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Official StimHack OCTGN League: Coming Soon

Jack-in for 20 characters

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I guess I’m interested. After all, someone has to be dead last. :smiley:

Having played Twilight Struggle in a Euro-heavy league, I know this is tough outside of the weekends. Perhaps we could have a Euro division, and a N./S. America one, with the winners colliding for the WURLD CHAMMPEEONCHIP!


Count me interested. I’m in the US, but sometimes have odd hours that might align with different time zones.

Also interested! 20 chars ftw

Definitely in. Like I said on FB, let me know if/how I can help!

The finals on a ship, in the middle of the Atlantic :wink:

I see there is enough interest from both sides of the big pond and Certainly in weekends some late or early play could be possible.


I am so definitely in.

The winner of that then gets to play Death.


Interested, east coast US. It’ll be great to have visible rankings and a more competitive environment than random octgn matches.

Please don’t make this a mandatory thing. I’ll happily mess up my sleep schedule to measure up against some of you Yanks - just because my internets are too low-bandwidth to stream doesn’t matter I wouldn’t like a chance to kick your behinds some :smiley:

I am interested, but would like to know more about the scheduling involved.

Interested, East Coast Canada.

It’d be cool to take a worldmap and show where everyone who participates is located*

*No tags involved of course

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Interested as well, depending on how flexible it will turn out to play matches of course. I’m from Belgium btw.

Obv in, Obv in, Obv in.

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Definitely interested and UK here.

As a 5:1 favorite, you have to be in.


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