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NRDB in Review ┻━┻︵ \(°□°)/ ︵ ┻━┻ *9-9-16


Hey Fox,

I have no plans to the cover them, they were all good decks though that’s true. Bblum, Nobo, and Spags are players you can trust to give you a good decklist.


The moaning about rubbish decklists is kind of self defeating though. The more sarcastic and bitter you get; the stronger my urge to hand out likes to the nerdbaitiest junk I can find.


CTZ_ UNDEFEATED didn’t look immune from criticism to me - or at least, an explanation for it would be good. How does the credit denial side work without a glacier? How do you tag if they just take the negative points from news team?


Honestly, however much @Chill84 may disagree with me, I think the PsychBiotics version is far better than CTZ. I could go on and on about this, but basically my reasoning is that any runner economy that is worth playing can recover quickly (besides maybe Proco, another reason to don’t play it) while not every deck can put on the pressure needed in the early game against PsychBiotics without going tag me. Also, if your opponent is able to remote lock you, it’s hard to open up scoring windows with your leaky ice. At least with PsychBiotics, you have a plan to score out with.


The absolute worst part of this deck is 2 medicals in a 54 card deck.
54 deck ? No Medicals, end of story.


I resemble that remark. (my ‘egotistical writeup’ was a send-up of others on the site)


“Erybody else doin it” -s.pogs


We’re pretty gangster ourselves.


These decks confuse me.

I respect that people like the Leela power turn. I play blue, I like the Leela power turn. Building your whole deck around it is a bad idea. You have to have real win conditions. Bouncing cards around can help you win games, but it’s not going to make agendas magically appear in your score area.

Desperado is on the MWL for a reason.


Tru dat. That’s why it’s better out of Fisk XD


To be fair, this deck would be great against NEH FA as the author states. It’s less about a power turn and more about hating on an archetype.


Yeah, dude did a good job predicting his meta, I think it’s unfair to criticise that. Especially things like data dealer which is a good card if 50%+ of your opponents are packing news teams.

Lack of card draw and reliance on armitage is sad though. The only good use of armitage is to hide credits from drug dealers and closed accounts.


I was hoping you’d get to review that AI-generated deck


I’d been trying for a while to get Gang Sign Leela to work; hadn’t tried the Turntable version specifically, though.

I agree with the assessment; it always feels like I’m one step behind them. Having played a similar type of Leela before, I think this is a bad place to be and where a lot of decks naturally go to when trying to leverage Leela’s ability. If you wait for Corp to score before doing something, they’ve still scored.

I am curious why you left influence available with your changes at the end… Took out a Turntable but didn’t put anything in that needed influence?


@Chill84, this is an entirely reasonably deck and an entirely reasonable writeup about said deck. Do you believe you can still find success in a post this-is-just-a-bullshit-pile-of-cards world?

Just kidding there buddy, I’m sure there will be another stinker there waiting for you next week.


I played with similar idea before,against NBN it shines,but shines in a way just like the old-fashioned Cerberus Leela;against Glacier player,unless they are new player or serious flooded,they don’t care about your alternative legwork;against PE,they love your alternative legwork so much.
Though Gang Sign in Leela is never a bad idea,and the author was right about FIS.This is a deck that would be a beast in a meta full of NBN,and basically your just lose to other decks.


I wanted to free up influence for you guys to customize your rigs. If I keep tuning it past the part where I try to improve the draw and econ it starts to look like a different deck, that’s why my conclusion is to just put 1 turntable in DLR leela.


Against NEH, I think you’ll find one is too slow or too hit n miss IMO. It’s not that painful finding inf for the second.


The Professor won a Store champ! And it is nerdbear of the week!

I took that deck out for a spin on Jinteki, and it is actually deceptively strong. Very similar to today’s Hayley builds. And the 1x of each program never really seemed to matter.


I heared Chill did review the spam deck, but fell asleep watching the cricket…:wink: