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[Official] Trading Thread


Have: (edited 12/18/2018)

Reign & Reverie (sealed)
System Breach 2-player playmat (sealed)

1x NAPD Multiplayer Indentity (Plastic)
3x Jackson Howard
1x Plastcrete Carapace
1x Adonis Campaign
3x Political Operative
1x Leela Patel
1x Leela Patel playmat

Want: (edited):


Jinteki click tracker

I’m based in the US


Update on 26.08.2018

I’m located in germany - but i’m willing to ship worldwide - let’s just talk about it :smile:
I’m mostly willing to sell the listed things - just write me a PM with your offer if you’re interested in something.
Pictures can be provided if someone needs one - just ask.
Going to be at worlds and german nationals next

As I want to get rid of a bunch of things - special low price-time right now!!

3 x Adonis Campaign - german or english (GNK-Season 3 2013)
3 x Gabriel Santiago - english (Plugged-in Tour 2013)
1 x Weyland - BBW - english (GNK-Season 3 2014)
3 x Plascrete Carapace - german (GNK-Season 3 2014)
2 x Plascrete Carapace - english (GNK-Season 3 2014)
1 x Kati Jones - german (Store Championship 2014)
1 x ** NBN: Making News** - english (Chronos Protocol Tour 2014)
2 x Pop-Up Window - german (GNK-Season 1 2015)
1 x Pop-Up Window - english (GNK-Season 1 2015)
2 x Swordsman - german (GNK-Season 2 2015)
3 x Ice-Wall - german (GNK Season 3 2015)
1 x Ice-Wall - english (GNK Season 3 2015)
3 x Chaos Theory - german (Store Championship 2015)
1 x Reina Roja - german (Regionals 2015)
1 x Ken Tenma - english (Nationals 2014)
6 x Political Operative - german (GNK-Season 1 2016)
4 x Bank Job - german (GNK-Season 2 2016)
3 x Jackson Howard - german (Store Championships 2016)
3 x Same old Thing - english or german (Regionals 2016)
1 x Chronos Project - german (Nationals 2016)
2 x Wall of Staatic - english (Gencon etc. 2016)
1 x hedgefunds - english (Worlds 2016)
1 x Pad-Campaign - german (Store Championships Nov. 2016)
4 x Mushin no Shin - german (GNK Season 1 2017)
1 x Nero Severn - german (GNK Season 2 2017)
3 x Eli 2.0 - german (Terminal Directive Event 2017)
3 x Charlatan - german (Terminal Directive Event 2017)
1 x Baghat - english (EC 2017)
1 x Omar Keung - german (GNK Season 3 2017)
3 x Magnum Opus - english (2017)
9 x Amina - german (Regionals 2018)

1 x Playmat: Tri-Maf-Contact - german (GNK Season 2 2015)
1 x Kit - (Store Championship 2015)
1 x Playmat: Leela Patel - german or english (Store Championship 2016)
1 x Playmat: Maya - german (Regionals 2016)
1 x Playmat: Amok Run - german (Store Championship 2016/17)
1 x Smoke - (Store Championship Nov. 2017/18)
3 x pack of plastic-Credit-Token (2s+5s) (Regionals 2016)
0,5 x pack of plastic-Advancement-token (5 form 10) (nationals 2016)


Hi folks,

I realize this is an extremely long shot, but still: I am very fond of @Jakuza’s “black” designs, and already managed to get my hands on a playset of their Wall Of Static, and I would just love to complete my collection with the other ones — Assassin, Enigma, and especially that fantastic Turning Wheel!

If any of you might be willing to sell theirs, please get in touch :slight_smile:

Always Be Running!



I don’t know the wall of static, but as I have a playset Enigma and no WoS I would be willing to trade one Enigma for one WoS -
are you coming to worlds?


Definitely interested, but unfortunately I am not coming to Worlds.
Is a postal exchange okay for you?


Selling (or possibly trading) some random useful and hard-to-find promos and custom items. Been a couple years but I got a solid trade history between here and BGG. Cool stuff that needs a loving home!


