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[Official] Trading Thread


Looking for trades only, I’m not interested in buying.

Have (All English):

1x Leela Patel Alt Art
1x Sunny Lebeau Alt Art
1x Chaos Theory Alt Art
3x Pad Campaign
2x Wyldside
4x Mushin No Shin
2x Ice Wall Alt Art
8x Political Operative Alt Art
4x Plascretes
2x Swordsman
1x Bank Job
1x Brain Damage Tokens (5 count)
1x 2016 Regional’s Credits (2’s and 5’s)

Want (in English):

1x Femme Fatale Alt Art
1x Kate Alt Art
1x Gabe Alt Art
2x Datasucker Alt Art
3x Scorched Earth Alt Art
3x Hedge Fund
2x Acrylic Power Counters (GNK Set of 10)



Making News Alt Art
Gabriel Santiago Alt Art


Chronos Project Alt Art x3
PAD Campaign Alt Art x3
Store Champs '17 Femme Token x1
Leela Alt Art x1
Personal Evolution Alt Art x1
Various GNK Promos, just ask
2017 Worlds Promo Pack for other FFG games (Thrones, Imperial Assault, etc.) x2

I’m really just looking for the two rare Promo ID’s that I’m missing, so I’m not really interested in selling so much as trading but feel free to make an offer if there’s something you want.

EDIT: Based in US, Chicago area. Would prefer domestic trades to avoid shipping hassles.


Selling my alt arts. PM me with offers if interested:

1x 2015 Inject backpack

1x Plastic Kim / Gagarin
1x Plastic Palana / Jesminder

2x NBN Making News (1x English, 1x French)
1x Jinteki PE
1xWeyland BaBW

4x Pad Campaign
3x Melange Mining Corp
5x Chronos Project (2x English, 3x French)
6x Jackson Howard
3x Corporate Troubleshooter
3x Scorched Earth
7x Ice Wall
5x Swordsman
6x Pop Up
4x Adonis

1x Gabe
1x Kate
1x Noise
1x Leela
1x Hayley
2x Ken
2x Chaos Theory
2x Reina

3x Crypsis
3x Datasucker
3x Femme Fatale
3x Corroder
3x Gordian Blade
3x Kati Jones
6x Same Old Thing
3x Political Operative
3x Plascrete
6x Pawnshop
6x Wyldside
3x Bank Job


Selling my 2015 Belgian Nationals Top 2 bag. Held it all this time in case I would find a trade for it, but figured I should just let it go. I’ll entertain various offers but I will only answer serious ones.

(Relevant Facebook sale post with pictures)

Please consider the fact that postage is an extra 16 € (which includes tracking).


Hi there,

the following alt arts are for sale, trying to get some cash in order to fund the next events that we held. Last regionals was a washover so we ended losing money (we are not a store, we organise the events ourselves for our small community via a store that only helps to get the kits but cannot organise the events). All the participants ion the events get full playsets of the promos and this is what is left. So here are the cards, will ship from Europe, feel free to suggest prices, what you feel it is fair. Playpal Accepted.

1 X Swordsman
1 X Corporate Troubleshooter
1 X Adonis Campaign
4 X Pop Up Window
8 X Ice Wall
7 X Jackson Howard
1 X Reina Roja
3 X Noise
1 X Plascrete Carapace
4 X Kati Jones
1 X Aeson’s Pawnshop
35 X Same Old Thing
12 X Pad Campaign


Team Covenant Netrunner plastic tokens - new
Data token set - includes 15x 1-Credit/Advancement Tokens, 5x 5-Credit/Advancement Tokens, 5x Tag Tokens, 5x Bad Publicity Tokens, 5x Virus Counter Tokens, 5x Brain Damage Tokens, and 5x Power Tokens
2-credit tokens -5
3-credit tokens -5
Click tracker set - dark red

$50 shipped in US, but willing to ship overseas for actual shipping costs
PM me for picture


Reporting successful trade with @Tradon


and me with @Jakuza


Hey, I’d be interested in taking the Datasuckers, Gabe and Kate off of your hands. How much would you want for all of them? Also, I’m based in the US, just as a heads up.


3x English Promo NAPD Contract

Want: (from highest to lowest priority, primarily interested in English)
3x Promo Scorched Earth
1x Promo Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World
1x Promo Noise: Hacker Extraordinare
3x Promo Jackson Howard

PM if interested. Primarily looking for trades including SE.

EDIT: Trade completed.


I’ve got the following promos spare:
Making News
Same Old Thing
Jesminder / Palana

Ideally, I’d like to trade for:
Private Security Force
Wall of Static
Acrylic Chaos Theory
Eli 1.0

However I will consider other stuff for community prize pool. Drop me a PM.


Have (all English):
1x Sunny Alt art
4x Hayley Alt Art
1x Ken Tenma Alt Art
1x Reina Roja Alt Art
1x Making News Alt Art
1x Noise Alt Art
3x Same Old Thing Alt Art
2x Leela Alt Art ID
3x Corporate Troubleshooter Alt Art Promo
2x Chaos Theory Alt Art Promo
1x PAD campaign alt art

1x Australian 2015 Nationals Bag
1x Australian 2015 nationals mat
1x bag of 2 and 5 credit tokens (2016 regionals)

Want (all English):
2x Chronos Project Alt Art
1x Gordian Blade alt art
3x Hedge Fund alt art

1x Power tokens (from second most recent gnk)


Check pm!


I have way too many playmats and also some promos I don’t need :slight_smile:

Nationals 2016, Media Blitz art, Polish, $45
Store Championships 2016, Leela Patel art, English, $15
Regionals 2016, Maya art, Polish, $20
Store Championships 2017, Run Amok art, English, $15

Ken Tenma $15
Hayley Kaplan $10
Reina Roja $5
PAD Campaign $4 or $10 for 3 copies
Jackson Howard $4 or $10 for 3 copies

Not really looking for anything for trade now, unless you happen to have a set of Worlds 2015 bad pub tokens you want to part with, but I guess those are hard to find. International shipping $5 (cards only), $10 (mats or mats and cards)


Hello, did you find the cards you needed ? If not, I have some to trade with you…


Yeah, I got the cards I was looking for. Thanks for inquiring.


multiple worlds NAPDs

Gordian Blade
Femme Fatale
Private Security Force
10-credit honeycomb tokens


2 Full Art Lotus Fields

Cash. Entertaining all offers. Will let these go well under what I paid for them, specially if both are purchased by the same person.


1 SanSan City Grid from English Core Set

Want (primarily interested in English):
1x Promo Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World
2x Promo Same Old Thing

PM if interested.

EDIT: Looking for continental U.S. trade partners die to shipping.


I am looking for all of the promos I do not currently have, so:

1x Gordian Blade
2x Femme Fatale
1x Leela
1x Hayley

3x Lotus Field
3x Wall of Static
3x Hedge Fund
1x Acryllic Chaos Theory

I am also looking for a Crypsis playmat and the 2014 Regionals agenda counters.

I have plenty of spare Same Old Things, Jackson Howards, Smokes, Scorches and Terminal Directive promo sets.
I am going to be attending the European Championship, but also willing to ship. PM me.