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[Official] Trading Thread


playmat claimed


Have (All English):

1x Datasucker Alt Art
1x Leela Alt Art
2x Ice Wall Alt Art
8x Political Operative Alt Art
4x Plascretes
2x Swordsman
1x Brain Damage Tokens
1x 2016 Regional’s Credits (2’s and 5’s)

Want (in English):

1-2x Power Counter Tokens (10 pack)
1x Tag Tokens (10 pack) (2015 season)
1x Femme Fatale Token
1x Femme Fatale Alt Art
1x Kate Alt Art
1x Gabe Alt Art


reporting successful buy from @Michael_2_0 - all arrived in perfect condition, thanks :slight_smile:


Successful buy from @karmaportrait



mostly looking to sell, but i am interested in trading for the following:

AA Hayley
AA Leela

money (prices listed and negotiable within reason; will offer discounts for large orders; all prices in USD)

will ship worldwide with tracking from NZ (it’s actually not that expensive for the cards, but the mats will of course be a bit more. in addition to discounts, will of course combine shipping for large orders)


  • cards:

– Corp:

AA HB: EtF $34
AA Adonis Campaign (x3) $3 ea ($8 for playset)
AA Corporate Troubleshooter (x3) $22 ea ($58 for playset)

AA Swordsman (x5) $3 ea ($7 for playset)

AA NBN: Making News (x2) $35
AA Pop-up Window (x3) $3 ea ($8 for playset)
AA Jackson Howard (x5) $17 ea ($48 for playset)

AA Ice Wall (x3) $3 ea ($8 for playset)

– Runner:

AA Noise (English) $34
AA Reina (x6) $11
AA Corroder (make offer, but i’m not sure if i’ll part with it)
AA Datasucker $66
AA Wyldside (x3) $5 ($13 for playset)

AA Ken Tenma (x4) $31
AA Femme Fatale (make offer, but i’m not sure if i’ll sell though)
AA Political Operative (x4) $4 ea

AA Kate $97
AA Chaos Theory (x2) $7
AA Gordian Blade (make offer but i’m not sure if i’ll sell)
AA Aesop’s Pawnshop (x3) $3 ea ($8 playset)
AA ProCo (x3) $95 ea ($275 playset)

AA Plascrete (x3) $3 ($7 playset)
AA Kati Jones (x2) $17 ea

acrylic double-sided Kate/Making News $127
acrylic double-sided Gagarin/Edward Kim $81

make an offer for the following:
draft SanSan City Grid
draft Toolbox
draft Daily Casts (x3) (only selling as set)
draft Dirty Laundry (x3) (only selling as set)
draft Sure Gamble (x2)

  • tokens:
    2015 regionals credit tokens (x2 sets of 3x 3c and 7x 1c tokens) $24 per set
    2015 nationals tag tokens (x1 set of 10x tag tokens) (make an offer but not sure if i’ll sell these)
    2016 spring kit brain damage tokens (x1/2 set of 3x brain damage tokens - don’t ask) just make an offer i guess lol

  • mats:
    Project Vitruvius $12
    Running Interference $12
    Activist Support - 2015 regionals $42
    Project Beale - 2013 regionals (no text) (make an offer but unsure if i’ll sell)
    Tri-Maf (make an offer but unsure if i’ll sell)
    Deep Red $13
    Worlds of Android (pre-order bonus) (make an offer but unsure if i’ll sell)
    Leela - 2016 SCs $19


Hi fellas! I need a new couch - and put some money aside to come to Birmingham for Euro-Champs :slight_smile:

There, I got some promos and playmats for sale. Shipping worldwide is
4£, incl. tracking for cards, 6£ incl. tracking for playmats. Additional
discounts and/or free shipping on bundles and such :slight_smile:
“EN” signifies English promos, “DE” German ones :slight_smile:
Prices in USD are x1.2.

