[OFFICIAL] Ssci lcq official information thread

It went through.

Whats the tie breaker in this? SOS guess? Buchholz is in the table which is slightly different.

Some kind of strength of schedule that Challonge uses.

@SneakySly me and ussgordon just played out the set, the first game ended fast enough. go by our results, and ignore the penalty for showing late please

The standings look a bit funny. It looks like set wins were designed to track prestige, but only Zouavez’s match has been properly recorded, if that’s the case.

I got a first round bye due to a no show

Sounds fine to me, will do!

Same, mine was a no show as well.

Woops, I was doing it wrong. Fixing now, thanks!

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I was asking previously because the match shows as a 0 - 0 win for me when it was a 2-2 split.

ok its fixed now

edit - been back, all good

Hmmm. Still trying to figure out how Challonge is running things, bear with me. :smiley:

@SneakySly It appears my match with podoboyz99 is recorded as a match win for him and match loss for me, despite being a split. I don’t know if this is something you have control of on the match reporting side of things in Challonge or not. The same is also true for rembrandt and Necroforte’s match (the only other split at this point).

At first glance, it doesn’t really matter and is not an issue, because the standings are sorted by Prestige (which is now correct), and then Strength of Schedule. It might be an issue at the end of the tournament though, as match W/L appears to be the third tiebreaker for players tied on prestige and strength of schedule.

My match never happened FYI, ruby_fell never showed.

It doesn’t matter.

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when does the next round start exactly?


@false_idol VS HI IMPACT


Seems odd I keep getting paired so far down?

the bye is why

i can not find me in the pairings? OCTGN: leonce