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[OFFICIAL] SSCI Banter Thread

For all of your SSCI related banter, shit talking, and whatever else.

For announcements and more see:

Too the stream live go to: http://www.twitch.tv/stimhacked

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So many players…

As competitive as “worlds”? Even more so? /discuss


Well, I’m not playing so it can’t be that hard.


From our first post-Clot tournament, it should be noted that there was a lot of parity. Fourteen people had a third place person at 6-4 after five rounds. Plenty of splits to be had. It’ll be interesting to see if that’ll happen in this tournament, especially since most of us in the SMC tournament know each other person and the types of decks they play quite well.

hooooooooooooly sh* @bblum versus @Matuszczak round 1… that’s my vote for feature match

that or @dashakan versus @Paranoid


Presumably pairings will change if anyone else submits decklists, but for now I agree that bblum should get feature match round 1. At least we’ll get a see a game of his where he (probably) won’t be playing ITD that way.

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These are not official pairings. I will make an announcement tomorrow morning when they are official.


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But damn those matchups would have been sweet. This is such a sweet tournament guys. D:


Sadface :frowning:

Countdown again. :smile:



sent off my decklist, sorry for any issues caused.

How many rounds of Swiss is this?

7 Rounds of Swiss. The tournament manager on Challonge might be forcing 8 on us but we will not be playing 8 before cutting to top 16; we will play 7 and then we will call it.

badwammerjammer vs erinrockabitch sounds epic

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badwammer dropped out

I’m not on the list but I signed up, sent you my decklists already.

youre good

I vote @groober Vs. @JohnnyCreations first feature match!


Pairings are not yet final, but if they end up like this I’d be going with @mtgred vs @DJhedgehog.

People are last minute dropping. I’ll post here when we’re sure they’re final.

The matchups are changing a lot, I’ve seen my name paired against 3 different people today only.