir, Exile, Prof, Iain, Null.
Corp: Haarpsichord, Harishchandra, Chronos Protocol, Stronger Together, Seidr Laboratories, The Foundry.

Weakest design:
Runner: Nasir
Corp: Custom Biotics

As far as, in my personal opinion, not neccessarily too strong but generally just bad for the game:

CI. -diluting HQ critically makes runs less meaningless and also enables boring combo play.

Skorp -fun to play as but often very unfair feeling to play against. It’s a very hard counter to some ID’s and meaningless to others and the game is better when it’s not “ID rock-paper-scissors”

Gagarin - simply just not fun to play against as most ID’s. The game often goes on for a boringly long time.

419 -incomplete information is at the core of what makes the game exciting, reducing that element reduces the joy of the game in many (but not all) match ups.

Wu - Maybe not as bad as the previous ID’s but tends to cater to the least fun sort of combos.

I think most other ID’s are brilliantly designed and the diversity of original ID’s that can create so many different flavors of games is the soul of what makes Netrunner so fun. All the NBN ID’s especially are so brilliantly designed.

ITT: calling whatever id you don’t like bad design even if it opens new playstyles or interesting play decisions.

Weakest runner: khan, maybe one of the other do nothing criminals like iain, nero, fisk or sil.

Weakest corp: st, bwbi or chronos project. All require suboptimal cards to do anything.


Now that we have the full cardpool, Professor no longer has the excuse that maybe he’d get better with more programs in the card pool. He’s the Custom Biotics of runners.

And for Corps, the worst ID after rotation is Custom Biotics. Before, it was a close race between that and TWIY*.

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Surely you mean Because We Built It. TWIY was pretty solid early completely based on the fact it was a 40 card NBN ID.
I’d agree with @SamRS Strong Together, and Because we Built It are probably 2 of the weakest corp IDs in the game. You can at least run a HHN/Boom package with inf to spare out of Custom Biotics.

Also, I’d argue Nasir is worse than the professor post rotation (with no workshop) and possibly even before rotation because he actively harms you in most cases.


Yeah TWIY* was a real powerhouse in the days before NEH and every other NBN ID that doesn’t begin with an H.


I’d like to call on NIESI card designers to bring a ton of support for Nasir in the first fanspansion.

The people are ready.


Little surprised not see more Fisk discussion. It’s an ID so bad it actively helps the opponent most of the time. I’d say Harmony Medtech on the corp side except I’ve actually seen good Medtech decks. Maybe Cybernetics Division? I’ve see a lot of people try to make brain damage.dec & then lose to HQ accesses.


At its best, TWIY was a Scorch deck that sacrificed consistent kills for speed of combo. (Essentially, Making News could do the same thing but be two credits ahead of TWIY, while TWIY was 5 cards deeper into its deck.)

That’s why NEH pushed it entirely out of the meta, since it was just as fast or faster, had more influence, and could use assets to make up the money advantage that MN had.

I did forget about BWBI, though. I’ve actually tried to play that ID, though. So slow. Funny that the only Genesis ID that was good was the Jinteki one.

I think the best version of TWIY* was the 40-card astro rush deck. It’s definitely the best version if your criterion is most ragequits.


I had the most fun with the Psycho Beale Version.

Back to the main topic, all the worst runners are the ones with influence handicaps. The only one that remotely justifies the influence penalty is Kit, and I still think she got hit a little too hard. Iain’s ability is only on if you’re losing and Khan wouldn’t be good if she had 20 influence.

Corp side the worst is NEXT Design with a bad mull.

Professor has only one influence, that means he ‘wins’ right? :smiley:

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I used to run a Professor deck that had something like 50 influence worth of programs and it was actually really good…

It also had Sifr, Parasite and Clone Chip :rofl:

Whizzard, though?

I meant Corp ID… Andromeda is also unmistakably good, and CT/Reina at least were interesting.