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[Official] Trading Thread



1x Andromeda/CI plastic IDs $55
1x Edward Kim/Gagarin plastic IDs $60
1x HB EtF plastic ID $65
1x Jesminder/Palana plastic ID $85
1x Gabriel Santiago/Weyland BaBW plastic double sided ID $65
1x NBN Making News/Kate plastic double sided ID $70
1x Jinteki PE/Noise plastic double sided ID $70
7x Jackson Howard alt art offer
4x Reina alt art offer
3x same old thing alt art $25 each
1x Lotus Field alt art $90
1x NAPD alt art $25
2x corroder alt art $20 each
3x gordian blade alt art $20 each
3x femme fatale alt art $20 each
1x HB EtF alt art $25
1x Ken Tenma $20
3x melange mining corp alt art $20 each
1x Netrunner PE alt art $15
1x Netrunner making news alt art $40
2x corporate troubleshooter $20 each
3x datasucker alt art $50 each
1x Crypsis alt art $30
1x Gabriel Santiago alt art $85
2x professional contracts $75 each
1x Noise alt art $40 (signed by artist)

$$ + postage cost

I accept paypal or can trade you at worlds if you are going to be there.
All prices are up to negotiation if you wanna just PM me about it.
I have a lot of other more common alt arts that I didn’t list that I can throw in as well.


Seems Team Covenant has changed the style of their Virus and Recurring Credit tokens. I like the new ones less, and there was no warning that the old ones would be removed from the site. Annoying, but what are you going to do? If anyone wants some of the new tokens to replace their old ones, I’d like to offer to buy them new tokens and pay postage on the old ones they no longer want, in exchange for the old tokens being sent to me.

…the ability to purchase new Team Covenant acrylic Virus and Recurring Credit tokens for you.

Old-style Team Covenant acrylic Virus (x10) and Recurring Credit (x5) tokens.


I like the way you think


Looking for
A set of acrylic power tokens from latest GNK. I see those going for $10ish on eBay and I’m happy to pay this but without having to pay eBay International Shipping which is crazy

A set of credit tokens from 2015 Regionals (3s and 1s)

Jesminder/Palana double sided ID from 2016 Regionals, can sell for $60 + shipping, I’ll also consider trades for less common acrylic tokens from FFG Netrunner tournaments

Maya playmat from 2016 Regionals, $20 (Polish), $30 (English)


Anyone going to Worlds looking for any promos or playmats?


1x alt art Plascrete Carapace
2x alt art Ken Tenma
6x alt art Swordsman
3x alt art Ice Wall
5x alt art Jackson Howard
1x alt art Crypsis
1x alt art Making News
4x alt art Wyldside
3x alt art Femme Fatale
2x alt art Corporate Troubleshooter
3x alt art Lotus Field
2x alt art Aesops Pawnshop
4x alt art Adonis Campaign
15x alt art Pop Up Window
6x alt art Chaos Theory
2x alt art Reina Roja
1x alt art Gabe Santiago
2x alt art Same Old Thing
5x alt art Chronos Project
Acrylic Palana Foods/Jesminder
Acrylic HB:ETF
Acrylic NBN:MN/Kate
Acrylic Jinteki PE/Noise
Acrylic Weyland BABW/Gabe Santiago
Plugged In Tour Bag (Laramy Fisk/The Collective)
Worlds 2013 Crypsis Bag
Project Beale
2x Plugged-In Tour
Activist Suupport
Project Vitruvius
Tori Hanzo

Looking for:



Have (all English):
3x Hayley Alt Art
1x Ken Tenma Alt Art
1x Reina Roja Alt Art
1x Making News Alt Art
1x Noise Alt Art
3x Same Old Thing Alt Art
1x Leela Alt Art ID
3x Corporate Troubleshooter Alt Art Promo
2x Chaos Theory Alt Art Promo

1x Australian 2015 Nationals Bag
1x Australian 2015 nationals mat
1x bag of 2 and 5 credit tokens (2016 regionals)

Want (all English):
2x Chronos Project Alt Art
1x Gordian Blade alt art
3x Hedge Fund alt art

1x Power tokens (from most recent gnk)


Thrones player here (don’t hate) looking to sell of the hedge funds our meta collected at worlds. I have a number of successful trades/sales on here from when I used to run the nets.

