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Official Breaker Bay datapack preview / Hayley Kaplan

For those of you that like official spoilers, here’s the second SanSan pack article: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=5237

To me, the big news is Hayley:


Plus Beach Party is just funny as a pre-party to Duggar’s, all the way up there on the moon…

Here’s the rest:


beach party

game day


Rules questions time! Replicator + Haley. It’s my turn, I trigger my actions in the order of my choice? So drop a hardware, activate replicator, then use Haley to install second copy?


Glad they spoiled her. She’s sick. Her console is sick. I’m getting sick just thinking about having to wait to play her.


THAT CONSOLE. THAT RUNNER. Those damn kids and their TURBO-SPEED LIFESTYLE. Install double Chameleons with 1 click, breaking any two ice types of your choice. Install Comet. Indexing then immediately Maker’s Eye. Use the last click to, I dunno, laugh maniacally?


I love how Whizzard’s Power Glove is now fully realized as a console.


Hayley and Comet both have a strong effect and should see play (Comet should slot right into Pre-paid Kate archetypes for example).

Game Day is a strong effect but really needs to be built around, but might see play.

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I must say that I’m absolutely, terribly frightened by a Jinteki operation that has an X on the cost.


Shaper Big Hand decks will be interesting. Maybe splashing in 1 Ekomind and using Trade In to find it? Great support for Sage.

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It’s a simple Recruiting Trip. How dangerous can that be?


I thought this as well at first, but actually I don’t think pre-paid decks want comet. Pre-paid decks want to play exactly 1 event a turn, to get maximum benefit out of the recurring credits, whereas comet wants you to play multiple events a turn, so I think this might actually be an anti-synergy.


Jinteki has a very interesting definition of “recruiting,” if the Tallie Perrault/Caprice Nisei novel is any indication. I have a feeling they’re going to trash your Connections by buying them right out from under you (keeping with the Connections theme in this pack as well).


Be everywhere at once! Donate your DNA to become a new clone army TODAY!


"Hey, you want to tour our NEW facility? I’m sure you do…

We’ve made it even bigger and better, specifically for you! The last guy didn’t even get HALF this amount of fun!"



Any anti-synergy with Pre-paid is likely to be reversed by how well Comet synergises with a large number of events. Especially in a deck that runs 9+ economy events.

I wonder if Hayley is what The Collective turned into after it lost the Plugged In Tour vote? The theme seems slimilar. She might even be more broken than The Collective was, as she has no deck-building restriction and can very easily be taking 6 click turns plus one in the Corp’s turn. Pretty sick!


Even if there is no decksize/influence restriction there are some other restrictions in her deckbuilding.
Will be interesting to see how much carddraw and how many of each type that you need to include to reliably trigger her effect.

Game Day, looks like a playable Shaper Double (though still maybe a little awkward). Hi Power Nap, been waiting for this moment.

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^^ What @MasterAir said.

The Chaos Theory Oracle May events deck likes to see new green doubles. Comet would be nice also, but it’s hardware. Maybe if there’s an influence free way to recur hardware it would be a good include.


This. I don’t think it’s worth a deckslot in Prepaid Kate.

Comet could be okay in the all-event oracle may deck, but it’s not an event itself, which is kind of annoying. Still, if you’re just playing a million events a turn, it could be pretty good there.