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[Official] Trading Thread


What would you consider a fair price for 3x alt art Datasucker? I am interested in selling mine. Thnx.


Listing a bunch of ANR stuff. Exclusively interested in selling atm, as all the promos from before I started playing have rotated

Cards (have a lot of most of these):

Edward Kim/Gagarin Deep Space Acrylic ID (2015 Regionals)
Jesminder Sareen/Palana Foods Acrylic ID (2016 Regionals)
Los/Jemison Astronautics Acrylic ID (2017 Regionals)
Chaos Theory Acrylic ID (2016 GenCon & 2017 Worlds I think?)
1x Acrylic Kate McCaffrey/Making News Acrylic ID (Really old, idk what they were from)

Reina Roja (2015 Regionals)
Ken “Express” Tenma (2015 Nationals)
Same Old Thing (2016 Regionals)
Chronos Project (2016 Nationals)
Wall Of Static (2016 GenCon)
Ele “Smoke” Scovak (2017 Regionals)
Corroder (GNK)
Gordian Blade (GNK)
Femme Fatale (GNK)

Kit (2015 Store Champ)
Activist Support (2015 Regionals)
Inject (says 2015 North American Championship)
Leela (2016 Store Champ)
Maya (2016 Regionals)
Run Amok (2017 Store Champ)
Find the Truth (2017 Regionals)
Biometric Spoofing (2017 Nationals)
Day Job (GNK)
Planned Assault (GNK)
Silhouette (GNK)

1x FFG Blue Tag Tokens (2015 Nationals)
3x 2&4 FFG Credit Tokens (2016 Regionals)
1x 10 “Honeycomb” FFG Credit Tokens (2016 Nationals)
3x Advancement Tokens (2017 Nationals)

I also have the 2015-2016 Worlds promos for the other FFG games as well as Jon Snow/Forgotten Plans from 2016 GenCon.

If you’re interested in the participation GNK prizes from 2015-2016 (Ice Wall, Swordsman, etc.) I will throw those in if you’ll take any of these off my hands. Please help me get this stuff out of my house.


Hey, I am looking to sell/trade some stuff.
I am located in Europe.



  • Magnum Opus

  • Lotus Field

  • Eli 1.0

  • Data Sucker

  • Wall of Static

  • Los / Jemison (acryl)

  • Palana / Jesminder (acryl)

  • NBN:Making News (ger)

  • Chronos Project

  • Con Troubleshooter (ger)

  • Boom!

  • Weyland BABW (ger)

  • Same Old thing

  • Ken Tenma

  • Melange Mining Corp

  • Aesops Pawnshop

  • Gordian Blade (ger)

  • Pad Campaign

  • Team Sponsorship

  • Reina Roja

  • Political Operative (ger)

  • Chaos Theorie

  • Smoke

  • fisk investment seminar

  • GNK-Stuff (swordsman, Mushin, pop Up…)

  • Scorched Earth (ger)

  • Kate Mac McCaffrey

  • NAPD Contract


  • Virus tokens (SC season 2018)
  • Credit tokens 1 and 3 (ffg / orange)
  • Credit tokens 2 and 5 (ffg/orange)
  • Team covenant tokens ( 1c/5c/bad pub)
  • Credit tokens 1 and 5 (from old GNK)
  • Click tracker (ffg blue and red)
  • Click tracker NBN (GNK)
  • Click tracker Anarch (GNK)
  • Click tracker Shaper (GNK)


  • Find the truth
  • Run Amok
  • Leela
  • Planned Assault
  • Silhouette
  • Smoke/Daily Casts


  • €€€/$$$
  • Bad Pub tokens ffg (not the silver ones) (highest priority!)
  • 1x Private Security Force Promo
  • 2x Brute Force Hack
  • Revised Core Set mat (2017 Continentals)
  • Hedge Fund mat
  • lotus field mat


Hey Josh01,

I am interested in the Day Job playmat.


Hi Josh, I’m really interested in buying the Kit playmat and the Acrylic Chaos Theory, how much do you want for these? :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

I’m hunting around for a Private Security Force promo (Fine just buying with cash; seems like any trade would be pretty hard to work out). I’ve seen a couple upthread, but the posts are pretty old. If anyone has one they are willing to let go of, can you just PM me? (Or post what you’re looking for here if you want. That way others can get in on the action and you can make sure the deal is “fair”)

Thanks a bunch!

