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[Official] Trading Thread


Hey everyone!
I’m sort of leaving the game so I’ve decided to sell out my (impressive) promo collection. If you’re interested in stuff like original Eli 1.0 or PSF, or Caprice mat from Worlds 2015, take a look and drop me a message.


I have some Netrunner promos that I’m looking to sell plus a full set of Team Covenant tokens and two CoC LCG playmates.
I’ll list the cards and how many of them I have please pm me for more info or to make an offer.
4- Chaos Theory
1- Melange Mining Corp
1- Scorched Earth
2-Aesop’s Pawnshop
6- Plascrete Carapace
4- Swordsman
4- Pop-Up Window
2- Corroder
17- Ice Wall

1- Day Job Playmat
1- 2013 Season 3 Playmat

1- Team Covenant acrylic Netrunner tokens including 6 Lotus tokens

CoC Spring 2015 Playmat
CoC Summer 2015 Playmatj


Want: unopened terminal directive “do not open” packs.

Have: $$$


[1] Faction click tracker set (2012 GNK / full set or Haas Bioroid token alone - I have a spare NBN)
[1] Colored faction click tracker set (2015 Worlds)
[x] Bad Publicity tokens (2015 Worlds)
[x] Light blue/teal advancement token (2016 Nationals)
[x] Yellow tag token (2016 Worlds)
[x] Blue recurring credit token (2016 Worlds)
[x] Red power counters (2014 Worlds)
[x] 10-credit token (2016 Nationals)

[1] Femme Fatale (2015 Summer GNK)
[3] Corroder (2015 Winter GNK)
[3] Ice Wall (2015 Winter GNK)
[3] Jackson Howard (2016 Store Champs)
[1] Leela Patel (2016 Spring GNK
[3] Political Operative (2016 Spring GNK)
[1] Brain damage token set (2016 Spring GNK)
[1] Acrylic Jesminder/Palana Foods ID (2016 Regionals)
[3] Same Old Thing (2016 Regionals)
[1] Acrylic Chaos Theory ID (2016 Worlds)
[3] Data Raven (2017 Q2)
[3] Nero (2017 Q2)
[1] Shaper click tracker set (2017 Q2)
[3] PAD campaign (2017 Store Champs)
[3] Femme Fatale token (2017 Store Champs)


[3] Gabe
[3] Kate
[6] Datasucker
[6] Corporate Troubleshooter
[3] HB: Engineering the Future
[3] Aesop’s Pawnshop
[3] Melange Mining Corp
[3] Scorched Earth
[3] Plascrete Carapace


How much are you offering for the unopened packs? I have the runner cards still unopened, but I’ve already played the corp.


This may be a long shot, but if anyone has a Full Bleed San San City Grid from the 2016 World Champ deck they would be willing to part with I have a few cool things for trade.

Alt Art Chronos Project
Alt Art Smoke
Alt Art Pad Campaigns
various common Alt Art playsets (Swordsman, Icewall, Pol Op, Etc.)
Could even PayPal a few bucks, but the whole point is to not have to buy the pack again so obviously wouldn’t be much.

I also have duplicate copies of last years World Champ decks so I could possibly swap something like a single, full bleed Siphon for the San San or other full bleeds you’re looking to have a playset of that came as 2-of. Could also part with the single Earthrise/Liberated in this years runner deck to help you make playsets of those cards.


How rare (compared to each other) are full art Wall of Static and Lotus Field?


AFAIK Lotus Field was PAX Prime 2015 participation (and maybe Worlds 2015 side events?) and WoS was NA Championships 2016 participation, Worlds 2016 and Euro Championships 2016 side events.
Alas, Wall of Static is a lot more common.


Have (all English):
2x Sunny Alt art
4x Hayley Alt Art
1x Ken Tenma Alt Art
1x Reina Roja Alt Art
1x Making News Alt Art
1x Noise Alt Art
3x Same Old Thing Alt Art
2x Leela Alt Art ID
3x Corporate Troubleshooter Alt Art Promo
2x Chaos Theory Alt Art Promo
1x PAD campaign alt art
1x Smoke Alt art
1x Acrylic Andy/CI

1x Australian 2015 Nationals Bag
1x Australian 2015 nationals mat
1x bag of 2 and 5 credit tokens (2016 regionals)

Want (all English):
2x Chronos Project Alt Art
1x Gordian Blade alt art
3x Hedge Fund alt art
2x NAPD contract alt art
2x Pro Co alt art
Acrylic core IDs (other than Gabe)

1x Power tokens (from second most recent gnk)


Are you heading to nationals? I’m definitely interested in Sunny, MN and Andy/CI.


Howdy! I’m looking to buy or trade for at least five of the 5 credit tokens that were awarded to the top 16 at Nationals. I’ve got quite a few alt arts I can trade for (NAPD, Hedge Fund, WoS, etc.) or give some cash. Message me and I’ll tell you what I have if you’d like and we work something out!


You mean the 10 credit token?


No, I mean the ones pictured here


Sorry I was in 2016…


Hi everybody,

I’m looking to sell a bunch of my Netrunner promos, playmats, and other accessories. If you’re interested in any of the following, shoot me an offer. If you’re going to Gen Con, you can save on shipping by picking up your purchases there. Here’s what I’ve got:


Modded (Worlds 2012)
Box Art (4Q 2012 Game Night Kit)
Running Interference (Season 2 Champion)
Laramy Fisk/The Collective (Plugged-in Tour)
Project Beale (2013 Regionals Top Eight)
Project Vitruvius (2013 Season 3 Champion) x2
Wotan (2014 Store Championship)
Reina Roja (Summer 2014 Tournament Champion)
Pawn (Regionals 2014 Top Eight)

Alt Art Cards
Adonis Campaign x4
Aesop’s Pawnshop x3
Bank Job x1
Chaos Theory x1
Corporate Troubleshooter x3
Crypsis x3
Haas-Bioroid: ETF x1
Haley Kaplan x1
Ice Wall x2
Jinteki: PE x2
Kati Jones x5
Melange Mining Corp x3
Noise x2
Plascrete Carapace x8
Political Operative x3
Pop-Up Window x3
Professional Contacts x2
Scorched Earth x3 (one signed by Lucas)
Swordsman x5
Weyland: BABW x2
Wyldside x4

Deck Boxes
Criminal (Assembled)
Haas-Bioroid (Assembled)
Haas-Bioroid (Version 2, Flat)
NBN (Summer 2014, Flat)
Weyland (Winter 2014, Flat)

Faction-Themed Acrylic Tokens x7 (Icebreaker 2012)
Faction-Themed Deck Dividers x7 (2012 Game Night Kit)
Non Faction-Themed Acrylic Tokens x7 (2013 Regionals) x2
Acrylic Virus Tokens x10 (2014 Regionals)
Brain Damage Acrylic Tokens x5 (Spring 2016)
Go7 Faction-Themed Acrylic Click Tokens x35 (5 for each faction)
Go7 Full Netrunner Acrylic Token Set (Kickstarter, single-sided credit tokens, missing one of eight 3-credit token and 2 of 12 purple tokens)



I’m considering selling some of my Worlds and Euros mats. If anyone is interested in the following drop me a PM:
2014 Worlds Top 8 - Twins play mat
2016 Worlds Top 16 - Hedge Fund play mat
2017 European Championship Top 8 - Terminal Directive play mat


A small bump. Some stuff still left from my sale…

I’m sort of leaving the game so I’ve decided to sell out my (impressive) promo collection. If you’re interested in stuff like original Eli 1.0. Take a look and drop me a message.


I can see most (if not all) are still selling, but I am always up for trades if people are still interested! :slight_smile:
I am looking for the following:

Highest Priority:
Blitz Playmat (Nationals 2016)
Acrylic Jinteki ID from Worlds 2012

Also looking for (but lower priority):
x1 set of acrylic 10-credit honeycomb thingy (Nationals 2016)
x1 AA Bhagat (Euros 2017)
Terminal Directive Playmat (Euros 2017)
Hedge Fund Playmat (Worlds 2016)
Will entertain some offers for custom alt-arts that I really like, like the LEGO ones that I got from @friff14 recently and I am just in love with them (nothing beats playing a LEGO Jackson :open_mouth: )
And I have the following:

x1 Acrylic Palana/Jesminder ID
x1 AA Wall of Static
x1 AA Making News (Chronos Protocol)
x1 AA Noise (Nationals 2014)
x1 AA Ken Tenma (Nationals 2015)
x1 AA Chronos Project (Nationals 2016)
x3 AA Same Old Thing (Regionals 2016)
x3 AA Jackson Howard (Store Champs 2016)
Regionals 2016 Credit Tokens (orange 2s and 5s)
Regionals 2017 Credit Tokens (green and orange circular 1s and 3s)
Nationals 2017 Credit Tokens (red circular 5s)

Biometric Spoofing Playmat (Nationals 2017)
Inject Playmat (Greek, Dutch, Belgian) (Nationals 2015)
Maya Playmat (Regionals 2016)
Run Amok Playmat (Store Champs 2017)
Find The Truth Playmat (Regionals 2017)
Send me a private message with an offer if interested and I am sure we can work something out! :smiley:
These are not for sale.
We are however always selling playsets of our alt-art cards to support future Dutch Community events by the way, for 7.5E per playset and I have also added the recently very much hyped Desperado and Mongoose fan arts to the list!

Dutch Tulip Snare
SEA Source
R&D Interface
Successful trades/buys/sells with more than ~70 people on both Stimhack and BoardGamesGeek.


did anyone get the Celeborn alt-art for lord of the rings card game at gencon this year?

i’m willing to trade a few of my ANR promos for it [mostly up to date list here]


Just figured I’d drop a message here to say that I did some trading with Stiv and everything went very well as far as promptness, safeness, etc.