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Official Rules Question Thread


Does that mean that you will never get a counter from Quest Completed?


don’t you get counters when accessing using Gang Sign?


Might be more precise to say that the access step of a run always counts as accessing cards, even if no cards are accessed due to Eater, an empty server, or some other reason. Other forms of access, then, also count as accessing cards.

Though I don’t know whether Gang Sign adds a counter if HQ is empty.


Can SMC be used to install a card on London Library?


No, because London Library can only host cards under the specific interaction that lets you host cards on it. There was a whole fun kerfuffle back in the day with Film Critic that lead to this ruling.


Just to make sure I understand, cards that can “host a program” but don’t have a specific trigger for doing so, like [[dhegdeer]] and [[dinosaurus]] can host programs installed by SMC, yes?




White Nile has been spoiled, and I seek an answer to the burning question about Kabonesa Wu.

Can you use her ability to install a program from your stack, play ‘Scavenge’, scavenge the program you just fetched to re-install itself, and then have it stick around at the end of the turn?


I would expect the ruling with Wu and Scavenge to be the same ruling as Test Run and scavenge since the wording “is still installed” is used on Test Run and Wu.


Can you use Paricia to pay for Salsette Slums? I expect no because of the errata.




As Nick said. But, there’s no need for a new ruling, since it’s already covered in the Rules Reference (and FAQ):

Whenever an installed card enters HQ, R&D, Archives; the Runner’s grip, stack, or heap; either player’s score area; or is removed from the game, the card has been “uninstalled”.
If a piece of ice is uninstalled during an approach or encounter with that piece of ice, then the ice is immediately passed and the run continues after any currently open paid ability window closes.
If the last card installed in or protecting a remote server is uninstalled, then the server immediately ceases to exist.
Whenever a card is uninstalled, there is no memory of its previous state and it is considered to be a new copy of the card.
(RR1.0, p. 24, emphasis mine)

There might still be a UFAQ if it’s a frequent question.


Where does the card installed by Bioroid Work Crew come from?

I have assumed it comes from HQ, but Advanced Assembly Lines and many other cards make a point to specify that the card comes from HQ, so it seems odd that it is left unspecified.

Pack 6 spoiler:

I am assuming that the answer for Bioroid Work Crew would also apply to the recently spoiled Jinteki ID Mti Mwekundu.


At first I was going to say that without a specification, I imagine it could come from anywhere… but then you have a serious problem if you install from R&D… Even if that was the intention, you would install without a shuffle.


I’m having a hard time imagining it coming from anywhere but HQ. I mean, let’s get real here. Diesel says “Draw 3 cards,” and doesn’t specify that it must come from the Stack, yet somehow no one has asked “but why can’t I draw from my heap instead?” You draw from the Stack/R&D unless otherwise specified. You install from your grip/HQ unless otherwise specified. The fact that most cards allowing you installs specifying “from HQ” up until now I think is over-explanation.


I agree, the answer is it is silly to come from anywhere other than HQ.

Nonetheless, people argue about other cards that don’t specifically specify a location for a card to be installed from, so I’d just like a blanket ruling that clarifies “installed cards come from grip/HQ, unless otherwise specified”


It looks like the oldest cards that install other cards from unspecified locations are Modded and Shipment from MirrorMorph, so if such a ruling were to be made, I think I’d expect it to be attached to one of them.

On the other hand, they’re both original core set cards, so if it hasn’t been an actual issue yet, I’m not at all convinced that a ruling is necessary. But perhaps I’ve just missed the other arguments you’re referring to.


Notice that the rulebook itself doesn’t specify that cards installed through click have to be from HQ/grip.

Maybe we’re on the verge to play Netrunner a totally new way…


Second paragraph under “Install” in the Rules Reference:

During the Corp’s action phase, they can spend [click] to install a single ice, agenda, asset, or upgrade from HQ. During the Runner’s action phase, they can spend [click] to install a single program, hardware, or resource from their grip. Card abilities can also initiate install effects.

It’s true that the lists of actions under “Action Phase” are less specific, though.


Ah, these pesky rule references !