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[OFFICIAL] SSCI Banter Thread

shame that would be a great game.

NO thanks to you. Stupidly excited considering im not.

Oh yeah… oops. Unintentional burn! :smiley:

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Paranoid vs SamRS :o


SOOOO early… at least here in CA. Although netrunner in my PJs could become a real thing.

Cat Napping on LightBox:

0$ -

At the beginning of each turn, draw a card
You cannot run… ever…

“Mom, he’s laying on the keys again!”

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Yeah, as a fellow West-Coaster, like hell I’m putting on pants for the first 3 rounds.


4 PM in most of Europe. Wouldn’t wanna be playing this as a Russian or Greek person :confused:

Just curious if we can keep a thread just for official announcements/notifications? This is already getting quite a lot of junk(no offense guys)


Where is this getting streamed?

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Sorry… :frowning:

I will say as an official announcement that it is both objectively early, and the cat likes my compy. That is all.

people are already making games… did i miss official pairings post?

boy oh boy, banter? It’s 11.30pm here, will see how many rounds I last…

They shouldn’t be, pairings are not official yet.

Edit: 30 seconds later… Now they are.

I wonder if we’ll crash OCTGN before the day is up.

Mediohxcore: is posting in the thread, round starts at 10:05 officially and ends at 11:20 but you can head start.

they are now

oh what the hell I play calimsha r1? why…

EDIT: Nvm it changed again…

So, so psyched for this. GLHF everyone!

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I almost played Xenasis, so I was all but praying for a re-pair.

I was going to be playing Timmy until it changed. whew