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OFFICIAL PSI games discussion thread

Hey guys!

Just registered to say thanks to everybody involved in this tournament, it was great and fun, and all my rivals were good! (again, sorry spags for that stimhack glory run win :frowning: )

As I have not seen any “welcome” thread, I’m a spanish player who has been lurking the site for long and finally decided to register in.

Gz to @vinegarymink for winning! Hope to see you again at worlds :smile:


Just double checked, I literally only faced Kate and NEH all day. @kookoobah was on Haarp but I dodged his Corp.

I’d really appreciate it if the organisers could just publish the document with all of the decklists.


Psymon, buddy of mine, was on noise but you dodged his runner also.

As was @Warpstoned

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If I had won against @kookoobah you had faced my haarp :smile:

(by the way, I feel my english grammar is horrible, apologies in advance)

This would be great any chance we can get this on Acco @beal2912

This should help http://challonge.com/thePSIgames/standings


Wait for the sun to rise at the other side of the pond m8.

Yes, all two decklists should be published please!


This should cover it:



Even though I agree that many Kate decks are similar enough (econ/draw differs mainly on procon vs quality time, breakers differ on decoders), the NEH decks weren’t really all the same. There’s a couple flavors of butchershop (24/7 or not) and FA (Turtlesponsors and more traditional Astrobiotics) as well as hybrids. Playing against those decks is also quite different, IMHO. In fact, I was very close to losing the game on stream beause I had identified the jdeng’s deck as an FA deck (based on Fast Track and SfSS) but it also had Scorches and TAs. I’d be very interested in seeing how the different NEH archetypes are represented.



thanks to Dan for providing the files, I started to add the decklists here: http://www.acoo.net/anr-tournament/760/the-psi-games/



you da man.

Link broke. this works http://www.acoo.net/anr-tournament/760/the-psi-games/

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Anyone has a pic of the NEH Acrylic ID (or something) prize for the top 8? I would really like to get hold on one of these :).

I can find pics of the Wooden Id but not of this one.


I’m pretty sure nobody has seen it yet. It’s ‘coming soon’.

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I might write a report about this event at some point if people want one, if only to credit my friend making me dinner during the event. I forgot to mention her on stream.


“Only 3h break, phone friend to make dinner”

Grats on winnig man! I’d love a report!


I don’t know if it’s the state of the game or my appreciation of it that has changed, but @vinegarymink’s NEH piloting was really precise during the PSI games. It’s well worth trying to watch his games. NEH vs Kate is interesting at the moment, but some of those were really good games.


Man I love the 2x Bernice Mai, 3x CVS in Warpstoned’s NEH: installing bait all day long.

I do wish that that was the deck I brought. But alas it wasn’t.

I loaded the un-updated deck into my OCTGN first and second game. Then nearly shat myself seeing the biotic labor game 3. I contacted Dan, and he gave the go ahead to just keep playing the same deck and send in the decklist to him. Stellar sport that guy.

Anyways, it seems it didnt go a along to acoo.

This is the deck I played for reference;

-1 Scorch, -2 Bernice, -1 Raven, +1 Biotic, +1 Fast Track, +1 Pop up, +1 DBS

I am terribly sorry about the mishap.

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It’s updated on acoo thanks