1x Alt Art Professional Contacts
3x Alt Art Hedge Fund
1x Alt Art Lotus Field
1x Acrylic Edward Kim/Gagarin

1x Femme Token
1x set of 5 orange single credits
1x set of red/blue click trackers
1x set of Criminal click trackers
1x Plugged In Tour voting card
1x Chronos Protocol Tour voting card
1x 2015 Worlds deckbox
1x 2016 teal Netrunner Worlds deckbox
1x 2012 Worlds Cyberfeeder deckbox (seen some use)
1x Crypsis deckbox
1x 2014 store championship HB Awakening Center deckbox
1x 2014 store championship Shaper Alt Art Kate deckbox

1x Crypsis
1x Melange
1x Kate
1x Noise
1x Femme
1x Gordian
2x Gabe
1x Datasucker
1x Corroder
3x NAPD Contract
1x HB EtF
1x Smoke
1x Ken
2x old Reina
1x Spanish Making News
1x Hayley
1x Leela
1x Wall of Static
1x Chronos Project
3x Playsets of PAD Campaign

Textless TO versions of the following playmats:

Running Interference
Activist Support
Planned Assault

Also the following custom items (pictures available upon request):

Jaws-themed “Snares!” playmat
Periodic Table of Netrunner ICE playmat
3D printed Dinosaurus trophy

And a bunch of older/lesser promos, just ask if you want some stuff thrown in.

Mostly looking for money but will also accept old WFRP (not 3rd edition) or Dark Sun or Spelljammer stuff in trade on the off chance anyone has any of that stuff.


Spelljammer! Every now and then I hop on ebay and think about purchasing. I lost the boxed set YEARS ago. Was the silliest most excellent campaign setting in the world. I still have all 5 books from the Cloakmaster Cycle, thankfully.


The WoS and Assassin are super rare by now. Only have 6 of each left myself. Especially the WoS was printed in a superlow quantity.


Where is it from and how does it look?


I won’t rest until this Turning Wheel is miiiiiiiiine! :smiley:


The Criminal click trackers I won in one if the monthly tournaments at the FFG event center sometime before early 2017. I believe they may be a copy of the set given out to best in faction at 2017 Worlds given the time frame, but honestly the prize support there was really good and we got unconventional prizes like uncut sheets and extra acrylics handed out pretty regularly at GNKs. They look like this:


Are you at worlds? I am interested to buy some stuff :slight_smile:


I am looking for these netrunner promos:

  • alternate art IDs from worlds 2018 (also willing to buy those)
  • NAPD token box from worlds 2018
  • Jinteki token box from worlds 2017
  • Alternate art False Lead from European / North American Championships (2x)

I am also looking for Lord of the Rings LCG Nightmare decks and promos. In addtion, I do accept money.

I have the following promos available, the number of cards available I will update shortly:

NAPD Contract - EN
Black/gold acrylic credits (6 pcs)
Black/gold acrylic tag tokens (5 pcs)
Black/gold bad pub tokens (5 pcs)
Black/gold virus tokens (5 pcs)

Wall of Static - EN

Plugged-In Tour
Gabriel Santiago - EN

Chronos Protocol Tour
NBN Making News - EN / DE
Voting Card - EN / DE

Bhagat - EN

Noise - EN / DE
Ken “Express” Tenma - EN /DE
Chronos Project - DE
Boom! - DE
Reina Roja - DE

Corporate Troubleshooter - EN / DE
Reina Roja - EN / DE
Same Old Thing - EN / Chinese
Credit Tokens - round: yellow 1cr, orange 3cr
Virus Tokens - black/red
Credit Tokens - fused credits, orange 2cr & 5cr
Credit Tokens - fused credits, orange 1cr & 3cr

Store Championships
Kati Jones - DE
Chaos Theory - EN / DE
Jackson Howard - DE
Pad Campaign - DE
Fisk Investment Seminar - DE
Virus tokens - yellow with red print

Terminal Directive Event
flip-id Scorpios-/-Seidr
flip-id BIOS-/-Steven Cambridge - EN
Eli 2.0 - EN
Charlatan - EN