Looking for $60 a pop, $150 for a playset. I’ll include US shipping.

We also have all the other promos that weren’t Thrones for sales if you’re looking for X-Wing or what have you.

We are NOT looking for more thrones promos…it’s not that great of a card, and we certainly don’t need more than 1 :slight_smile:

I would take trades for the deckboxes that were handed out, other than the Red we got for Thrones. Cheers!


Looking to sell 2 Lotus Fields. I’m asking $75 a piece or $140 for the pair.


new post bumping.

want: 3x alt hedge, reasonably priced plz

have: $$$
too many Ice Walls


Looking for Japanese IDs, particularly Anarch and particularly Whizzard.

Have $$$


I think only Core and World Championship decks were released in Japan, right?


this is true. there are some folk who have created stickers which they put on the English cards for the rest


Oh wow, did Not realize. How strange, thanks


I’ve seen “Asian” Creation & Control floating around on eBay. Those mustn’t be Japanese in that case. Chinese?


Highly likely. China was a launch market, presumably due to how succesful AGoT 1.0 was in China. I think they’re still printing the new packs in Chinese as well.



3x Same Old Thing (German) - 15$ a piece, 40$ a playset
3x Aesop’s Pawnshop (German) - 8$ a piece, 20$ a playset
2x Melange Mining Corp. (English) - 15$ a piece
3x Melange Mining Corp. (German) - 12$ a piece, 33$ a playset
3x Scorched Earth (German) - 13$ a piece, 35$ a playset
3x Plascrete Carapace (German or English) - 4$ a piece, 10$ a playset
1x Eli 1.0 (English) - 160$
3x Corporate Troubleshooter (German) - 25$ a piece, 70$ a playset
2x Wyldside (German or English) - 5$ a piece
3x Adonis Campaign (English) - 4$ a piece, 10$ a playset
3x Swordsman (German or English) - 3$ a piece, 7$ a playset
1x Datasucker (English) - 45$
3x Pop-Up Window (German or English) - 3$ a piece, 7$ a playset
3x Political Operative (German) - 3$ a piece, 7$ a playset
3x Jackson Howard (German) - 8$ a piece, 20$ a playset
3x Kati Jones (German) - 13$ a piece, 35$ a playset
3x Ice Wall (German) - 3$ a piece, 7$ a playset
3x Chronos Project (German) - 35$ a piece, 95$ a playset
3x Chronos Project (English) - 40$ a piece, 111$ a playset
3x Corroder (German) - 20$ a piece, 55$ a playset
2x Femme Fatale (German) - 20$ a piece
3x Gordian Blade (German) - 20$ a piece, 55$ a playset
1x Jesminder/Palana Plastic Flip ID - 65$
1x Edward Kim/Gagarin Plastic Flip ID - 65$
1x Chaos Theory (German) - 5$
1x Reina Roja (German or English) - 15$
1x Ken Tenma (German or English) - 25$
1x Gabriel Santiago (English) - 80$
1x Noise (German or Polish) - 30$
1x BABW (German or English) - 20$
1x HB:EtF (German) - 30$
1x HB:EtF (English) - 35$
1x Jinteki:PE (German) - 20$
1x Jinteki:PE (English) - 25$
1x NBN:MN (German) - 40$
2x NAPD Contract (English) - 30$ a piece
1x Leela Patel (English) - 20$
1x Hedge Fund (English) - 50$
1x Professional Contacts (English) - 90$

Chinese Core Set Cards:
3x Tollbooth
3x PAD Campaign
3x Nisei Mk II
3x Adonis Campaign
3x Diesel
Price on request

1x Wooden Replicating Perfection (ANRPC) - 60$
1x The Collective/HB:Chronos Protocol Flip ID (Fan Project) - 13$

1x 2&5 Credit Tokens (Regionals 2016) - 10$ per Pack
1x Tag Tokens (Nationals 2015) - 120$ for a pack


