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Please post your OCTGN username in this thread if at any time you would like to drop from the tournament. Please do not post in this thread for any other reason than to drop.

[OFFICIAL] Stimhack Store Champions Invitational Event Thread




As much as it saddens me, working 32 hours in a row and being in Europe, I don’t think I will manage to attend.

Have fun! I hope I’ll get a chance to play at regionals :wink:

PS (post has to be at least 10 characters long, or it won’t submit)


Ussgordoncaptain sadly I can’t sleep enought before the tournament :frowning: and I have to play in I’m not yelling bracket tommorow



Unfortunately something came up and I will not be able to attend the tournament. :confused:

I wish you lots of fun and thanks for organizing it.



Apologies for the last minute notification but can’t do much about getting sick.


SneakyBookshelf here, dropping due to shit connection, my first round opponent was Nobo715, so make sure he gets the first round win!


Gotta drop. Had some personal stuff come up. Thanks for the games!


Dropping: sydwys8


drop Elthane


Drop: Akalic


Reposting for Linger from the other thread

Drop: Linger


Dropping: BrandonPHX

Internet issues :frowning:


drop - ravlin


Drop - The Briarfox


Drop - IceRay42


Drop - DJhedgehog



Life has gotten in the way unfortunately

Big thanks to all who have worked to put on this amazing event.


I would like to keep on the tournament, but can’t; thanks to everyone anyway :smile:


tf34 dropping the tournament