Game Night Kits
Crypsis - DE [both versions]
Kate - EN
Jinteki Personal Evolution - EN
Weyland BABW - DE
Gordian Blade - EN
Femme Fatale - DE
Corroder - DE
Omar - EN
Sunny - EN
Nero - EN

Melange Mining Corp - DE
Scorched Earth - DE
Adonis Campaign - EN / DE
Wyldside - EN / DE
Plascrete Carapace - EN
Pop-up Window - EN / DE
Swordman - EN
Ice Wall - EN / DE
Political Operative - EN
Team Sponsorship - EN
Data Raven - EN

Credit Tokens - credit shape, 1cr, 5cr
Click Tracker - Anarch
Click Tracker - Shaper
Click Tracker - NBN
Click Tracker - Weyland

Game of Thrones
Nationals 2016 Top-cut Playmat “The Iron Throne”

There is more (because I am forgetful) and feel free to contact me if you are looking for anything not on the list.

Shipping: I ship from Germany. Tracking is affordable and usually the package or letter takes less then two weeks to arrive.


Updated below on new post


@MondoPeregrino - Interested in the Wall of Static, and may be the 3 Hedge Funds depending on price.

@ff0x - Interested in the Private Security Force



  • Golden Tag Tokens (Worlds 2018)
  • Golden Bad Pub Tokens (Worlds 2018)

Anyone interested? Interested in Trading or €€€ / $$$


Just found more stuff:

Steve/Ayla flip promo
Skorpios/Seidr flip promo
Always Be Running promo from 2016 Grudge Match (ONR/Total Recall themed)

Several unique draft misprints for the collector who has everything else?

Marked Accounts with no printing on back
Paywall Implementation missing ring around credit cost
At least two of those Security Subcontracts with ABT art


Credit Tokens 2012 (55 credits + 51 credit)
Jesminder Sareen/Palana Foods Alternate Art Plastic Promo ID Card (english)
NBN “Making News” Alternate Art Promo ID Card (english)
Jinteki Alternate Art Promo ID Card (english)
Haas-Biroid “Engineering the Future” Alternate Art Promo ID Card (german)
Weyland Consortium “Building a Better World” Alternate Art Promo ID Card (german)
Noise Alternate Art Promo ID Card (english)
Noise Alternate Art Promo ID Card (german)
Ken “Express” Temma Art Promo ID Card (german)
Reina Roja Alternate Art Promo ID Card (german)
Chaos Theory Alternate Art Promo ID Card (english)
Chaos Theory Alternate Art Promo ID Card (german)
Projekt Chronos Alternate Art Promo Card (german)
Corporate Troubleshooter Alternate Art Promo Card (english)
Corporate Troubleshooter Alternate Art Promo Card (german)
Corporate Troubleshooter Alternate Art Promo Card (spanish)
Gordian Blade Alternate Art Promo Card (german)
Femme Fatale Alternate Art Promo Card (german)
The Chronos Protocol Voting Card (english)
Kati Jones Alternate Art Promo Card (english)
Scorched Earth Alternate Art Promo Card (english)
Adonis Campaign Alternate Art Promo Card (english)
Political Operative Alternate Art Promo Card (english)
Political Operative Alternate Art Promo Card (german)
Plascrete Carapace Alternate Art Promo Card (english)
Plascrete Carapace Alternate Art Promo Card (german)
Jackson Howard Alternate Art Promo Card (german)
Wyldside Alternate Art Promo Card (english)
Aesops Pawnshop Alternate Art Promo Card (german)
Pop-Up Window Alternate Art Promo Card (german)
Swordsman Alternate Art Promo Card (english)
Swordsman Alternate Art Promo Card (german)
Icewall Alternate Art Promo Card (german)
Same old thing Alternate Art Promo Card (german)

Want: €€€


What would be a fair price to ask for my Acrylic Wu won at the last regionals?


1x Jinteki Click Tracker (18Q2 GNK)
6x Kakugo (18Q2 GNK)
1x CtM Alt (18Q2 GNK)
1x Omar Alt
1x Sunny Alt
misc. participation cards from last 2yrs of GNKs

2x Yellow ANRPC Dice
2x Red ANRPC Dice