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Official Stimhack Mentor Program Tournament

I’m happy to announce that we will be having a Mentor Program Tournament at some point. Date has yet to be determined, I will talk to some people and try and get a good one.

The basic idea of the tournament is that the Mentee will be physically piloting the tournament while the Mentor guides over the shoulder, much like many of you would do during your training sessions. The structure will be like 4? rounds of Swiss depending on how many join, with most likely no cut unless we get a lot.

Sign up with your name and your mentor/mentee’s name at the link below. For those of you that we paired up that were equal skill level, just pick one of you to be the mentor/mentee.


We’ll use jinteki.net to play because it’s accessible for all. One match per round will be streamed on the Stimhack Twitch with commentary by me and someone who is yet to be chosen. I’ll probably try and create some sort of group to disseminate information closer to the tournament.

If you have any questions please let me know, I’m sure I left something out but can’t think of it after 2 days of thinking.


Alright, after 1 week we only have 1 pair signed up. If you’re interested in participating, please go ahead and sign up now. I don’t think it’d be much use to run the tournament with less than 8 pairs signed up. Should be fun!

As I said on Slack, any other day than the 12th works for me. Not trying to be rude into moving the date for just one person, but might have been a bit short notice for most.

Can you confirm that you got my registration? I’m struggling to believe that we’re the on;y pair who have entered.

Yeah I’m down for moving it until whenever. The idea for the original date was as it was because a little bird told me that there’s going to be another major stimhack tournament on the 26th which I’d need to avoid. We can push it till April. I guess I probably should have been clearer about that in my OP :slight_smile:

Yeah Mendax and Emmy are the only two signed up.

I’ll sign up right now!

That’s strange I signed up the other day

I’ve sent in another registration for the two of us

Are you saying you can make It on the 12th now or you signed up for if we move it?

Me and my mentee might have an interest in it, but we need to confirm if the date is an option. I’ll let you know.

I still can’t make the 12th :confused: but signed up so you can keep track how many people are interested. Sorry for the confusion