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NRDB in Review ┻━┻︵ \(°□°)/ ︵ ┻━┻ *9-9-16


I think… I think you may wish to seek professional help :wink: – this is a netrunner forum, but we might have a qualified medical professional around :slight_smile:


I can get Asklepios over from the Conquest forums to help. :wink:


I have an out-of-date First Aid/Health and Safety in the Workplace certificate. Not sure if that counts. If I remember rightly, the preferred option is to take measures to avoid any incident happening in the first place. In this case I think it must mean removing the testicles…


I’m not a doctor, nor do I even play one on TV and its been a long time since I last stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, but… this sounds right to me. I think this is what the Jinteki HMO calls “preventative medicine”?


Very close, but the preferred phrasing is “Punitive Medicine”


Instructions unclear; now stuck in IG match.


Funny thing is that I never have played IG Museum decks. Just lucky I guess. Either that or I don’t have testicles…


Just managed to mill IG Museum with Keyhole Leela, Great feeling :slight_smile:


Keyhole vs Museum spam?

Do you still hear the shuffling in your dreams?


I expect FFG to start selling auto shufflers any day now…


I will just leave this here. Also, secret tech. Noise with an archives interface and imps destroys my deck. I know because I play noise.


I played the saddest game of Netrunner with Oracle Express Ken Tenma deck (Torch, Garrote, Corroder, 3x Oracle May, and 39 Events).

I was against an IG deck.

I relentlessly checked his remotes and kept Archives clear, since I can afford to just take whatever hits come to me since my entire deck is relatively replaceable. When he got down to 10 cards remaining and neither of us had any points, I looked down at the playset of cards in my hand and smiled for the first and only time upon reading the card: Fisk Investment Seminar.

That is the story of how I milled a 54 IG deck with Ken Tenma, with neither of us scoring any points. This was pre-Museum, though.


Is your Noise deck running inject or IHW? I can still see the inject Noises getting killed by IG with a decent damage turn. He cant trash stuff you don’t rez for the risk of hitting PF or Snare!


You have to run IHW if you expect I

Also: “Archives Interface: It’s Not Really Dumb Anymore” :wink:

WTB Runner Chronos Project :slight_smile:


I tried that at my regionals. 1st Net damage was Archives Interface. 1st Street Peddler came with 2x Deja Vu.

Did I mention the corp opened with a turn 1 Cerebral Static?

I was able to stay in the game, but I got dumb and killed my Levy. with unnecessary net damage.


[quote=“CodeMarvelous, post:506, topic:5589, full:true”]Also, secret tech. Noise with an archives interface and imps destroys my deck.

secret tech


I’m in the process of sitting on my testicles now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sssssssh. It’s a secret to everyone. :cake:

Don’t dooooo it! I thought we clearly established this was not the correct approach to netrunner!


I have a Deus X installed, so nothing is happening.

Edit: Deus X and a Clone Chip.

Edit: I conceded after he landed a Chronos Project.


Ooh, bad call. Deus X stops net damage; I’m sure testicle compression is meat damage.

(And in relation to your game, if your opponent landed a Chronos Project obviously something was happening! Just not on your side apparently.)