Here is the list:

  • Same Old Thing (EN): 10£, 25£ for a playset

  • Same Old Thing (DE): 8£, 20£ for a playset

  • Scorched Earth (DE or EN): 10£, 25£ for a playset

  • Aesops Pawnshop (DE or EN): 6£, 15£ for a playset

  • Corporate Troubleshooter (DE): 15£, 35£ for a playset

  • Plascrete Carapace (DE or EN): 3£, 8£ for a playset

  • Wyldside (DE or EN): 3£, 8£ for a playset

  • Swordsman (DE or EN): 2£, 5£ for a playset

  • Pop-Up Window (DE or EN): 2£, 5£ for a playset

  • Jackson Howard (DE): 4£, 10£ for a playset

  • Kati Jones (DE or EN): 8£, 20£ for a playset

  • Ice Wall (DE): 2£, 5£ for a playset

  • Chronos Project (EN): 20£, 52£ for a playset

  • Gordian Blade (DE): 15£, 40£ for a playset

  • Corroder (DE): 15£, 40£ for a playset

  • Femme Fatale (DE): 15£

  • Datasucker (EN): 40£

  • Chaos Theory (DE): 4£

  • Reina Roja (DE or EN): 10£

  • Ken “Express” Tenma (DE or EN): 8£

  • Gabriel Santiago (EN): 70£

  • Noise (DE or EN): 22£

  • Weyland BABW (DE or EN): 14£

  • HB:EtF (EN): 24£

  • Jinteki PE (EN): 16£

  • NBN:MN (DE): 28£

  • Professional Contacts (EN): 75£

  • Leela Patel (EN): 16£


  • 7xFaction Deck Divider: 10£

  • Wooden Jinteki RP: 50£

  • HB Chronos Protocol/The Collective Flip ID: 10£

  • Set of 2&5 cred Tokens: 8£

  • Jinteki Aginfusion/Jemison Astronautics Flip ID: 20£


  • Pawn: 30£

  • Kit: 20£

  • Deep Red: 20£

  • Freelancer: 20£

  • Leela: 20£

  • Maya: 30£

  • Activist Support: 30£

Also, feel free to make counter-offers!
Have a great SC season!



Looking to get rid of some promos (all english), PM me if interested with offer:
AA Crypsis x3
AA Private Security Force x1
AA Lotus Field x2
AA Wall of Static x1
Plastic Andy / CI x1
Plastic Chaos Theory x1

Currently only selling and not trading.
Shipping from europe.


Hey everyone, I’m going to sell some of the stuff that I got from Worlds to help fund the trip back next year. I have the following available:

  • Worlds Top 16 mat (Hedge Fund)

  • Set of 5 yellow tag tokens (Top 8)

  • Uncut sheet of alt-art Hedge Funds (Top 4)

No idea what any of this stuff is worth, but if you’re interested send me a message and we’ll see if we can work something out.


I see everyone selling so I got my hopes and expectations lower than usual :frowning:
Either way, if anyone is still TRADING then…
I am looking for the following:

x2 Full Art Wall of Static (NA Nats 2016)
x1 Alt Art Professional Contacts (Worlds 2014)
x1 Bag of Acrylic Advancement Counters (Nationals 2016)
x1 Nationals 2016 “Media Blitz” Playmat

And I have the following:

Belgian Nationals 2015 Bag
Nationals 2015 Playmat (Greek, Dutch, Belgian)

x1 AA Making News (Spanish) (Chronos Protocol)
x1 AA Noise (Nationals 2014)
x1 AA Ken Tenma (Nationals 2015)
x1 AA Chronos Project (Nationals 2016)
x1 AA Gordian Blade (German)
x1 AA Haley Kaplan
x2 AA Same Old Thing (Regionals 2016)
x2 AA Jackson Howard (Store Champs 2016)
Regionals 2016 Credit Tokens
Regionals 2016 Playmat (Maya art)
Send me a private message with an offer if interested and I am sure we can work something out! :smiley:
These are not for sale.

We are however always selling playsets of our alt-art cards to support future Dutch Community events by the way, for 7.5E per playset:
Dutch Tulip Snare
SEA Source
R&D Interface
(Soon 2 more!)


Have: Activist Support playmat
Want: Valuable Assets playmat

I just give it a try. Thanks.