Freelancer: 20$
Pawn: 35$
Chronos Protocol: 45$
Activist Support: 40$
Maya: 40$
Deep Red: 15$
Leela: 20$
Kit: 20$
Day Job: 30$

I ship internationally for 5$, 6$ if its more than 5 cards or if there are tokens and/or playmats.
On larger requests, there is additional discounts and/or free shipping. Photos on request :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I have these English promos to trade:
1 x Jesminder/ palana plastic ID (regional)
1 X chaos theory
4 X Reina Roja
3 X Jackson Howard
5 X same old thing
4 X wildside
2 X swordsman
3 X plascrete carapace
3 X pop up window
3 X Aesop’s pawnshop

Also have the Maya playmat and the orange credit tokens (1, 2, 3 and five). I can provide pictures of needed.

Want promos(all in English):
Hb Etf
Jinteki pe
Melange mining Corp
Leela Patel
Femme fatale
Gordian blade
Gabriel Santiago

Let me know if interested.


Hey all, selling some promos as listed below. Make me a reasonable offer and we can work something out, mainly using Ebay as a ballpark reference if possible please. I’m in the US and probably can’t do international shipping, sorry.

Corp IDs:

Jinteki PE x1
Haas Bioroid: ETF x1
Palana/Jesminder Acrylic ID x2

Runner IDs:

Noise x1
Reina Roja x1
Chaos Theory x1
Ken Tenma x1
Leela Patel x1

Corp Cards:

Ice Wall x3
Jackson Howard x3
Lotus Field x1
Swordsman x3

Runner Cards:

Kati Jones x 3
Plascrete Carapace x2
Scorched Earth x6
Political Operative x4
Same Old Thing x4
Corroder x1
Aesops Pawnshop x5



3 X Core Set
1 X What Lies Ahead (Only 1 Vamp card)
1 X Trace Amount
1 X Cyber Exodus
1 X A Study in Static
1 X Humanity’s Shadow (0 Surge cards)
2 X Future Proof
3 X Creation and Control
2 X Opening Moves
1 X Second Thoughts
2 X Mala Tempora
1 X True Colors
2 X Fear and Loathing
2 X Double Time (Only 5 Queen’s Gambit cards)
2 X Honor and Profit
1 X Upstalk
1 X The Spaces Between (0 Three steps ahead and 0 Unscheduled Maintenance cards)
1 X First Contact
1 X Up and Over (0 Trade In cards)
1 X All That Remains
2 X The Source
1 X The Universe of Tomorrow
1 X Kala Ghoda
Some of the packs have extra cards not accounted for here because I bought spare cards here and there. On top of the ones listed above a bunch of cards from draft belonging to core and genesis cycles valid for standard play.


Reasonable offer for the lot



1 Jinteki: PE
1 Weyland: BABW
1 Noise
1 Kate McAffrey
2 Reina Roja
3 Ken Tenma
3 Chaos Theory
1 Leela
1 Hayley Kaplan

1 Gagarin / Edward Kim plastic
1 Palana / Jesminder plastic

3 Datasuckers
1 Corroder
1 Femme Fatale
1 Gordian Blade

1 Chronos Project

3 Melange Mining Corp
9 Adonis Campaign
7 Jackson Howard

3 Corporate Troubleshooter

8 Plascrete Carapace

8 Scorched Earth

7 Pop-up Window
5 Ice Wall
5 Swordsman

3 Same Old Thing
3 Political Operative
5 Aesop’s pawnshoppe
5 Wyldside
7 Kati Jones
4 Bank Job


10 Advancement tokens (1 bag nationals 2016)
2 bags of 1 and 3 credit tokens (regionals 2015)
2 bags of 2 and 5 credit tokens (regionals 2016)
1 set of Click Trackers (4)

1 Activist Support (regionals 2015)
1 Leela Patel (store 2016)
1 Silhouette / Jinteki (2014 GNK)

Cold hard (virtual) cash to buy more games with.

Everything is in mint condition, alt arts have never been unsleeved or even played with. Pictures can of course be provided.

Shipping from Belgium, EU.