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Official Stimhack OCTGN League PART V

Thank you for all the effort you put into it! SHL was the thing that pushed me to start traveling IRL competitively and really let me consolidate and hone my craft, and meet the many of the best players from around the world. So, thank you.


i’m really sorry to hear that, but i do understand

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Anything complicated about running it?

I check the forums daily now… if its nothing too intense beyond responding to issues players have in a timely manner, I can pick up the torch.

Give me a run down of what to expect and I can do, unless someone else already volunteered to.


The setting is there. You can copy and paste. The “difficulty” lies in handling situations: bad behaviour of players, bad luck, people convinced of their own judgement etc. And in handling the end of the league. Getting four players from four timezones and 2-4 continents can be difficult.

To be honest… I handled price support myself. It wasn’t a big deal, but I can imagine that not all of you can or want to do that.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


I ran online ranbats for other games before. If its mainly difficult in the decision making in shit situations, I can roll on that XD.

Then its settled. I’ll give it a spin. Rest easy friend.

How long do you usually wait between leagues?

A new era begins. XD


So far we kept it close. We usually started after the finals of the last one. In this case after sept. 6th.

Good luck, and thanks for taking on the torch!


@bahram: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQh2C1VRYBM


Thanks for running these!

The high level OCTGN match ups provided by SHL have been great for my game since I first joined in February. Thanks for the work you did to set them up!


Thank you for doing this! SHL is my main source of practice. I don’t have a lot of people online to play with and I rarely get to play live. It’s the best way to get a game in against above average players with top tier decks.


Btw, we still need a streamer for september 6th. Anyone?

One thing I’d like to mention would be giving more space between each Stimhack league.

From the first one until this seasons iteration I’ve noticed that different participants and indeed just total number of games have dropped a fair bit, I put this down to overkill somewhat.

In my opinion it would raise excitement levels and participation for Stimhack leagues if they were made twice annually maybe with months apart from the end of one and beginning of the next for people to take a break, freshen up, change of meta etc rather than just keep rolling from one onto the next pretty much.

Just my opinion on improving it.


I’m gonna do a post later today with a bunch of ideas and questions to get feedback for the next one. Keep an eye out, but I’ll keep this in mind. :slight_smile:

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I would but I dont think I’ll be available. :frowning:

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I play a lot on SHL, but only had about 100 games played for this one because of extensive practice for US Nationals, and then the netrunner burnout that happens when @eric_c brings his RP to a causal night the first meetup after Nationals :stuck_out_tongue:

If you start the next SHL soon allowing for D&D to be legal I would say you would see considerable increase in games as many are wanting to prepare for KOS15 and Worlds.

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SHL 6 Quality Control polls



Standings and scores SHL 5 playoffs


Josh - Noa (Nobo) 2-2 Corp
Rotom - RTSA 0-4

Nobo vs Rtsa
Josh vs Rotom

Standings (league standing tiebreakers)
RTSA 2-4
Josh 2-2
Noa 2-2
Rotom 2-0


Thanks or the updates. Gonna miss the rest of the games and it’s nice to know what’s happening

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Standings and scores SHL 5 playoffs


Josh - Noa (Nobo) 2-2
Rotom - RTSA 0-4
Josh vs Rotom 0-4
Nobo vs Rtsa 2-2

Josh - RTSA 2-0
Nobo - Rotom 0-2

Standings (league standing tiebreakers)
RTSA 5-6
Rotom 5-6
Noa 5-4
Josh 5-4



Rotomboys we believe!

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