Chris Woods


Reporting successful trade with Dome_!



Im want to get my hands on the limited edition team covenant seduction & malware tokens that they sold in 2015.

Im also looking for the femme fatale acrylic game markers that you could win during the 2016 regionals.

I only have money to offer :confused:


I have the very rare playmat from the 2012 Worlds Championship. It depicts the Shaper card Modded and says World Championship 2012 across the top.

I’ve sold one of these in the past for 200, but would do $100 shipped in the US now.


I’m interested in those, do you still sell them?


If Dome_ doesnt have them anymore or you need more than 1 pack,
I would have 2 packs to spare.


hey, I still have the tokens :slight_smile:


Hey y’all !

Euros are coming up and if you want to pimp up your decks or collection with some Promos, check out what I got to spare.
I unfortunately won’t be able to make it to Birmingham, but my dear friend Paul (maybe known to some of you as HerbartKlopstock) will be there and bring those sweet Jacksons (RIP) over to ya. If you’re not going to Euros, the classic postal route is just as easy an option.

Here is what I got (eng=english, ger=german)

2x Eli 1.0 (eng)
1x Gordian Blade (ger)
3x PAD Campaign (eng)
3x Fisk Investment Seminar (ger)
2x Team Sponsorship (ger)
3x Corporate Troubleshooter (ger)
2x Pop-Up Window (ger)
1x Political operative (eng)
2x BOOM! (ger)
2x Reina Roja (ger)
3x BOOM! (eng)
3x Ken Tenma (eng)
3x Kati Jones <3 (ger)
1x Data Raven (eng)
1x Data Raven (ger)
1x Swordsman (ger)
2x Snare! (eng)
3x Chronos Protocol (eng)
1x NBN: Making News (ger)
2x Bank Job (ger)
3x Swordsman (eng)
2x Chaos Theory (ger)
2x Plascrete Carapace (eng)
1x our Lord and Saviour Jackson Howard (ger)
1x our Lord and Saviour Jackson Howard (eng)
3x Same Old Thing (ger)
1x Ken Tenma (ger)
3x Mushin No Shin (ger)
1x Mushin No Shin (eng)
3x Same Old Thing (eng)
1x Professional Contacts (eng)
3x Ice Wall (ger)
1x Ice Wall (eng)
1x Kati Jones <3 (eng)
3x Wyldside (eng)
1x Wyldside (ger)
1x Wall of Static (eng)
1x Sunny Lebeau (ger)

I also got some playmats:

Project Beale (Regionals 2013)
Project Beale (UK Nationals 2013)
Pawn (Regionals 2014)
Activist Support (Regionals 2015)
Maya (Regionals 2016)
Biometric Spoofing (Nationals 2017)

And lastly, some tokens:

1x Shaper Click Tokens
2x 5 Credit Tokens (Nationals 2017)
half a set of Power Tokens (those small round blue ones)
2x set of orange 2 and 5 Credit tokens.

No ideas as to what prices are - just hit me up and we’ll work out something. Also I am more than willing to throw in a couple of those rotated cards in for tournament support and for nostalgia (looking at you, Kati <3).

Cheers guys


Known to make really good deals. Tons of good feedback on many websites. Willing to buy stuff!

Have For Trade :
(also willing to sell things)

Chronos Protocol Bag
Moneyz $$$

Wants :
(willing to also buy those)

x1 AA False Lead
x1 Acrylic Personal Evolution
x1 Full Art Magnum Opus

xINF. Jinteki Boxes

The old Jinteki Acrylic ID in pic-> http://cf.geekdo-images.com/images/pic1605201.jpg20

Message me if you are selling or willing to trade one of the things above and let’s discuss! :smiley:


Thank you for the trade :slight_smile:


I am looking for these netrunner promos:

  • Femme Fatale (EN)
  • Builder of Nations (EN)

I am also looking for Lord of the Rings LCG Nightmare decks and promos. In addtion, I do accept money.

