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NRDB in Review ┻━┻︵ \(°□°)/ ︵ ┻━┻ *9-9-16


What was the thinking behind taking Noise with only 3 viruses? Head-faking the corp?


Good players tend to play differently vs Noise. Also, 3 mills is still 3 mills. Ed Kim or Wizzard might’ve been a better choice, but I had said I wouldn’t bring Whiz to the third Store tournament and honestly Ed probably wouldn’t have been that great because of the way the deck plays.

Edit: decklist for those that are intrigued:


I watched a video of you playing and winning a match, I was rather inspired!

Though there are few similarities, your list was the inspiration for my MaxX deck:

I though MaxX would be a better fit for a deck with so many events. I want to use Power to the People, but I’m not confident enough to use it yet.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Honestly pttp works pretty well in the deck. The only time I played it and it didn’t pay off was in the finals when I ran HQ four times and didn’t see the one card that was the agenda (out of three cards after using Imp on the fourth card), which was somewhat unlucky.


Is there a significance to the entire contents of Moby Dick being posted into the comments section of the current DotW ?



I see an IG deck with a Samurai Jack gif. Did I miss the Moby Dick deck making DotW?


It’s in the comments section by chill84, not the deck creator


Pitchforks and apocalypses waving in the air


Not the entire contents – he’s missing all the fun whale trivia/legends/apocrypha from the beginning of the book.


When know there’s no character limit and you get the itch to shitpost what better shitpost is there than one of the greatest books ever written.


Ah, thanks.


Total shit move to spam netrunnerdb like that. If you have issues with the meta right now, take a break instead of trolling other people.


personally, I thought it was hilarious. Very appropriate for how that deck makes me feel :smiley: also,
Hi, nice to meet you. I’m your keyboard’s end key! I make long pages a breeze to scroll by! Why complain about a long joke post when we can scroll by it instantly without even having to look at it? Do you hate me for some reason? I’m just an inanimate key!


Hah! I suspect the whole point was to End the discussion like Heimdall 2.0 ends the run and these deck archetypes end the fun :slight_smile:


respect where it’s due, this IG one at least is the first of its kind I think to be truly “good,” in that the cards in it actually create a win condition; the NEH ones being merely accidentally good b/c astroscript, and the gagarin lists being primarily win-by-tilt rage generators without much actual win condition (except maybe against shapers who lack switchblade/shrike/faerie.parasite to deal with tour guide?)


Ha, true…there is no clicking through that comment without your run getting ended. I haven’t actually played against an IG deck yet, so figured I’d ask. Though I assumed it was something along the lines of

This deck style is infuriating:
└> end the discussion
└> end the discussion
└> end the discussion

I think I’m going to have to sleeve up this DotW and ask my regular opponent to run it just so I can see for myself what it’s like to play against.


I spent a nice 50 minutes looking out the window during a silly museum spam game where I didn’t draw cards in the right order to win whilst waiting for my opponent to either make a huge mistake or finish winning. It feels like this:

how I usually look vs. these


I had a similar experience. I was in agonizing pain for 50 minutes, I thought I was up against museum spam, but it turns out I was just sitting on my testicles again. Its quite easy to get those mixed up though, no one can fault me there.


I played against these IG deck and for the first time Netrunner taught me that real life is much better and we could do something meaningful to help the poor people in this world.I don’t know if it is because Netrunner is a game full of philosophy idea and political reference or I just keep getting f***ed by Bio-ethics and Museum of History made me cry.