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[Official] Streaming Announcement Thread


Yeah that would have been way better. I thought there might have been a way to finagle the Adonis to stay in play but I missed it. Your play probably would have changed the game in a huge way.


Since people were more interested in this than I expected, I think there is a second important question to answer.

How/why did I see this line?
And there are two answers to this

  1. whenever I’m installing a iq I know my opponent is going to run, I always try to see if there are cards I can install usefully from my hand, because every install here is an etf install (saving you one off of iq rez).
  2. while usually trading ash for 3 credits and a click is a bad deal and so you normally don’t install it without ice, early campaigns are so valuable that it’s often worth it. This scenario comes up a lot when I Rez a campaign hoping to draw ice (usually DBS running) and don’t, and ash will give you another turn to find ice.

Anyway, I thought it might be useful to talk about how I saw the line so it’s more general than the specific scenario that came up.


I’m going up in a moment till parents get in around 9 central

http://www.twitch.tv/shoeundergum done for evening

My runner game was close, but this week has reminded me how bad i am at netrunner now. Where’s that coaching?


SHL5 finals.

Noon EST (23 min from now).

Be there.



Streaming now. Search “Nordrunner Live Stream” in Youtube if you want to tune in. I have a lot of decks with cards up to D&D.


Why not Twitch? Do you bypass OBS if you use Youtube?

also FYI, the quality is maxing at 240p, and the effect is that of watching ANR being played on a parody of Sega Genesis. not sure why the super low res, just thought I’d let you know


Ya, upped the rez a little just trying out youtube. The delay seems a little less intense with Youtube,


Bummer, I missed it. Will you upload to YouTube?


I made a highlight of it on my twitch profile.


Streaming Now. Nordrunner Live Stream on Youtube.


Thanks again for the game!


We’re streaming a GNK Tournament from Dragon’s Lair in San Antonio. Testing out the equipment. Should start around 7:00 pm central.


Will be streaming at 1pm CST(about 20 minutes). Hopefully be playing @mediohxcore and learning some shit about HBFA.


Mead Hall Games and Comics is streaming the Top 8 of our Summer League. RIGHT NOW!


I played those NEH games so poorly. I potato’d with that deck of all decks.

Strange to know that I was running on the back of my Andy deck whole time.


Was that you who had a beale installed and 2 astro tokens and chose to play sweeps and score the 3/2 instead of just advancing 3x and winning on the spot? That was brutal to watch.


That was exactly one of those situations. A lot of unintentional risky slowrolls.


To be fair, we’re all used to Beale being a blank 3/2 :slight_smile:


I scored a 4 pt beale in 1 turn with Haarp and Award bait just last week.

Don’t lump me in with you plebs. XD

Interest check.

When SHL6 starts, I am gonna take some time to stream games and commentate a little bit. Nothing super fancy.

The question is… what times and days would anyone interested in that be interested in seeing it?

Or should it just be ‘when you can do it boss’ and let my schedule decide?

I am thinking Tuesdays in the evening personally. But if you guys have a preference, I would love to know.


I’ve actually been scoring 3 pt Beatles a ton lately. Playing 3 2/1’s really opens up your scoring options.