I have the following promos available, the number of cards available I will update shortly:

Eli 1.0 - EN
Professional Contacts - EN
NAPD Contract - EN

Lotus Field - EN
Wall of Static - EN

Plugged-In Tour
Gabriel Santiago - EN

Chronos Protocol Tour
NBN Making News - EN / DE
Voting Card - EN / DE

Bhagat - EN

Magnum Opus - EN

Private Security Force - EN
Noise - EN / DE
Ken “Express” Tenma - EN /DE
Chronos Project - EN / DE
Boom! - EN / DE
Credit Tokens - round: red 5cr

Corporate Troubleshooter - EN / DE
Reina Roja - EN / DE
Same Old Thing - EN / Chinese
Credit Tokens - round: yellow 1cr, orange 3cr
Virus Tokens - black/red
Credit Tokens - fused credits, orange 2cr & 5cr

Store Championships
Kati Jones - EN / DE
Chaos Theory - EN / DE
Jackson Howard - EN / DE
Pad Campaign - EN / DE
Fisk Investment Seminar - DE
Virus tokens - yellow with red print

Terminal Directive Event
flip-id Scorpios-/-Seidr
flip-id BIOS-/-Steven Cambridge - EN
Eli 2.0 - EN
Charlatan - EN

Game Night Kits
Crypsis - EN / DE [both versions]
Kate - EN
Jinteki Personal Evolution - EN
Weyland BABW - DE
Gordian Blade - EN
Femme Fatale - DE
Leela - EN
Corroder - DE
Omar - EN
Sunny - EN
Nero - EN

Melange Mining Corp - EN / DE
Scorched Earth - EN / DE
Adonis Campaign - EN / DE
Wyldside - EN / DE
Plascrete Carapace - EN
Pop-up Window - EN / DE
Swordman - EN
Ice Wall - EN / DE
Political Operative - EN
Team Sponsorship - EN
Data Raven - EN

Credit Tokens - credit shape, 1cr, 5cr
Click Tracker - Anarch
Click Tracker - Shaper
Click Tracker - NBN
Click Tracker - Weyland

Game of Thrones
Nationals 2016 Top-cut Playmat “The Iron Throne”

There is more (because I am forgetful) and feel free to contact me if you are looking for anything not on the list.

Shipping: I ship from Germany. Tracking is affordable and usually the package or letter takes less then two weeks to arrive.


I’m attempting to make a complete Netrunner archive, so I’m looking for the last few promos that I haven’t scrounged up yet:



Want Magnum Opus Alt Arts:

  • NAPD: Detectives Bureau/Cyber Bureau Alt Art

  • Adam

  • Apex

  • Sunny LeBeau

  • Weyland

  • Haas-Bioroid


Successful trade with @metamatik


Looking for trades/sales only.
Last updated 07/11/18
Always Up to Date Listing: AlwaysBeRunning Prize Collection

Have (All English):
Alt Arts:
1x Skorp/Seider (TD Launch - Double Sided ID)
2x Sunny Lebeau
1x Chaos Theory
1x Smoke
3x Pad Campaign
2x Wyldside
6x Mushin No Shin
2x Ice Wall
10x Political Operative
4x Plascrete
2x Swordsman
6x Bank Job
4x Snare!
1x Charleton
1x Eli 2.0
6x Team Sponsorship
4x Fisk Investment Seminar
3x Amakua (Fan Made by Cat Shen)
Assorted Cards from 2015 & 2016 World Champ Decks

1x 2017 Store Champ Yellow Virus Tokens (5 count)
1x Brain Damage Tokens (5 count from GNK)
1x NBN Click Trackers (17Q1 GNK)

1x Run Amok Mat (2016 Store Champs)
1x Smoke & Daily Casts Mat (2017 Store Champs)

Want (in English):
Alt Arts:
3x Hedge Fund
2x Femme Fatale
1x Gabe
1x Kate
1x Riena
2x BOOM!
1x Jesminder/Palana Foods Acryllic ID (2016 Regionals)
ANZAC Alt Geist/Smoke/MaxX

1x Acrylic Power Counters (GNK Set of 10)
2x Blue Tag Tokens Sets (Nats 2015)

ANRPC Dice (Red/Yellow/Pink/Purple)


Looking for my third german AA Hedge Funds.
Offer cash/limited pool of alts, just pm me