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[Official] Trading Thread


Just reporting a successful trade with @firesa at Australian Nationals on the weekend. Thanks mate!


Confirming trade with Trebor.


So just in case some people don’t like the Media Blitz mat or have two (ha!), I thought maybe post here.

Media Blitz mat (don’t care which language really)

[H] (all in German)
Leela AA
Femme Fatale AA
NBN: Making News AA
Weyland: BABW AA (because who doesn’t love that!)
Maya Playmat
Leela Playmat

let me know if you’re interested in trading!


Last Updated 9/18/2016

Have (All English):

2x Ice Wall Alt Art
8x Political Operative Alt Art
1x AA Leela
4x Plascretes
2x Swordsman
1x Brain Damage Tokens
1x 2016 Regional’s Credits (2’s and 5’s)

Want (in English):

1x Femme Fatale Alt Art
1x Ken Tenma Alt Art
1x Kate Alt Art
1x Gabe Alt Art
3x Datasucker Alt Art
1x Wyldside Alt Art
3x Scorched Earth Alt Art
1x 2015 Regionals Credits (1’s & 3’s)



I had to sell my collection ridiculously cheap, is anyone doing that? Can I have that please?


Want (in English):
(All Alt Art)
1x Noise
1x Gabriel Santiago
1x Kate
1x J:PE
1x NBN:Making News
1x Weyland: Building a Better World



Hello! I have the following alt art cards for trade (all English):

1x Weyland Consortium: Bulding a Better World
1x Jinteki: Personal Evolution
1x Scorched Earth
1x Melange Mining Corp.
6x Ice Wall
4x Kati Jones
3x Politcal Operative
3x Pop-Up Window
3x Swordsman
4x Adonis Campaign
1x Femme Fatale
1x Plascrete Carapace

I also bought 2 of each Runner and Corp of the World’s Champ decks, so I’d be willing to part with any extra copies over 3.

Looking for (alt art, in English):
1x Datasucker
1x Gordian Blade

This isn’t a hard list of what I’m looking for; I’d be interested in other trade deals and offers.Feel free to message me.


Selling my last promo’s

Only sold as a playset

3x Adonis
3x Kati Jones
3x Melange Mining Corp.
3x Scorched Earth



Trying to sell some of my rarer promos. Shipping worldwide. Lots of credentials if needed.

Stuff I have:

1x Eli 1.0
1x Private Security Force
3x Professional Contacts
3x Crypsis (multiple languages)
4x NAPD contract
Playset of Core IDs plastic double sided cards (first regionals)

Price is negotiable, since I’m not expecting to get super-max value, especially if I sell all of it.


Figured I’d wait until Worlds, but then again, why wait and not post now. So here goes!

-=-=Looking for=-=-
Media Blitz Playmat (Nationals 2016)
Advancement Counters (Nationals 2016)

x1 AA Professional Contacts

(Also selling!)

Belgian Nationals 2015 Bag
Nationals 2015 Playmat (Greek, Dutch, Belgian)

x2 AA Chronos Project
AA Jesminer/Palana Acrlyic
x2 AA Same Old Thing
Regionals 2016 Credit Tokens
Regionals 2016 Playmat (Maya art)

I am known for the awesome deals I make people so feel free to message me if you have any of my wants, and we will figure something out. :slight_smile:

Trading for the Dutch Community
I trade a lot to supply the Dutch community with cool stuff!

AA Chronos Project
AA Same Old Thing
Maya Playmat (Regionals 2016)

AA Core IDs
AA promos from older kits such as Datasucker / Crypsis / Melange

I’ve successfully traded with almost everyone in Europe since 2 years ago, as well as with a lot of people from the US. I do ask for tracking on overseas trading when trading with people I haven’t traded with before though.



Playset of every Promo Card, but will only trade for large quantitiy.

10 Credit Tokens from 2016 Nationals
1 & 3 Credit Tokens from 2015 Regionals


Any X-Wing players around here?

Got my hands on some X-Wing stuff in a lot I bought for our meta, which might be good to trade for Netrunner stuff.

2x3 Seismic Charge tokens and 2x5 Black/Red Ion tokens. Both from the 2014 Season 1 kit, if I did my research right.


Just has a successful trade with MondoPeregrino :+1:



  • 1x AA Jackson Howard
  • 3x AA Corporate Troubleshooter
  • 1x Acrtylic CI/Andromeda
  • 1x AA Reina Roja
  • 3x Aesop’s Pawnshops
  • 3x Political Operative

all cards are in english.

Looking for:

  • AA Datasucker
  • Cash (euros possibly)

shipping worlwide from Tallinn (with love for an extra).



4 x Utopia Fragment,
4 x Hades Fragment,
4 x Eden Fragment,
4 x Rebranding Team

8 x Armitage Codebusting,
6 x Aurora,
6 x Pipeline,
4 x Force of Nature

Draft cards would be cool or real ones.
This is for a cubes starter packs so I can have 8 players.




Hi! So I found 3 each of Armitage, Pipeline and Aurora, all in German.
I am also positive I could attribute another 3 of Pipeline and Aurora + 3 Force of Nature, since I don’t play them anyway. Cards are all in German.
Lemme know whether you want them all or just the first “lot” and also your address :slight_smile:
I think shipping is around 3€. Just send w/e you deem fair to PayPal.me/marsellus :slight_smile: (make sure you choose the friends and family option)
Cheers and have a Great Weekend!


Just picked my card sent by Marcellus, from the post office. Thanks mate. Pleasure doing business with you.


Pretty unnecessary (their karma is at max already imho), but still:

Reporting succesfull trades with @ff0x and @Marsellus. Both were very friendly, helpful and patient.


Reporting a successful trade with @Marsellus



1x Eli 1.0 £120 $150
3x Datasucker £120 $150
1x Gabriel Santiago £80 $100
3x Same Old Thing £40 $50
3x Corporate Troubleshooter £25 $30
1x Jinteki PE £20 $25
1x FFG Credit Tokens (6x 2c; 4x 5c) £15 $20
3x Swordsman £10 $12
3x Pop-up Window £5 $6
1x Ice Wall £5 $6

££ or $$ + Postage cost

I will be travelling to Minnesota for Worlds if thats convenient also; please PM for more details