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[Official] Streaming Announcement Thread


And that’s why you won a Stimhack league and I just bleed ELO :wink:

@bahram: Would be interested in watching some streams at that time.


It has been my observation that many playgroups have their night on Tuesday, I know I do. Spreading it out might be best so you can catch it on whatever day of the week that week


Esspecially early on, I wouldn’t give myself a schedule. Just post in thread when you feel like it, sometimes it’ll be lots of people, sometimes few. Either way, you don’t know the workload yet of the SHL, and if you force yourself to stream on top of that it might go from hobby to work, and that can’t be the idea.

so: “whenever you feel like it, boss” :wink:


Scheduling things makes sure I do them, but you make a good point.

But i picked up the league thing as a support for the community. If its a little work, then its work.

I spectate games all the time. So that part won’t be work at all XD


Thats a really good point. Maybe moving it around to avoid locking groups of people out would be best.



That game never happened. You have no proof. None I say!!


We’re live with the SMC Last-Chance qualifier! http://www.twitch.tv/dodgepong

Tune in for ONR starter pack giveaways and a cube draft later!


Streaming day 2 of the SMC Finals, this is it!


Stream going up twitch.tv/mediohxcore


BABW Last Chance Qualifier Stream going up at twitch.tv/darkspherenetrunner


Did this archive? I missed it and would like to watch it.


Last chance GLC qualifier is finally live. We are on the final round of swiss and then will do a top 8 cut that will include commentary. Apologies for the shaky table. http://www.twitch.tv/anrprocircuit/


Unfortunately, Twitch doesn’t automatically save broadcasts. We’ll try to make sure the finals are recorded, though!


The channel has been set to archive videos, YEAH, so we shouldn’t suffer the same fate as Milwaukee.


Really? I know some channels I can go to and they all show up under past broadcasts.


You have to enable that, though. It’s not on by default.


The shops ISP took a dump so there’s no Internet in the shop right now. I’ll keep you all updated.




Sorry guys. The stores network just isn’t stable enough. We’re going to record tomorrow’s GLC finals and then rebroadcast it throughout the week.


Sad to hear it, but thanks for fighting the good fight.