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[Official] Streaming Announcement Thread


Stream is up.

BABW finals day


Dang, I just woke up and they’re on lunch break! Is it set to archive this time? :blush:


We’re recording and will post to YouTube. Not sure about archiving on twitch (not my account, the account holder is at the MTG Grand Prix)


GREAT NEWS! I am going to be re-streaming yesterdays ANRPC GLC finals at 4:30 CST today!! There will also be a second re-streaming on Saturday at noon CST for those that are unable to watch tonight.


Thursday this week (9/24) I am gonna stream some SHL games for commentary aka not playing, just watching - (observing and being wrong about what you are all doing… that kinda deal.).

Eastern USA Evening hours.

If you have an interest in being streamed/poorly commentated… let me know. We can organize. Otherwise I am just gonna hop into games and wing it hardcore.


edit - IRL important things got in the way. Another time I’ll give this a try. Apologies to anyone this has inconvenienced.


The endless quest for worlds decks! Starting around 1pm EST!


Where? - right here, this link

When? - 5:30pm eastern, about 2 hours from this post

What kind of play? - Octgn games, mostly SHL6.

What kind of decks? - Testing out HB rush, and HB Cybernetics Court Glacier. More games on my Chameleon Kate.

How long? - Couple hours.

See you there.


noise sucks fuck everybody



We got streams all over the fuckin place this week.



Dont be lazy bones…


Stream going up! On a Tuesday.


When? - now

Where? - click here ya big ol’ nerd <3

Decks? - HB Rush and Chameleon Kate

How long? - Couple hours.

Will be streaming on Thursday and Saturday. Follow my channel or check the Stimhack Streaming thread in their forums for updates on when.


Streaming a bit of SHL6

MoxWall's Stream

Gonna start up a stream with me and Calimsha playing 2 headed against some randoms on OCTGN here in about 5! Come watch me practice for my ANRPC qualifier this weekend.


I stream on regular basis. Tonight (at 8:PM PT) I’ll be joined by @Podoboyz99 and @CJFM. I hear we’ll have a honeypot of some sort. Should be fun.


Sounds dirty, I’ll be there.


Come watch me play terrible



I should be streaming 2PM EST onward tomorrow. Come out and feel the jank.


Do you want to stream with me? I am trying to put together a Cube stream. Anyone else? looking to start between 12 noon and 2pm EST.


If you meant me, I can only do after 5:30 PM and sometimes on weekends, I work 8-5 weekdays. Tonight, for instance, I’ll be around pretty much all night.