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Official StimHack OCTGN League: Coming Soon

The awesome @Nordrunner and I are working on setting up a special StimHack OCTGN league that should be ready to start within the next week or so. I will even be throwing in some prizes for whoever comes out on top!

Nordrunner will be posting up the rules and signup info soon. In the mean time, if you are interested in participating, please make a post here so that we can get an idea of how much interest there is.

UPDATE: Go here to see rules and more information:


Definitely interested.

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Given the discussion in this thread, I suspect there will be lots of interest!

Yay :slight_smile:

Being able to have to meaningful competition on OCTGN instead of just playing randos is going to be so great.

edit: I am interested, in case that was not clear

Yes, I am in. …20 characters yet?

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I’m interested! It’s gonna be cool.

I am definitely in. =)

Better get OCTGN updated again, huh… (yeah, in).

Definitely interested. Y’all need someone to kick around, and I need more experience playing against good people. Seems win-win. More or less.

I’m interested if the rules allow for people who don’t have that much time to play (20 characters yet?). (oh I’m in the UK as well, but tend only to be able to play at really random times)

definitely interested

I’ll happily join and fight for last place.

One issue I want to adress: will there be an European and US league?

Because you guys are 6 hours and 400 years behind us Europeans :wink:

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I’m in too. Count me in.

I’m interested. It’ll be nice to have a natural filter for OCTGN to play against.

How to yes in 20 chars, in UK also.

Yup I’d be into that as well

+1 (lorem ipsum dolor sit amet)

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I’m interested, I’m also in the UK so games at convenient times for Europeans would be good.

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Also interested and in the UK

I’m in for 20 characters