Hi all! I live in Phoenix, Arizona in case someone lives close by

Run Amok
Project Vitruvius
Planned Assault

Promo cards:
Jackson Howard 3
Femme Fatale 1
Kati Jones 1
Reina Roja 1
Corporate Troubleshooter 1
Corroder 1
Hayley Kaplan 1
Leela Patel 1
Sunny Lebeau 1
Scorched Earth 1
Adonis Campaign 1
several copies of the cards given in SC and causal tournaments the past 2 years (plascrete, popup, bank job, Swordman, Ice Wall, Aesop…)

Brain Damage tokens

cash :slight_smile:

promo cards:
Ken Tenma
Hedge Fund
Gabriel Santiago
Private Security force
NAPD contract


Reporting a successful trade with DR00


Hey guys, I’ve got two items that I’m looking to sell:

1x Tori Hanzo playmat
1x Kate “Mac” McCaffrey alt art

I’m a bit foggy on the prices, but make me an offer.


Hi guys!

I’m considering to sell my tiny collection of Netrunner promos and playmats. Could you please help me with figuring out how much this stuff is worth? At this time I plan to sell it locally, I have never dealt with shipping and all that. So I’m not really looking for offers, just if you could give me a general idea of what it’s worth. Thanks you!

alt art promos:

Adonis Campaign — (2013 Season Three)
Datasucker — (2013 Season Three)
Gabriel Santiago — (2013 Plugged-in Tour)
Kati Jones — (2014 Store)
Wyldside — (2014 Season One)
NBN: Making News — (2014 Chronos Protocol)
Corporate Troubleshooter — (2014 Regional)
Andromeda / Cerebral Imaging — (2014 Regional)
Aesop’s Pawnshop — (2014 Summer)
Jinteki: Personal Evolution — (2014 Summer)
Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire — (2014 National)
Ken “Express” Tenma — (2015 National)
Jackson Howard — (2016 Store)


Planned Assault — (2014 Season One)
Wotan — (2014 Store)
Pawn — (2014 Regional)
Chronos Protocol — (2014 Chronos Protocol)
Leela Patel — (2016 Store)


Successful trade with Marsellus, internationally shipped with tracking, no problems here :slight_smile:


Have (all English):
1x Sunny Alt art
4x Hayley Alt Art
1x Ken Tenma Alt Art
1x Reina Roja Alt Art
1x Making News Alt Art
1x Noise Alt Art
3x Same Old Thing Alt Art
2x Leela Alt Art ID
3x Corporate Troubleshooter Alt Art Promo
2x Chaos Theory Alt Art Promo
1x PAD campaign alt art

1x Australian 2015 Nationals Bag
1x Australian 2015 nationals mat
1x bag of 2 and 5 credit tokens (2016 regionals)

Want (all English):
2x Chronos Project Alt Art
1x Gordian Blade alt art
3x Hedge Fund alt art

1x Power tokens (from most recent gnk)


Located in Germany En, De & Pl Promos.

Alt Art Promos:

  • Kate / NBN plastic (1x En)
  • Data Sucker (3x En)
  • Pop-Up (3x En)
  • Plascrete (3x En)
  • Corporate Troubleshooter (3x En)
  • Chronos Project (3x En)
  • Bank Job (3x En)
  • Same old Thing (3x En / 3x De)
  • Scorched Earth (3x En / 1x De)
  • Ken Tenma (1x De)
  • Noise (1x De)
  • Making News (1x De)
  • Jackson Howard (3x De)
  • Ice Wall / Eisbarriere (3x En, 3x De)
  • Kati Jones (3x De)
  • Political Operative (3x En)
  • Pad Campaign (3x De)
  • Bag of 2 and 5 credit tokens (2016 regionals) (3x)
  • Ken Tenma (1xPl)
  • Jackson Howard (1x Pl)
  • Icewall (1x Pl)
  • Same old Thing (1x Pl)

Want (all English):

  • €€€
  • Bhagat
  • Boom
  • Private Security Force



Sunny Alt Art

Brain Tokens (2016 winter GNK?)


Gordian Blade

I’m UK based and so if you are interested in a trade, give me a shout.


Hi there, long time lurker, but have never posted. I’m selling my complete collection of Android: Netrunner cards. This includes three core sets, all deluxe expansions, and all expansions released through Quorum (Jan. 2017). This also includes two Go7 Gaming storage inserts. Aside from the first couple of games played with the first core set, all cards have been sleeved whenever played. $449 plus shipping (located in Madison, WI in case you’re local). Thanks!

EDIT: Price lowered to $449 plus shipping.



All the lego cards (I designed them myself)


Femme Fatale

Almost any ID

Just hit me up. I’m willing to part with these pretty easily