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[OFFICIAL] SSCI Banter Thread

Anyone else having trouble joining games??

Sorry probably answered before but who chooses corp/runner?

If it’s like the Qualifier (I don’t see why it would change), top player hosts the game and chooses sides.

It’s probably too late, but I vote @tmoiynmwg and @Calimsha for featured match under the latest pairings, holy cow.

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wtf re-pair after people are already starting?!?!

hm… We’re not allowed to spectate games in OCTGN?

best not to, it was asked of people to not allow spectators, which is fair enough

I believe it was an automatic repairing done by challonge because we had last minute drops occur. Sorry everyone for the inconvenience, it won’t happen again.

For what it’s worth, I have not observed any change to the pairings since Mediohxcore’s round start post in the official thread. The final change occurred after I posted “They shouldn’t be, pairings are not official yet.” 23 minutes ago and before I edited that same post to “Now they are.” The people that started prior to that jumped the gun and got in games with the wrong opponent.

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mm with all that time I guess I’ll go watch mtg pro tour…

I started after that, when they were official, waited few minutes, my opponent made a game and then i got whispered after playing for 10 minutes that I am playing with someone else :smile:
Luckily the second match was fast so all is well.

My idiotic decision to play Next Design and trigger ABT immediately betrayed me.

ABT always fails you when it is the most mathematically safe.

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Holy crap Calimsha vs. Timmy, wish I could spectate


did Timmy ever post what decks he was going to play? some of the suggestions were pretty bad/good.

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We should make a countdown link to end of round


Sorry, missing something very obvious here, but what is the URL to the match-report thread/form ? Thanks.



@BJester - Make sure your son gets sick and leave him to her to care for - seems to be working fine so far, ask me after 4 more rounds though.


Is this pre or post divorce? :smiley: