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[Official] Trading Thread


Last Updated 6/26/2016

Have (All English):

2x Ice Wall Alt Art
2x Political Operative Alt Art
1x 2016 Regional’s Credits

Want (in English):

1x Femme Fatale Alt Art
1x Ken Tenma Alt Art
1x Aesop’s Pawnshop Alt Art
2x Wyldside Alt Art
3x Scorched Earth Alt Art
1x 2015 Regionals Credits (1’s & 3’s)


Hey guys! Thank you for your sympathy and yeah generally tracking is indeed kind of an issue since it costs 16 Euros alone in order to track ANYTHING that you send from the Netherlands. Up to certain sizes at least, that was the fixed price for it. Hence, I think I wouldn’t have been able to sell or trade anything if I told people that this was an extra cost. Even I would personally rather buy from someone else that can do tracking too with just a bit more expensive price tag on an item.

Oh well, what happened is now in the past. I learnt from it and I am just more careful now. It may have closed some doors for me due to this bad experience but nonetheless, shit happens.


Have (All English):

1x AA Corroder
1x AA Jinteki PE
1x AA Reina Roja
1x 2016 Regionals Playmat (Maya)

Want (in English):

1x AA Same Old Thing
3x AA Professional Contacts



1x Inject nationals 2015 backpack

1x 5 Acrylic brain damage tokens

1x Regionals 2016 (Maya) playmat

1x Palana/Jesminder flip plastic ID
2x SoT
1x Chaos Theory
3x Jackson Howard

3x Wyldside
2x Pop Up
1x Adonis
2x Swordsman
4x Ice Wall

Looking for:

Bad Pub tokens
Lotus Fields


Looking to sell some loot. Shipping worldwide. :slight_smile:
All cards are in english.

Activist Support (2015 Regionals) 20$
Leela Patel (2016 SC) 15$
Maya (2016 Regionals) 50$

Reina Roja (2015 Regionals) 10$
Gagarin/Kim plastic (2015 Regionals) 40$
Jackson Howard promo (2016 SC) 1x 10$ / playset 25$
Same Old Thing (2016 Regionals) 1x 25$ / playset 70$
Palana/Jesminder plastic (2016 Regionals) 50$


all is good and well


Hi procf,

I’m sorry to hear that you didnt have your cards yet.
I remind you that I just mooved to another country.
I called my grandmother today and she finally admited that she only sent it the 25 of june.
So it will arrive soon,

Sorry again,



I have decided to let go of a few rare or hard to get promos. I am only interested in selling those but I am willing to offer good prices on package deals.

So here is what I have to offer:

3x Crypsis (English)
2x Melange Mining Corp (1 English, 1 German)
1x Kate (English)
18x Scorched Earth (15 German, 3 English)
2x Datasucker (English)
11x Adonis Campaign (English)
2x Private Security Force (English)
1x Gabe (English)
4x Making News (2 English, 2 German)
2x HB:EtF (German)
9x Wyldside (5 English, 4 German)
2x Jinteki: PE (German)
7x Aesop’s Pawnshop (English)
2x Weyland: BABW (German)
3x Plascrete Carapace (English)
7x Kati Jones (English)
7x Corporate Troubleshooter (3 English, 4 German)
2x Noise (English)
3x Gordian Blade (English)
12x Pop-up Window (8 English, 4 German)
3x Femme Fatale (English)
8x Swordman (English)
2x Corroder (2 German)
7x Ice Wall (4 English, 3 German)
6x Chaos Theory (German)
7x Reina Roja (5 English, 2 German)
3x NAPD Contract (English)
2x Lotus Field (English)
18x Jackson Howard (3 English, 15 German)
6x Same old Thing (4 English, 2 German)
4x Political Operative (3 English, 1 German)

1x flip-id Kim/Gagarin
2x flip-id Jesminder/Palana

1x set of 10 tag tokens
2x set of 10 virus tokens

playmats including
1x Lotus Field
1x Blackguard
1x Modded
1x Tori Hanzo
1x The Masque (1st GNK)
1x Plugged-in Tour
2x Maya
1x Activist Support
and lots of others, just ask

There is lots more and feel free to contact me if you are looking for anything not on the list.

Shipping: I ship from Germany. Tracking is affordable and usually the package or letter takes less then two weeks to arrive.


Cards arrived today. Sorry for doubting you. To my defense Money was sent 3 weeks ago.
Thank you


@Tradon - Completed a sale with ‘Tradon’ with my cards arriving today. He was really accommodating for me, holding onto some much-desired cards during a time when I was having a bit of money problems.

As soon as the payment was sent, the cards were in the post, packaged well with a tracking number too. Would definitely recommended trading with him, smooth transaction!


Following is the list of promos I am offering. All in excellent shape.
Unfortunately only looking for cash. Will ship worldwide, including tracking.
Hit me up with what you’re interested in as well as your offer :slight_smile:


Ken Tenma (english)
Chaos Theory (german or english)
Reina Roja (german)
Noise (english)
Gabe (english)
Kate (english)
BABW (english)
NBN:MN (english)
HB:EtF (english)
Andromeda / Cerebral Imaging plastic flip ID (english)
Edward Kim / Gagarin plastic flip ID (english)
Jesminder / Palana plastic flip ID (english)

Jinteki:Replicating Perfection (wooden version from ANRPC)
NEH (plastic version from ANRPC)

complete playsets of cards:

Wyldside (english)
Same Old Thing (english or german)
Jackson Howard (german)
Femme Fatale (2x english / 1x german)
Gordian Blade (2x german / 1x english)
Ice Wall (german)
Lotus Field (english)
NAPD Contract (english)
Kati Jones (german)
Swordsman (2x english, 1x german)
Corporate Troubleshooter (german)
Aesops Pawnshop (english)
Plascrete Carapace (german)

Incomplete playsets:

Eli 1.0 (english)
Datasucker (english)
Ice Wall (german), 2x
Jackson Howard (english)
Pop-Up Window (english), 2x


20+ Virus Tokens (Regionals 2014)
2 and 5 credit tokens (Regionals 2016)


Caprice Nisei
Tri-Maf Contact
Project Beale
Activist Support
Lotus Field
World of Android
Leela Patel
Deep Red
Chronos Protocol
Day Job



Rune Morkai Priest (Worlds 2015)
Possessed (Worlds 2014)

Street of Silk (Worlds 2015)
Eddard Stark (Worlds 2015)


Have (all English):
2x Leela Alt Art ID
2x Jinteki PE Alt Art ID
2x Corporate Troubleshooter Alt Art Promo
1x Corroder Alt Art Promo
2x Chaos Theory Alt Art Promo
3x Swordsman Alt Art Promo
1x Pol Op Alt Art Promo
1x Professional Contacts alt art (only likely to trade for 2+ NAPD contracts or an acrylic core ID I need)
1x Core Gabe/Weyland Acrylic (only likely to trade for another core acrylic + something else I am after)

1x Australian 2015 Nationals Bag
1x 2015 Store Champs Kit mat
1x 2016 Store Champs Leela mat
1x bag of 2 and 5 credit tokens (2016 regionals)

Want (all English):
3x NAPD Contrat alt art
3x Lotus Field Alt Art
2x Pro Con Alt art
1x Jinteki/Noise acrylic
1x Kate/Making News acrylic
1x HB acrylic
1x Hayley Alt Art (if you have it already)
1x NEH Acrylic (since Dan has seemingly decided not to send me a replacement one xD)
1x RP Wood


Have / Selling
1x HB: ETF (german)
3+ Wyldside (english)
1+ Weyland: BABW (english)
3+ Plascrete Carapace (english)
3+ Pop-Up Window (english)
3+ Icewall (german)
1+ Chaos Theory (german)
1x Reina Roja (german)
1+ Ken Tenma (english)
3x Jackson Howard (german)
3+ Same Old Thing (german)
5x “two” and “five” credit token packs regionals 2016

(up to 3-6 cards)
Austria: 1€ untracked / 3,20€ tracked
Europe: 1,50€ untracked / 4,65€ tracked
World: 2,30€ untracked / 5,35€ tracked


Selling stuff to fund trip to Worlds.


Gabe - very rare - signed by lukas litzsinger - £80
Kate/ETF Plastic - very rare- £55
Scorched Earth 2 - £12 each
Kati Jones 2 - £10 each
Palana/Jesminder Plastic - £40
Corroder - £18
Leela Patal - £18

Day Job £25
Leela £18
Maya 2016 - Regional 2016 - £40
Activist Support - Regional 2015 - £20

Brain Damage £15
Credit Tokens - Regional 2016 - £15

Prices all include UK postage or will be Reading Regional and then Nationals Weekend. Let me know if you want any photos.


Reporting successful trade with @ff0x:
friendly communication, instantaneous replies, excellent prices, fast & tracked shipping, good packaging



1x Alt-art Leela
1x Alt-art Same Old Thing
1x Alt-art Ken Tenma
1x Plastic Jesminder/Palana


Alt-art Crypsis
Alt-art Chronos Project
Alt-art Eli 1.0
Alt-art Professional Contacts
Alt-art Private Security Force


New Dutch TO looking to add more prize support to our local tournaments in the Eastern part of the Netherlands (Enschede): :slight_smile:

Any Dutchies and/or German folk around here with multiple playmats to sell? Preferably all the same art, so from a Store Champs kit is the best. Tournaments here are small and we like to keep things accessible, so not looking for the really swanky mats.

Cards are welcome too, but playmats have preference. The local player base has a lot of new folk who most of all want a mat (didn’t we all at some point :wink: ).

Feel free to PM.

Also; pretty new, so if I’m in breach of any kind of Stim etiquette, please let me know.


I have a couple of netrunner promos left for sale. I’ll be at Gen Con if anyone wants to get one in person, otherwise I’ll still ship, just might cost a few extra dollars if its outside the US.

Kate $60
Noise $40
Datasucker (spanish) $20

Also have pretty much every Star Wars LCG promo if anyone is interested in those.


Reporting successful trade with @Guv_Bubbs:
friendly guy, quick replies, good prices, cheap shipping, well packaged


Same experience here :stuck_out_tongue: