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[Official] Trading Thread


Have (all English):
3x Sunny Alt art
4x Hayley Alt Art
1x Ken Tenma Alt Art
1x Reina Roja Alt Art
1x Noise Alt Art
3x Same Old Thing Alt Art
2x Leela Alt Art ID
3x Corporate Troubleshooter Alt Art Promo
2x Chaos Theory Alt Art Promo
1x PAD campaign alt art
2x Smoke Alt art

1x Australian 2015 Nationals Bag
1x Australian 2015 nationals mat
1x bag of 2 and 5 credit tokens (2016 regionals)

Want (all English):
2x Chronos Project Alt Art
1x Gordian Blade alt art
2x Hedge Fund alt art
1x Boom alt art
1x Omar Alt art (low priority)
3x team sponsorship alt art (low priority)
1x Wooden RP
1x Metal ETF
2x NAPD contract alt art
2x Pro Co alt art
Acrylic core IDs (other than Gabe)

I’ll be at worlds which should make some trading a bit easier :slight_smile:


I’m selling all my alt-arts, to make room for other games. Shipping from Belgium.

1 Jinteki: PE
1 Weyland: BABW
1 Noise
1 Kate McAffrey
2 Reina Roja
1 Ken Tenma
3 Chaos Theory
1 Leela
1 Hayley Kaplan
7 Ele "Smoke"
1 Gagarin / Edward Kim plastic
1 Palana / Jesminder plastic
2 Seidr / Skorpios
2 Ayla / Steve Cambridge
3 Datasuckers
1 Corroder
1 Femme Fatale
1 Gordian Blade
1 Chronos Project
3 Melange Mining Corp
9 Adonis Campaign
6 Jackson Howard
3 Corporate Troubleshooter
6 Plascrete Carapace
8 Scorched Earth
7 Pop-up Window
3 Ice Wall
3 Swordsman
6 Eli 2.0
3 Same Old Thing
3 Political Operative
4 Aesop’s pawnshoppe
4 Wyldside
7 Kati Jones
3 Bank Job
6 Charlatan
3 Mushin No Shin
3 PAD Campaign

10 Advancement tokens (1 bag nationals 2016)
2 bags of 1 and 3 round credit tokens (regionals 2017)
2 bags of 2 and 5 credit tokens (regionals 2016)

1 Activist Support (regionals 2015)
1 Leela Patel (store 2016)
1 Silhouette / Jinteki (2014 GNK)
1 Maya (2016 Regionals)
1 Tri-Maf (2015 Summer GNK)
1 Project Beale (2013 Regionals)

Everything is open for fair offers. Pm if interested.


Looking to sell some promos I have no use for :slight_smile:

Double-sided plastic ID cards:
Edward Kim/Gagarin Deep Space $30
Jesminder Sareen/Palana Foods $30

Alt-art promo cards:
BOOM! $40
Wall of Static $20
3x Scorched Earth $15
Various other (mostly GNK) promos $8 each:

  • Gordian Blade
  • Femme Fatale
  • Eli 2.0
  • Charlatan
  • Hayley Kaplan
  • Ele “Smoke” Scovak
  • Ken “Express” Tenma
  • Leela Patel
  • Nero Severn
  • Reina Roja
  • Omar Keung
  • Sunny Lebeau


  • Cache Refresh brain damage tokens (5 tokens, each looks different): $15
  • Click trackers (Anarch, Shaper, NBN): $7 each

2017 Playmats:

  • Store Championships $10
  • Regionals $16

Others (no idea what can those be worth so just send me pm with an offer)

  • Euro 2017 memorial coin
  • Nationals 2017 top 4 card frame

Shipping: standard international priority shipping (via Polish post office). $6 if there’s no playmat, $12 if there is one. Free shipping if you take things which add up to $100 or more.

Will also consider trading, but the only thing I really would like to have is Worlds bad pub tokens (and maybe also Worlds recurring credits tokens)


Update on 23.09.2017

I’m located in germany - but i’m willing to ship worldwide - let’s just talk about it :smile:
I’m also willing to sell the listed things - just write me a PM with your offer if you’re interested in something.
Pictures can be provided if someone needs one - just ask.
Going to be at worlds as well :slight_smile:

As I want to get rid of a bunch of things - special low price-time right now!!

1 x Crypsis - german (GNK-Season 1 2013)
3 x Adonis Campaign - german (GNK-Season 3 2013)
1 x Weyland - BBW - english (GNK-Season 3 2014)
2 x Plascrete Carapace - german (GNK-Season 3 2014)
2 x Plascrete Carapace - english (GNK-Season 3 2014)
1 x Kati Jones - german (Store Championship 2014)
2 x Pop-Up Window - german (GNK-Season 1 2015)
1 x Pop-Up Window - english (GNK-Season 1 2015)
2 x Swordsman - german (GNK-Season 2 2015)
2 x Swordsman - english (GNK-Season 2 2015)
1 x Ice-Wall - english (GNK Season 3 2015)
2 x Chaos Theory - german (Store Championship 2015)
2 x Reina Roja - german (Regionals 2015)
1 x Plastic-flip-ID Edward Kim / Gargarin - english (Regionals 2015)
1 x Ken Tenma - german (Nationals 2014)
1 x Ken Tenma - english (Nationals 2014)
6 x Political Operative - german (GNK-Season 1 2016)
4 x Bank Job - german (GNK-Season 2 2016)
2 x Jackson Howard - german (Store Championships 2016)
1 x Jackson Howard - english (Store Championships 2016)
3 x Same old Thing - german (Regionals 2016)
1 x Chronos Project - german (Nationals 2016)
1 x Wall of Staatic - english (Gencon etc. 2016)
1 x Pad-Campaign - german (Store Championships Nov. 2016)
4 x Mushin no Shin - german (GNK Season 1 2017)
1 x Baghat - english (EC 2017)
3 x Boom - german (Nationals 2017)
1 x Boom - english (Nationals 2017)

1 x Playmat: Tri-Maf-Contact - german (GNK Season 2 2015)
1 x Playmat: Leela Patel - german or english (Store Championship 2016)
3 x Playmat: Maya - german (Regionals 2016)
1 x Playmat: Amok Run - german (Store Championship Nov. 2016)
1 x Playmat: Persephone - english (Cache Refresh 2017)
1 x Replicating Perfection - wooden ID (fan-made from the ANRPC-tournaments)
3 x pack of plastic-Credit-Token (2s+5s) (Regionals 2016)
0,5 x pack of plastic-Advancement-token (5 form 10) (nationals 2016)

3 x Street of Silk - english (Game of Thrones LCG 1.Edition - worlds 2015)
1 x Boba Fett - english (Star Wars: LCG - worlds 2016)
1 x Leia Organa - english (Star Wars: Imperial Assault - worlds 2016)
1 x General Rieekan - english (Star Wars: Armada - worlds 2016)
2 x Void Pirate - english (Conquest LCG - worlds 2016)

WANT (not buying - just interested in trading stuff)
(english or german pls)
2 x Magnum Opus Full Art
1 x Plastic Jinteki PE

Playmats have low priority at the moment, but perhaps some good offer comes my way :slight_smile:
1 x Playmat: BoxArt – The Masque (GNK Season 1 2012)
1 x Playmat: Modded (Worlds 2012)
1 x Playmat: Blackguard (Worlds 2013)
1 x Playmat: Tori Hanzo (Nationals 2014)
1 x Playmat: Lotus Field (Ice-Breaker on Worlds 2015)
1 x Playmat: Caprice Nisei (Worlds 2015)
1 x Playmat: Hedge Fund (Worlds 2016)
1 x Set of 5 Acrylic MU-Token (EC 2017)


Looking for trades/sales only.

Have (All English):
Alt Arts:
1x Skorp/Seider
1x Omar
1x Sunny Lebeau
1x Chaos Theory
1x Smoke
3x Datasucker
3x Pad Campaign
2x Wyldside
4x Mushin No Shin
2x Ice Wall
8x Political Operative
4x Plascrete
2x Swordsman
1x Bank Job
6x Team Sponsorship
Cards from 2015 & 2016 World Champ Decks
3x Amakua (Fan Made by Cat Shen)
1x Gagarin ID (Fan Made by Alexis Spicer)
1x Sync ID (Fan Made by Alexis Spicer)

1x Brain Damage Tokens (5 count)
1x 2016 Regional’s Credits (2s and 5s)
2x Anarch Click Trackers

Want (in English):
Alt Arts:
1x Femme Fatale
1x Gabe
1x Riena
1x Making News
3x Hedge Fund
1x Bhagat
3x BOOM!
ANZAC Alt Geist/Smoke/MaxX

2x Acrylic Power Counters (GNK Set of 10)
2017 Store Champ Acrylic Credits (1s & 3s)
2017 National’s Acrylic Credits (5s)
ANRPC Dice (Red/Green/Yellow/Pink)


Hey guys looks to sell a few promos and other things if anyone is interested to take some of the cost off the trip to worlds! Sold a couple things on Facebook and eBay already but forgot to stick a post up here as well! Shipping from Ireland is about €8 for registered post for cards (not quite sure about mats but can work it out) but can also do regular post if you don’t mind taking that risk! PM if anything catches your interest!

I’ll also have this a bunch more stuff at Worlds with me this year so if anyone sees my name on lanyard feel free to ask!

Identity Cards:

Reina Roja x1 €5
Chaos Theory (not the glossy one) x3 €5 each
Sunny x1 €10
Smoke x1 €10
Jinteki PE x1 €15

Runner Cards:
Corroder x1 €5
Femme x1 €10
Same Old Thing x4 €10 each

Corp Cards:
Chronos Project x2 €15 each
Ice Wall x3 €5 x3
Adonis x3 €5 x3
Pad x3 €5 x3
Scorched Earth x3 €15
NBN Click Tracker €5

Day Job €25
Activist Support/Maya/Find the Truth €15 each
Leela SC/Kit SC/ Run Amok/Tri Maf €10

Other Games:
Full Bleed Jon Snow x2 €10 each
A Game of Thrones Plot Card x1 €30
The Winds of Winter Plot Card x2 €20 each
Trading with the Pentosi x1 €10
A Noble Cause x3 €10 each
The Red Wedding x1 €10

Martell Regional Tokens €10
Stark Regional Tokens €10

Stark Regional Mat €20

X Wing Han Solo Worlds 2015 x3 €20 each
X-Wing IG-88D x1 €10
X-Wing Evade Tokens (SC 2015?) €10
Armada Grand Moff Tarkin x1 €40
Armada General Rieekan x1 €30
Star Wars LCG Darth Vader x1 €30
Star Wars LCG Boba Fett x1 €20


Hi Constantin,
I’m interested in getting 2x playsets of Mongeese and Tulips, to add to our pubrunner group’s prize pool. How much should I allow for shipping to Australia?


PAYPAL available here

3x Swordsman
3x Lotus Field
3x Hedge Fund
3x Boom
3x Chronos Project
3x Pad Campaign (High priority)
1x of each alt art ID (main want is NBN)


I am also now selling stuff, but I am still looking for a couple things, so feel free to ask for a trade if you have something I am looking for. :slight_smile:
I am looking for the following:

Highest Priority:
Acrylic PAX Personal Evolution ID
Full Art Magnum Opus (PAX 2017)
Acrylic Jinteki ID from Worlds 2012

Also looking for (but lower priority):
x1 set of acrylic 10-credit honeycomb thingy (Nationals 2016)
x1 AA Bhagat (Euros 2017)
Terminal Directive Playmat (Euros 2017)
Hedge Fund Playmat (Worlds 2016)
Will entertain some offers for custom alt-arts that I really like, like some LEGO ones I got from an awesome person here in the past.
And I have the following: (ALL IN ENGLISH)

Cache Refresh 2017 - Persephone Playmat - 40,- E (SOLD)
Nationals 2015 - Inject Playmat - 35,- E
Regionals 2016 - Maya Playmat - 20,- E
Freelancer Playmat - 12,5 E

Nationals Top 4 Acrylic Card Holder - 20,- E
NBN Click Tracker - 5 E
Regionals 2013 acrylic click trackers - 25,- E
GNK Acrylic Brain Damage counters - 7,5 E (SOLD)
Cache Refresh Acrylic Brain Damage counters - 12,- E
Regionals 2016 Acrylic 2/5 credits - 3,- E (~have more than one)
Acrylic Femme Fatale counter - 3,- E

Acrylic Chaos Theory - 35,- E
Alt Art Gabriel Santiago - 40,- E
Alt Art Noise - 7,- E
Alt Art Core Weyland ID - 7,- E
Alt Art BOOM! - 30,- E
Alt Art Reina Roja - 7,- E
Alt Art Chronos Project - 28,- E
Alt Art Chaos Theory - 7,- E
Alt Art Smoke - 4,- E (~have more than one)
AA Same Old Thing (Regionals 2016)
AA Jackson Howard (Store Champs 2016)
Send me a private message with an offer if interested and I am sure we can work something out! :smiley:
These are not for sale.
We are also still selling playsets of our alt-art cards to support future Dutch Community events by the way, for 7.5E per playset :

Dutch Tulip Snare
SEA Source
R&D Interface
Successful trades/buys/sells with more than ~70 people on both Stimhack and BoardGamesGeek.


Hi there! Looking to sell some promos. Am looking to get 70% of the buy prices from ebay. Will be at worlds and KoS and will only do in person transactions only for cash. Altho if you have 3 Full Art Mopus I can be talked into trading.

4 Napd Contract worlds promos
3 Lotus Field Icebreaker
1 Plastic CT Icebreaker
2 Wall of Static Icebreaker
1 Palana/Jesminder Plastic
4 Melange Mining Corp
2 Hedge Fund worlds promos
2 Hayley Kaplan
2 Corporate Troubleshooter
1 Crypsis
2 Gabriel Santiago promos
1 Ken Tenma promo

We can barter via PMs or in person. See everybody there!


Anyone at worlds have tickets they want to trade in, i’m willing to give you a discount. Half what the prize wall charges…

Lotus Field Playset
Data Sucker Playset
Pad Campaign Playset
ProCo Playset
Acrylic CI / Andy
Acrylic Ed Kim (sold)
core weyland, jinteki, swordsman, ice wall, pop ups, etc for days;

Worlds Tickets

PM to work out a deal.


Located in Germany En, De & Pl Promos.

Alt Art Promos:

  • Kate / NBN plastic (1x En)
  • Bhagat (3x En)
  • Data Sucker (3x En)
  • Pop-Up (3x En)
  • Plascret (3x En)
  • Corporate Troubleshooter (3x En)
  • Chronos Project (3x En)
  • Same old Thing (3x En / 3x De)
  • Scorched Earth (3x En / 1x De)
  • Ken Tenma (1x En / 1x De)
  • Making News (1x De)
  • Jinteki PE (1x En)
  • Weyland BABW (1x En)
  • Melange (2x En)
  • Ice Wall / Eisbarriere (3x En, 3x De)
  • Kati Jones (3x De)
  • Political Operative (3x En)
  • Pad Campaign (2x En / 3x De)

Want (all English):

  • €€€
  • Magnum Opus
  • Brute Force Hack
  • Private Security Force


Looking for trades/sales only.
Last updated 03/21/18
Always Up to Date Listing: AlwaysBeRunning Prize Collection

Have (All English):
Alt Arts:
1x Skorp/Seider (TD Launch - Double Sided ID)
2x Sunny Lebeau
1x Chaos Theory
1x Smoke
3x Pad Campaign
2x Wyldside
6x Mushin No Shin
2x Ice Wall
10x Political Operative
4x Plascrete
2x Swordsman
6x Bank Job
4x Snare!
1x Charleton
1x Eli 2.0
6x Team Sponsorship
4x Fisk Investment Seminar
3x Amakua (Fan Made by Cat Shen)
Assorted Cards from 2015 & 2016 World Champ Decks

1x 2017 Store Champ Yellow Virus Tokens (5 count)
1x Brain Damage Tokens (5 count from GNK)
1x NBN Click Trackers (17Q1 GNK)

1x Run Amok Mat (2016 Store Champs)
1x Smoke & Daily Casts Mat (2017 Store Champs)

Want (in English):
Alt Arts:
3x Hedge Fund
2x Femme Fatale
1x Gabe
1x Kate
1x Riena
2x BOOM!
1x Jesminder/Palana Foods Acryllic ID (2016 Regionals)
ANZAC Alt Geist/Smoke/MaxX

1x Acrylic Power Counters (GNK Set of 10)
2x Blue Tag Tokens Sets (Nats 2015)
ANRPC Dice (Red/Yellow/Pink/Purple)


Only really interested in trading at the moment.


Official Alt Arts:
1x Omar
1x Chaos Theory
1x Smoke
1x Personal Evolution
3x Mushin No Shin
3x Ice Wall
3x Bank Job
3x Political Operative
3x Pop Up Window
3x Swordsman
I also have several older promos, not sure what quantity: Aesops, Wyldside, Jackson (Store Champs), Adonis Campaign, etc. – if you’re looking for something just ask.

Official Tokens

Anarch Click Tracker (recent GNK)
Femme Token (Store Champs Top 8)
Regionals 2 and 5 credit set

Unofficial Tokens

Team Covenant 2s and 3s set (5 of Each)


Full Bleed Art cards from World Championship Decks

1x Liberated Account (2016 Runner Deck)
1x Earthrise Hotel (2016 Runner Deck)
1x Project Vitruvius (2015 Corp Deck)
1x Mumbad Virtual Tour (2016 Corp Deck)
1x Hard Hitting News (2016 Corp Deck)

Basically I’m trying to complete full bleed playsets of these cards and I already have the other 2 copies. I also have duplicates of all of the decks except the 2016 corp one, so if you’re missing the 3rd copy of a 2-of I might be willing to trade those as well. If you’re willing to part with any of the above singletons, PM me and maybe we can set up a trade.

Lower Priority - Unofficial Promos

Fan Aumakua


The question I have atm is how much interest there is likely to be in that top 8 jinteki token box O_o but maybe I should wait a little to see if anyone else tries to get an answer to that question


How big it is? Any inner structure, or just one big compartment? Do you have good photos?


I’ll take some decent photos as soon as I get the chance, so probably tonight or on the weekend. It’s quite small but the build quality is better than expected tbh


Reporting a successful trade with @jdc_wolfpack.


Reporting a successful trade with @rubyvr00m



1x Full Bleed Commercial Bankers from 2016 World Championship Deck

1x Full Bleed Mumbad Virtual Tour from the same deck


Playsets of most of the GNK Promos (Snare, Pol Op, Mushin, Ice Wall, Team Sponsorship etc.)

Playsets of most Store Champ Promos (Fisk Investment Seminar, PAD Campaign, Jackson, etc.)

Alt Art IDs from various kits (Omar, Smoke, PE, etc. – just ask I probably have a spare)

1x Anarch Click Tracker

1x NBN Click Tracker

2x Regionals 2’s and 5’s credit pack

1x Team Covenant 2 and 3 credit set

EDIT: Also have 2 copies of the 2016 FFG Worlds promos for other games. Not sure what they’re all called but I’d be happy to check if anyone is interested. I know there’s some Game of Thrones and various Star Wars games included in the pack.